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  1. For me focusing element III is the most difficult material to find to create a mod. I'm curious where other people find this. From what I've seen they are from --
    1. Boss drops
    1.1 Each of the FOS 1/2/3 bosses have mid-high chance of dropping 1 Focusing Element III
    1.2 Last boss of each T2 alert has very low chance of dropping 1 (but possible)
    1.3 What of T2 raids like Batcaves and Kahndaq? I haven't run into one
    2. Salvaging
    2.1 I have received FE III from salvaging 113 weapons and other FOS purple drops (T2.5, 103 weapons)
    2.2 What of Batcaves and Kahndaq gears? I haven't tried salvaging any

    Has anyone found this material from other sources not listed? I'm just wondering if the only way we can get this material is to roll against 7 other people in the 3 raids that we can only do once a week.
  2. me and my friends only got ours by salvaging them
    i actually got my 1 and only one from salvaging of a blue item my friends got theres from purple
    only thing i get on purple is complexe
    your best bet save a bug of items cause i think in salvaging its a chance to get it so the more you do at once the better the chance i got mine from a blue after salvaging 8-9 items at once
  3. I've had two from salvaging Abra shirts ^^.
  4. I just salvaged an fos2 bow, abra's shirt, and guy gardners jacket... 1 simple and 2 complex. I have a focus 3 from the first salvage run right after gu8. I think it came from salvaging some winded fury gear and 97 weapons, or might have been from some extra aerial defender.
    I was going in to the Harley funhouse mission, someone spawned there after completing it and shouted focus 3 for sale. whether he already had it prior to mission, or got it there, i dont know. But I have heard of focus 3 dropping from various challenges, duos, alerts, raids.
  5. GuardianAngel wrote:
    The on I had salvaged was equipped for style and tucked away, til now. Next one I get and salvage, I hope its a 3.
  6. Got one from salvaging a blue dual wield from one of the GL T2s
  7. GuardianAngel wrote:
    You must be one lucky fella :D
    When they announced salvaging i started to stockpile the iconics that went cheap in the broker.
    Salvaging a good 60 of them gave me nothing but complex/simples though.
  8. They can also drop out of the daily challenges.
  9. I think they drop from salvaging any raid gear, it's just rare because I'm pretty sure I got mine when I salvaged Rapture back(T1.5)
  10. ARCHIVED-TPC Guest

    mrdosu wrote:
    Is it me does anyone else think the DEVs might have missed some glitchers when they laid down the ban hammer?
  11. TPC wrote:
    I dont know about the US, but in the EU this inventory full of iconics cost less then half a superboy...
  12. Janus wrote:
    I really want this to be true. Can anyone else confirm this?
  13. Chirath_Justice wrote:
    I'd love confirmation on this aswell.

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