FOS2 Fire Dps loadout?

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  1. Hi guys really looking for your fire Dps help here.
    I've got a fairly new fire DPs , but very geared due to access to all new content 4 T2 4 fos1 drops and 62 Sp and I like fire it's awesome , my proble
    Is I want to start Dps'n fos2 with league but since all these updates all forums previously dedicated to fire dps are outdated, and I need help with an awesome and effective loadout, I dp good dps, but I realised I could improve when a fellow fire dps in a HA did 100k more dps than me ? So guys any help would be appreciated
    Current loadout
    Fiery weapon, fireball, meteor, Inferno,fireburt,reignition
  2. Im no fire dps but from what i see mass detonation and snuffout are beastly in raids. Meteors can do some great negative dps though if you block the other damage dealers with it and heals wont go through it either.
  3. Yeah I'm re speccing to try a few later mass detonation defo one I'll try, Come on guys, where's all u fire dps players who know how tonplay ur role let's see who has the best loadout and after I try them I'll happily share my best combination with u all???
  4. You are not full T2? Why bother doing FOS?
    Your DPS gear is making you squishy. That's the point of the system, you gain damage but loose a lot of defense.
    I wonder why you need loadout tipps for FOS, cause you as a fire user should know that you have one of the best AoE damage setup of the game. Just make em Burn and Explode, and use a distance weapon. What more do you need to know?
    Oh yeah... you need to stay alive in FOS cause you are not Full T2, so stay close to a healer all the time.
    If you are on EUPS3, contact me if you want to talk tactics, I am always up for chat about game mechanics.
    Edit: Character Name = Forum Name (Andeimos)
  5. Ok you need your regular power boosters so you need:
    Fiery Weapon and Neo-Venom boost, reserve NeoVenom for boss fights or lots of grouped adds because it's hard on the controllers, and make sure fiery weapon is on ALL THE TIME when fighting.

    If you want to use a supercharge I'd recommend Fireball Barrage because it does more damage than Volcanic Calamity with half the cost.

    Essential High damage powers:
    Inferno and Mass Detenation.
    Use Inferno on groups of adds to set them on fire, and then spank them with Mass Detention for the huge 3000crits. (I've actually manage to get a 6500crit once, but never since or before, I think the boss was very very on fire.

    After you have these you should have one slot left, and it's really your pick. I like to use the reflect power (cant remember the name) for wing armours and omac when you cant escape them, it's also great in pvp. I know that's not FoS specific but its great for any add that use Melee.

    Really though use what your comfortable with, it is interchangable. One thing I would say though, DONT USE THE METEOR! although it does some good damage, it essentially blocks your teams heals and other dps's damage if they're behind it.
  6. Your changing your character to a DPS... Boooooo! :p
    As mnetioned above, it would be more beneficial (from a raiding perspective) to aim more towards the AOE skills that Fire have at their disposal.
    Skills like inferno and mass detonation are a good shout.
    When I was playing with fire I found a combo of fireball, wildfire then mass detonation was quite good (albeit rather costly with regards to power consumption).
    The fireball barage is a great DPS SC (imho).
    The flight movement AOE (sorry but the name escapes me) is also quite a good skill to have.
    Perhaps having a skill like flashpoint incase you have some mobs on you would be handy.
    I would go for something like a bow or rifle if you are going to be going for AOE.
    I don't really have THAT much experience in Fire though, so maybe my advice is a little reduntant. If it helps you though then that's a bonus.
  7. Andeimos wrote:
    I think 4T2 + 4FoS1 drops (aka T2.5) is plenty for FoS2.
  8. fiery weapon, fireburst, inferno, mass det, snuff out, reignition (for those close call moments)
  9. Zerlibop don't worry my controller is not going anywhere, just working on my Dps, he's got about as much game hours now as Zerl pmsl Guys thanks fOr ur feedback much appreciated I'll give these specs a try later, And in response se to the gear issue, t2 x4 and fosx4 is well enough for Fos where do u think I got my FOS gear I still do FOS 1 lol but thanks for your cOncerns, my concern is increasing dps output and my weapon is a raid bow from bc1 onto of what I already have :)
  10. why is every one stuck on snuff out? that is probably the biggest waste of power. Its a one target hit and for it to do a dcent amount of damage your target has to be below 35 percent health or on fire, and the cast time is just to slow. Mass D hits any target on fire for decent damage at range or close. Fire burst is also a hard hitter but you have to be up close.
  11. Ok, I,ll Help- max out your crits as much as you can and run in this

    Detonate>Fiery Weapon>Inferno>fireburst>Mass Det>SC(I use vac bubble)
    Remember burning stuff gets more damage. remember to pop your trinket all the time> I only get beat by good sorcs dps or if I'm being lazy and dont pop fiery weap and trinket constantly(when burning been seeing 6-800 crits with detonate)

    Due to the massive AOE damage a good Fire DPS and can make FOS raids alot easier
  12. SephirothResurected wrote:
    When it crits its pretty awesome(had a 900 crit from it last night), I like to keep it on the bar for a single target attack enemies have to be burning to get good damage from it.
  13. I have beaten Fos 2 - here is my loadout:

    Firey Weapon - A must have for all Fire DPS
    Inferno - One of the simpler ways to get a large group of mobs burning + it is a 60% damage move
    Mass Det - Used when targetting 3-4 mobs - The damage range of this move varies wildly from 800 to 3600 ish crits (With 1568 Might) - more than 3-4 mobs and the damage gets divided and you are better off with fireburst.
    Fireburst - Amazing for a large group of mobs - as far as I know the only aoe in the game that does not have diminishing returns as you target more mobs - absolutely beast for the Jor-el fight (at least for our strat)
    Flame Barrage - I like this better than VC as it is a 50% supercharge and if you get in close for 1-2 seconds, it can do almost the same amount of damage.
    Meteor - Some people like this move, some don't. I like it because it is small instant damage (adds burning) that is then tripled if you are running with a sorc dps using transmutation (communication is key).

