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  1. Guys wondering for a decent loadout for FIRE spec and Ranged weapon(BOW) , tried lots of them , but my dps is still suxx in duos and hm alerts , now my loadout looks like :
    Immolation/Flashpoint/Enflame/Fiery Weapons/Inferno/Volcanic Calamity
    But it seems kinda sucky for a ranged weapon!
    What ya think?
  2. As a Fire Tank I can tell ya, that Inferno is absolutely no DPS Skill.

    And even as a DPS Fire I would use Reignition as Superchargedumb or from the other Tree the 50% Damage Supercharge.
    I started to prefer the higher flexibilty you have with 2 instead of 1 Charges.
    Fiery Weapons does also generate no DPS and Enflame was never a DPS Skill of my choice during leveling.
    In a good group you have to take care that you just do damage (as a Tank you realy see the difference if the DPS in the Grp sucks, everything gets a lot harder...)
    And you know the DPS isnt good if you as a Tank nearly or in fact outdamage the DPS.

    I would recommend testing Snuff Out and the Skill before that in the line (forgot the name) or Spontanous Combustion as big DPS Skills.
    The one before Backdraft ( the single target Absorb heat) for example delivers a nice Single Target DPS.
    Very important is also you invest your skillpoints correctly, no health, no defence.. go crit chance, crit damage and Might.
    Get a Weapon that helps to deliver that damage.
    Wait a sec until tank has the aggro, cast to raise your damage and deliver the meanest Combo you have.

    To make it short... sorry but imho your choice of powers is awful.

    You use ranged bow, I would suggest you try Ignition Line for the Single DPS on Range.

    Fireburst, Flame Cascade, Detonate, Snuff Out, maybe Mass Detonation (tested once, wasnt overwhelmed...).
    To make enemies Burning use Fireball for Single Targets and Enflame for Area or Fireball with Wildfire. (Wouldnt waste 2 Slots on Immo/Flashpoint as a Ranged Char).
    Or find a good fire Tank who keeps the enemies burning anyway (but Flame Cascade and Fireburst also do more damage on Frostbiten enemies)
    Use these Power Interactions.

    But like always just my 2 cents. Cos I can be completely wrong as a Melee Fire Tank and not Ranged Fire DPS :)

    Edit: Check this for ideas
  3. I'm assuming you got your build from me? Inferno does absolutely fine DPS on bosses, although I mostly use it for the damage buff on bosses. It's absolutely awesome for clearing trash. You have to remember though that the vast majority of your damage as fire dps is going to come from weapon combos. My build isn't really suited for ranged dps because 3/6 skills are meant for melee range. The ignition tree is garbage, nearly every ability in the tree has a long cast time and the damage that is dealt doesn't make up for it.
    To Apoc44th, fiery weapons generates a buff that increases your crit damage by 10% and your crit chance by 7%, a very good damage buff if you spec your weapon skills towards crit chance and crit damage. Snuff Out deals great damage, but with the woefully long cast time is interrupted on most boss fights. Spontaneous Combustion is garbage because it prioritizes items scattered around the area rather than your target.
    Immolation/Flashpoint/Enflame offer great dots and great aoe. My Immolation/Flashpoint alone does 500 damage to a single target and costs very little power, thats not counting the dot that's just counting the initial damage. Reignition isn't useful at all on fire dps in PVE unless you're running with a healer that doesn't know what he's doing. Fireball Barrage is a waste of time, only deals about 700 damage, my Volcanic Calamity deals roughly 2k if the initial damage/ticks don't crit, I've had it do as much as 3.8k damage over it's duration with the intial damage critting for 2.2k and the ticks critting for 375-403 4x over. It's absolutely the best supercharge to use as a fire dps, and aside from arbiter of destiny spamming their damage spells over and over it probably deals the most damage out of all the super charges.
    Overall fire dps is best suited to melee range because you're going to see the most mileage out of immo/flash/enflame for both clearing trash and killing bosses. Like I said, the ignition tree is absolute garbage, I've spent roughly 10k testing and re-testing abilities out of both trees and find the above build to give me the most versatility. I would definately switch spontaneous combustion in for Inferno for dps if the damn thing didn't prioritize items in the area over your target. I've had it target barrels way behind me instead of my target right in front of me, absolutely garbage since it does that. It does deal great damage though if you can get it to hit your target.
    Forgot to mention that I haven't dps'd in raids because I tank for raids, I do however DPS the vast majority of the time when I'm doing hard alerts and have yet to have anyone come even close to my damage. Usually I deal 2x the next closest person, sometimes more depending on which alert we're doing.
  4. b2kRocky wrote:
    As a ranged fire DPS you might check fireball + detonate (for knockdown) + absorb heat (knocked down enemy cant interrupt it) and see how that works for you. I'm testing that at the moment but a lot of people here are way more experienced than I am.
    And I my other 3 are enflame + fiery weapon (more ctics + nice heal) + reignition (pricelss imo)
  5. As great as melee fire is for solo and alerts, it is woeful vs the current raid bosses since they all constantly move or doe mass aoe dmg at melee range
  6. I think that fire + bow = ranged dps is not good now , fire + dps is only for melee i bet... with bow its kinda sucky , or i'm wrong?

    Apoc44th wrote:
    And with that, everything you say is no longer creditable. High DPS comes from maintaining the strongest and cheapest +60% skills and Inferno is one of the best since it also helps out the tank in raids/group ontop of the aoe damage. Combustion is craptastic for the reasons Zoobi stated, it will always target objects over your target.

    b2kRocky wrote:
    There is nothing wrong with bows, if you want to use bows OP, use them. The Arrow rain skill it has compliments fire aoe damage very nicely. If you want to use a bow, keep using a bow, there is no bad weapon. However the fire Ignition tree is full of bad skills because they have stupidly long castimes and will miss moving targets. If you want to go heavy ignition, I advise you go pure PvE.
  8. Interestingly, having a similar discussion over here in the Powers forum before I stumbled on this thread.
    I think Kauizoku has a pretty good argument for a strong melee fire DPS set up in the immolation tree, and I'm just trying to figure out how to adapt it to bow. Although, with as much melee as bow has in its skill tree, it probably works about the same.
    He advocates doing away with Immolation and Flashpoint entirely, since Enflame will give you the best of both for the purposes of his proposed DPS build. You don't want the knockback because you want the mobs nearby to catch fire and be in your inferno / near the meteor / ready to take your absorb heat.
    I think the thing that is hard to get over (or has been for me, at least) is that sitting back and filling something full of holes from a distance is not actually the full-time job of someone using a bow. When I started this character, I really assumed that I would be flying above the mob behind the tank plunking away for ridiculous damage. Instead, it looks like that, at least in multiple mob situations, you are better off closing to melee and unleashing your powers.
    What I'm really trying to figure out now is what bow skills work best for maximizing this strategy...
  9. I am a fire/brawled/super speed I enjoy absorb heat and flashpoint right now I am also using sosuputenios combustion, 2 super speed slots and Something called Stoke Flames. Does flashpoint work on multiple enemies? Any suggestions for making my character better. Level 30.

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