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  1. I have searched the forum but cannot find a decent list of the best skills
    Currently I have in my loadout:
    Fireball, Absorb Heat, Snuff out, Mass Detonation, Backdraft, Eternal Flame.
    Would this be considered a good loadout?
    Any suggestions would be good, I want to include Fireburst but not really sure which skill to axe for it.
  2. Sturleyboy wrote:
    Not sure if that would be considered a "good" load out but I will share mine. I usually end up in the Top 3 in damage every raid.
    Meteor, Fireburst, Downdraft, Wildfire/Backdraft(pending my mood), Reignition, Snuff out
    Order of operations - Hit Trinkent for damage increase, drop meteor either in crowd or infront of me to chuck and set things on fire, hit fireburst, repeat.
    In the event i get in over my head in a crowd I hit meteor, the downdraft and get the hell out and let my tank take over.
    Wildfire is more of a single target thing for me. I think it gives a health buff but dont remember.
  3. loadout that works for me and i'm always top dps in every group i'm in
    here is what i got
    spontaneous combustion sets a larger group on fire meteor the have to be together this they dont gets a bigger area
    mass detonation does massive damage to group more if they are on fire
    your choice of fireball barrage (most use volcanic calamity i use this cause its 50% and i get a health buff by 1000)
    fiery weapon i had to give up the iconic powers of defense and health to get so if you feel your good enough sacifice them
    absorb heat cause it gives health back if enemies on fire plus it does some great damage on single targets

    now if you want to go just all damage moves then you can give up fiery weapon and either absorb heat or iconic of power/vit

    and get
    spontaneous combustion
    mass dentonation
    snuff out
    volcanic calamity
    immolation (does damage and reflects damage)

    you always need the iconic that gives critical attack chance and damage you cannot lose those as a dps
  4. get rid of absorb heat you get stuck in that animation till its over i suggest fiery weapon fireball barage is a good super charge its 50% and its amazing at close range
  5. Depends on what I am running, and who I am running with, but for close range (I'm a Flyer):
    Inferno - Reignition - Fiery Weapon - Flashpoint - Enflame - Immolation
    Long range:
    Inferno - Reignition/Downdraft - Fiery Weapon - Snuff Out - Fire Burst - Fireball Barrage
    I don't usually have a problem with cast times. As long as you know the patterns of each Raid boss you can stand still for a couple seconds. I use Reignition for emergency healing if I needed. This is usually the case for close range fighting.
  6. To be honest all that matters for fire dps is meteor (to set everyone on fire) and then mass detonate.
    Fireball and Fiery weapon is nice and reiginite is good for survivability
    This is just my opinion, but the meteor/mass detonate combo is just pure deadly. Trust me on this. Anyone not using mass detonate is not using fire to its full potential. Stack might and you will see crazy numbers. All the good fire DPS I see playing use this combo. All the fail fire dps I see do not use this combo.
  7. thenewcastle wrote:
    Meteor blocks line of sight, making it harder for everyone else to do their jobs. Inferno/Spontaneous Combustion do the same thing, but can do so without blocking line of sight. Mass Detonate is just as potent as Fire Burst. So please tell me how it is "fail" to be a Fire Damager not using that combo? ...
  8. There was a chart outline damage and more importantly cast times on the fire moves. Does anybody have a link to this chart?
  9. omg why do so many fire user not know meteor sucks ok it only works if the enemies are close together if they surround you your screwed you might get the ones in front but not the sides. Other guy is right blocks line of sight. Plus add to the fact you need to waste a skill point on super strength to make it more damage when thrown plus it mostly rolls and doesnt stay out that long. So if you even manage to pick it up asap you have to throw it asap.

    spontaneous combustion is better for setting groups on fire granted your set to the ground till it hits everyone 4 times and you dont have the long distance but does much better than meteor.

    I am always top dpser only time i got beat in dps was raiding the other day and it was only by 1000 they beat me and thats because it was pointless to use mass d when there was me and 2 other dpses and by time the cast time for mass d was done things where dead. So even mass d isnt good at points when you have 3 dps in a group.
    If the other 2 are good then using mass d doesnt work by time you used the power and waited for the cast time everything is either dead or there is 1 or 2 things left.

    Snuff out i tried on the target dummies and yeah i can see why fires complain it was neared the max with a critical i got was about 2000 regular attack damage was 900 sometimes like 3% it was 300-400 so its iffy. I would rather waste the power to use spontaneous combustion and mass d cause my max critical with mass d has been 3020.
    And that 3020 was before i got another 4% in critical attack damage need 1 more to have them all

    So i am changing my loadout snuff out not in till i hear from other fires it back to doing the damage it used to, or the cast time is cut or gone no point having 2 cast time moves

    Fiery weapon isnt good for me last only 20 seconds or so and good only in certain areas for me like sub in the scorpion fight. until i get the sub dps neck and mainiac zeal its pointless to have it

    I would rather get my iconics of defense, health and power back at this point than to use iffy things.

    truly a fire dps i would like to play with knows his stuff
  10. Superskull85Beta wrote:
    Meteor is the ONLY AoE that inflicts "Burning" without any cast time. So this is our move.. it does block line of sight. But if you have a half decent Mental Controller, he will Telekinesis once he sees the Meteor hit. Giving him extra damage as well. Or the Tank will pick it up as well.