    Standard rotation:
    Firey Weapon, Inferno, Mass Det, Meteor (Make sure you have the + 100 power iconic talent for this rotation)
  14. no cast time moves will help you in fos2 the enemies drag you in plus you leave yourself open for damage
    meteor still is nice and backdraft is need so you can hit and run
    use stroke flames or burning d to set enemies on fire but can still run
    infereno is real good if your tank can keep them all in one spot

    i have only seen one of my friends be able to use fireburst in the second boss fight and he had to get behind the enemy problem was i could use it cause the boss was following me around trying to hit me
    so unless your sure your not going to take it in the face and can figure out how not to get pulled in by the add which burning d might help if you use it first before fireburst or mass d i highly dont suggest cast time moves in 2
  15. Thanks for all the feedback guys some gr8 combos much appreciated feel free to continue to add ur chosen strategies for help to other fire dps players as this thread is clearly the up today's what works loudout guide
    Thanks again
  16. I would suggest
    Inferno, Fireburst, Feiry weapon (heals some when the target is on fire), Spontaneous combustion, Fireball barrage, Snuff out
    I personally do not like mass det since the cast time is loong and you get knocked out of it alot. Thats why i like spontaneous combustion, short cast time but damage quick. You can try between the two and see what you like more.
  17. SephirothResurected wrote:
    Meteor, fiery weapon, inferno, mass detonation, flashpoint, fireball barrage or (vacuum bubble if you fly) as a super charge
  18. look backdfrat is need it heals and i get about 400 damage to each enemy i hit with it
    burning d frees you from control effects and debuffs and usable while controllered and sets the enemies on fire and gives you one tick of instant health plus health for the next 3 hits against you this way if you get pulled in you can stop it and set them on fire while getting health says it adds 50% damage. Plus it doesnt even eat up that much power has a cooldown time though

    meteor still good if you group allows you to use it alot of people hate it cause it blocks line of sight, but as long as they dont stay behind it i find it works cause the enemies have to go around it to actually hit you.

    Inferno well good if the tank can drag all the adds in one spot and keep them there. Like on second boss when he summons adds with the crystals. i just dont like it anymore cause it has the cooldown and only stays in one spot still not granting immolation either and eats up alot o power but if you like it

    absorb heat is still good for like one on ones usally i get 200+ damage per hits on a target so great to use on a boss when you learn their paterns on when to use it

    currently i am using stroke flames over inferno sets them on fire and the dont have to stay in an area to keep taking fire damage and i get 7 ticks of health back so a extra plus when trying to help yourself stay alive

    get reignition even if you dont use it in your loadout you might cause its only 25% supercharge in dps stance it still knocksdown adds which helps you not take damage for a few seconds, sets them on fire and gives you health back

    im just going to say it cast time moves eat up power, fireburst you have to be really close meaning your going to take shots to the face its like free hits for the enemies and in fos2 things drag you to them canceling the move meaning you arent doing damage to anything and lost damage you could have done with another move. Unless you dont get alot of hate from enemies or know how to time it to use burning d before the use a pull and then use a cast time i dont advise using them. FOS 2 just makes it a pain to use cast time moves

    These things wont help you, plus if you do get them to work you just wasted alot of power and making the controllers job harder trying to get you power. When in fos 2 they need to make sure the healers and tanks have power

    Use moves that eat up less power and do good damage i mean what good is awesome damage if half the time it doesmt connect or you get interrupted. Last use a weapon like bow arrow storm that does good damage to groups since after you use a power you get a damage increase

    fireball barrage is a must for any fire dps never leave hq without it

    if your looking for a loadout that suits you where you get the damage and stuff
    i would say you have to waste 3 points in iconics for power and crit attack damage and chance
    i would say burning d, backdraft, meteor, fireburst, absorb heat, reignition (better safe than sorry), fireball barrage
    meteor and burning d are going to set things on fire with less power than inferno plus arent restricted to an area
    backdraft does good damage to groups of enemies plus heals you
    absorb heat stuns, heals and does good damage one enemy great for when you dont have power to do fireburst
    make sure you have the sub neck and you supercharges will save you only use reignition when you need to like if your getting surrounded and taking alot of damage this will knock them down, set them on fire and give you health till healer can get to you, fireball barrage only should be used on bosses when you need that extra umph to kill them when they are at 25% or lower health or to kill a bunch of strong adds you need to kill fast
  19. This is my loadout inferno-meteor-mass det/fire burst-fireball barrage- fiery weapon-backdraft. I know backdraft is a flying move but I like the aoe and how it slows mobs down, good for after you put the crystal in and have a runaway sentry, it will also knock your meteor out of the way so people will shutup about it being in the way. I also witch between mass det and fire burst. I use mass det on mobs and fire burst on bosses. My rotation is fiery weapon-backdraft-inferno-meteor now if I have enough power I'll use mass det/fire burst otherwise I use fiery weap and go to town with by bow. Make sure you max out all your crits in the weapon trees and iconics.

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