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  1. I apologize already, not trying to paint a target on my back here but what is the current best loadout for Fire DPS?
  2. Unfortunately there is no "best load out" for any dps player power set, as everyone has their own style of play. While its arguable that Melee is the way to go, range can be just as effective.
    Are you Melee or ranged?
    I can give you just a few anchor powers that you want to be sure you have in your load out, but everything else is up to you.
    fiery weapon, inferno, and fireburst/mass detonation.
    You will want at least one other power that can cause burning as the power interactions are what drives your dps. It is also good to have a usable while controlled, such as burnout, backdraft, immolation, or burning determination. In dps role, don't concern yourself with self heals as you're there to use damage an you're healer will take care of you. (your small heals for 250-400 aren't worth the power they use, IMO)
    The key to having strong fire dps is fitting in as many big attacks uring the 12 seconds of fiery weapon effects. Get the enemies burning, then drop your mass detonation or fireburst. When the crosshairs under your name goes away, start up your fiery again.
    Keep in mind you keep your last power used buffs as long as you maintain the hit counter.
    Try this combo out: fiery weapon, inferno, trinket, fireburst, weapon attacks. Now with 1 handed focused blast you can generate 2k per hit off a 300 precision so you will usually net 6k damage by the time you can pop another fire burst or mass detonation. This is great for single target and boss fights as it allows you to refill you're power bar and gives the controllers a break. Substitute for flurry shot if you use bow or mortar for rifle, etc. When done fast enough you will have fiery effects for about 9 seconds and trinket for about 17 seconds. And keep your 60% damage as long as you can. For trash mobs, just keep usin. Your aoe 60% attack.
    What I like to do is start the combo that way, then when inferno wears off I drop a meteor, fiery, then inferno when the cool down is reset followed by a 60% power again. Keeping myself with 60% fiery effects as much as possible.
    Youll get better and better about knowing when to cast what. I go for weapon damage mostly on half trinket cool down as I want to have a full power bar when I'm popping it. Also, stay by you're nature and electric players for their damage buffs they often share.
    Hope this helps. Any questions just ask. They will probably move this post to power and movements.
  3. I am Melee, and I have respec about 4 times now trying different builds and have only been successful at burning up my power very quickly and then leaving the fight to look for an Orange
    You mentioned "Trinket" in your loadout. What Tricket should I be looking for?
  4. This is my current loadout:
    Fiery weapon, enflame, meteor, inferno, reignition, neo-venom boost. It kinda burns my power, but i have a troller for that : ). My loadout is great for solo missions and duos, i'm a melee, so i start by charging, enflame + fiery weapon, weapon attacks, inferno + meteor, if i have low health: reignition, weapons attacks, and if they didn't die yet, neo-venom boost.
    Another sequence i have is: neo-venom, charge, meteor + enflame + fiery weapon + weapon attacks + inferno + weapons.
    For PVP i always try and have full supercharge so i can do reignition more often.
    In bosses i always do: Charge, enflame + fiery weapon + weapons attacks, inferno + meteor (reignition is situational) + weapon attacks + neo-venom + weapon attacks and restart. :D Hope that was helpful.
    I can also replace meteor with fireball barrage if i need the burst. I use these iconics: Super-strength for harder meteors, weapons expert and tactical genius (obligatory for any dps) and neo-venom boost, for higher weapon damage output.
  5. 5leolm94 wrote:
    Neo venom gives you yellow tick damage on your white damage attacks, or a healthy boost to power damage, but will wipe neary half your power bar. You waste it's effects by following it with anything besides mass detonation. Reignition is goo for burning, but of you are having to use it to survive that's not good. You would see a significant jump in your dps if you put mass detonation instead of Reignition.
  6. Is Firey Weapon still viable even though I don't use a weapon?
  7. Infern0 wrote:
    IF this is actually true that is your first mistake. First though I have to ask this...
    1. Do you mean you don't have a visible weapon in your hands when you use your mouse click attacks (I.E. you are a martial artist/hand blaster/brawler that has selected none as your weapon appearance)? Or...
    2. Do you mean that you don't use the mouse click attacks at all?

