Fire DPS Skill Points

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-ChadChewy, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. I've maxed out my might, precision, critical attack damage, and criticall attack chance...What should I look into next? I'm a fire DPS.
  2. ChadChewy wrote:
    Get health.
  3. Sylar-Man wrote:
    Health over Defence? Okay
  4. ChadChewy wrote:
    You can get 300 health from skill points. Thats health that is there all the time no matter what. The most defense you get from skill points only gets you a 2.2% damage reduction. So instead of being hit for 100 you get hit for 98. Pretty crappy return for the amount of skill points invested.
  5. ChadChewy wrote:
    Yeah. Many games work the opposite way, but that's dcuo for ya.
  6. ummm, id go health after a few other things, like movement innates and since id be dedicated to damage, the extra power you get back from comboing your weapon with higher vit will increase you damage as well. very minimally, very very very minimal. the argument can be made that the health will keep you alive and therefore you can do more damage, well playing smart can keep you alive too.
  7. Haha that's weird. Well thanks for the help.
  8. ATARI wrote:
    That sounds logical, too. Although I also have Speed Drain in my loadout, I will go for health before vit.
  9. ATARI wrote:
    I just assumed he would already have his movement innates specced into. vit or health is a toss up. Neither one will give you a noticeable return so you can't go wrong with either one as a DPS.
  10. Restoration. I'll assume you're at least using Fiery Weapon, which probably heals about 250 without any Restoration. Adding any Restoration to your stats will show a definite increase in self-healing. Even better if you use Absorb Heat.

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