    I have Full set of Tanking and 3 DPS Tier 2. I've ran alot of raids. Not once do I ever hear a complaint about Line of Sight.. maybe the people you roll with dont know how to play as a "Team"

    I used Fire burst for awhile. It does alot of damage. But, you have to be pretty close. Mass Det you can stand back and never get canceled out of annimation.

    Not to mention.. I can cast Mass Det and hit 6-8 mobs all for over a 1k and hit the main target for over 3k. Fire burst simply cant do that.

    I never get out DPSed in my Raids. Using Meteor and Mass Det. I use other powers here and there, but if you spam those two powers with a Might build, you should never lose.

    Example. Ran raids friday with my League. Me and another Insane DPS. Outer/Khan only beat him by around 10k-20k

    But on Sub.. with the mass amount of adds, I beat him by 150k.

    If you're not using Meteor/Mass Det.. you're only hurting yourself.
  11. hello really you said meteor is the only one that sets enemies on fire with no cast time.
    You must not know your role
    spontaneous combustion sets a enemies i a much wider area on fire no cast time plus aoes better than meteor

    immolation with flashpoint and enflame all set enemies on fire not a bigger area of aoe

    i think you need to go learn which does what if you think meteor is the only thing that sets enemies on fire with no cast time
  12. RiotsMenTaL wrote:
    Invictus.......You guys are good ppl on the villain side of TKJ. Ive fought alot of your ppl in the streets of metropolis and its ALWAYS been a good fight. +1 for an awesome legion
  13. JoshuaBagwell wrote:
    I left out "Ranged" AoE attack that inflicts burning. My bad. Please dont act like you are all high and mighty about Fire DPSing. lol

    And last time I checked.. Spontaneous Combustion is subject to be interupted.. Havent used it in awhile cause its useless as DPS.. but I could be wrong..

    Every target my Metoer hits, hits them for 5-700 plus sets them on fire, without a cast time and with little power drain. From a safe distance. What else can compare to that?

    Immo/Flashpoint are amazing for PvP and Tanks. Useless for a DPS Raiding as you have to be insanely close. and have to pop both powers to set them on Fire.

    Enflame, you have to be to close as well.

    Please learn your powers before trying to tell me how to use them.

    @Scottmalkis0n - Thanks for the compliment. See ya in the battle!
  14. then you must not be running with good tanks if your getting interrupted plus even if it does you still set them on fire.
    Not acting on high and might just your comments on its the only thing that aoes with no cast time and sets things on fire was wrong.

    i have only had spontaneous combustion messed up wing the wing armors but still set them on fire with it even it i get hit by 5-10 enemies i have not had it interrupted on stuns or knockback seem to interrupted it and if you got a good tank you should worry
  15. ok did the math with fireball barrage and absorb heat combine i ot a health buff of 1841
  16. Cast times do not matter whatsoever if you know how to time your traits right. I can time Nature traits (which almost require you to stand still at long range) on all Raid bosses and rarely get interupted...
  17. You're right Joshua,of course meteors not the only thing to set fire to mobs..& forget these cast time moves.(.though this thread HAS made me think about mass detonation)..
    currently I use:immolation,consume objects,stoke flames (extra heals when used together on a couple of these & consume does good damage- esp if targets encased)..fiery weapon makes up for a current lack of precision & is as essential as weapon of destiny for a sorcery dps.....oh yeah & I use reignition for emergency heals..
    Im not an uber raider like you guys yet but Ive tried a few different respecs & this ones close to perfect for me..though maybe could use a ranged attack other than meteor,which I only got to get to stoke flames etc
  18. At the moment I am using the meteor and mass det combo.
    To be honest I cant see myself dropping meteor, I have used it on countless times inflicting massive damage (especially in PVP), and any good tank would pick it up in a raid and throw it. I just like it because its easy to set enemies on fire from a distance.
    I hear alot of people using fiery weapon, but I tried it and was "meh", I must of missed something
  19. Am I the only guy here that like to dps from close range? seriouslly... I get mental, gadget and sorcery going full ranged. But its ridiculous when you go in a raid and even the tanks are flying around with a damn bow. Whatever happened to fun? You guys remmmember? When you were leveling to 30 feeling all badass fighting people like Superman and other bosses with your **** hand?

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