    If you answered yes to number 1 then you are fine. Fiery weapon works on both your power attacks and click attacks, even if you have no weapon visible.
    If you answered yes to number 2 then you need to change how you play your character if you want to be performing at peak efficiency. Hitting with your weapon attacks (the ones that happen when you click your mouse in combat) increases your power generation dramatically, increases how long your powers boost your overall damage AND add a power free method of hurting things. It is an essential tool for combat effectiveness.
  8. yes to #1, thank you for clarification.
  9. 5leolm94 wrote:
    My usual setup for DPS is:
    Immolate (to set folks around me on fire)
    Mass Detonation (VERY situational in PVP, great on raids where there are large groups)
    Reignition (Emergency health boost as well as knockdown of nearby enemies)
    Flashpoint (the pbaoe has a good knockdown that can give you a much-needed breather and does decent damage)
    Fiery Weapon (does a small heal now as well as increases damage and % to crit for about 10-12 seconds, this stacks with damage trinkets)
    Eternal Flame (if you can get the charge built up, this can be a life-saver as it turns all damage into health as well as giving you a greater healthpool for a short period).

    I'm sure others have different reasons for using other powers but this loadout seems to work well for me (especially if you get crits after firing off your Immo+ Mass Det)
  10. For T1s, T2s, Duos, I use:
    1) Fiery Weapon
    2) Neo-Venom boost
    3) Optional (Absorb Heat, Whirling Dervish, etc)
    4) Meteor
    5) Inferno
    6) Speed Drain/Fireball Barrage
    For FoS raids, drop Neo-venom and get Mass Detonation. It is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Use Fiery Weapon first, then Inferno to inflict burning. then the Trinket followed by Mass Detonation. Once Inferno runs out, drop a Meteor on an enemy to inflict burning and rinse and repeat. Use speed drain to prevent trollers from complaining about you.

    Dark Niraj--- Over Thrown
  11. I'm seeing a lot of nep venom boost load outs without a big 60% cast. You guys are burning about 1/3 of your power bar for the damage equivalent of a meteor, even less if you throw the meteor. You can also cast like 3 meteors for the power neo venom costs and not to mention the high cool down for neo venom. You're better off spamming immolation or backdraft.
  12. How does this sound?
    1. Meteor (to get the burning started)
    2. Fiery Weapon (to increase the damage)
    3. Backdraft (to draw in the enemies)
    4. Inferno (to melt them down)
    Repeat those 4 steps + combos on trash mobs and for Bosses.
    (Except on Bosses also throw in)
    5. Mass Detonation,
    6. Fireball Barrage
    Combined with Superstrength, Tactical Genius, and Weapons Expert, plus 42 points towards Might first, then Crit, then Crit chance. I am going to try this out today. Any changes that I need to make?
  13. Also the self heals are practical for solo runs/duos at early levels, but what good does it do to spend power giving yourself a 200 heal around mobs that hit for 100+? Better to burn em down
    Also, your gain weapon effects from holding a full supercharge. You are more likely to stun and interrupt. You get bonus damage from stuns and interrupts as well.
  14. Infern0 wrote:
    That is a great start. The trick about mass detonation is not to attack or move for .5 seconds after you cast it. The damage won't register if you do. When around a lot of mobs that use control effects on you, stick to inferno backdraft and meteor, throw the meteor as fast as you can, and in to a line of mobs.
  15. Awesome, thanks for your input
  16. So many people use meteor, is it just to set the enemies on fire? I see it used often but most doesn't even really bother picking it up to throw, they just use it and it falls on the enemies and that is it. I haven't really noticed but doesn't it block your line of sight and could make your attack miss?

    Also on the hate on absorb heat for dps (almost as hated a handblasters for dps), I find it very useful for single target attacks. Like in a bounty of the sentries in FOS3, with FW + Inferno + AH (i'd add the trinket to that combo but I don't have it yet ), it seems to drain the enemies life faster than any weapon combo I could deal for the amount of time and feel like an aoe attack like MD/Fireburst would be a waste on a single target, not to mention those are interruptible. The extra healing is just a plus and I have finished off plenty of single target opponents with it. Can anyone recommend a suggestion for an alternative single target power for such situations?
  17. rfx45 wrote:
    Your absorb heat does 200-400 per tick every second channelled, my focus blast does 500 dmg per tick minimum unbidden. 1h flick ranged does almost 200-400 a crit buffed. Flurry shot pulls 600-800 damage buffed in the time you tick for 200-400. This is the pattern and why absorb heat catches flak.
    Mass Det with just your own buffs will hit 2k-4.5k in endgame gear. More than absorb heat plus 60% dmg bonus after cast.
    Fireburst can do anywhere between 800-4k+ buffed on a single unbuffed target. Factor in trollers debuffs and nature/electric boosts and it's even more.
  18. A buffed meteor can land on a mob for between an accumulated 600-3k. Throw it and hit anywhere between 600-1.8k damage.
    * disclaimer for my posts- I have full t3 and 1618 might. So these are endgame gear stats.
  19. Infern0 wrote:
    I've respeced more times than I can remember now...I've even gone to ice and back. But read the link posted earlier and Kristyana's thread on fire tanking both have awesome advice.

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