Franchise Briefings bug

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  1. Did a search to be sure, and no one else posted anything about this.

    Have an issue with Franchise briefings collection which is 12/12 collection
    I completed all the briefings. I triple checked and counted. I have all 12 done, but the Franchise briefing collection is only showing 11/12. Not sure which briefing was bugged and didn't count, but I know for sure I have them all.
  2. Just checked the feat for briefings and it says I am missing Soder cola. Just checked Soder cola again and I do have all the parts of the briefings, and I did get the reward for that briefing.

    Confirmed, having the same issue.
    11/12 though all 12 are Finished.
  4. Bump notice.

    Finished 12 of the franchise briefings, but dosnt go beyond 11/12.
  5. I am currently looking for the missing (last) franchise briefing I need. I know there are 12, but I could only find 11 and they are:

    - levitz cameras
    - sun doller
    - big belly
    - metro trasit
    - University of Gotham
    - University of Metropolis
    - Wayne Enterprises
    - STAR Labs
    - soder cola
    - daily planet live
    - Gotham Now!
    If anybody can tell me the missing franchise, "thank you"..
  6. I know with the last update there was a new Episodic Brieifing added. Maybe there was also a Franchise Briefing that was added preventing you from getting the feat? The mission related to the Episodic Briefing was the new level 23 quest.
    I don't know if this is the case or, and I don't have the locations of these briefings, but this would be my best guess. I know for sure all the briefings completed before the patch because me and some of my league members completed all brieifngs before Update 2.
  7. I know back in Feb when I completed these I saw I only had 10 of 12 even though I could clearly count 12 of 12. That went on for about 10 days. Then I logged on one day, lo and behold I'm looking through my briefings for a change to see what I need to finish and I see 12 of 12 have registered. Somewhere along the way the Kinks worked themselves out and Lola was playing in the background.
  8. Having this issue STILL after the update. 12th set of brifings not counting in the franchise set.
  9. I have all the big belly burger briefings but it says i only have 2 of them
  10. ARCHIVED-Mac Guest

    Having the same problem here its showing 10/12 for me.

    Star Labs and Soder Colla are showing 2/4.

    I ran back to all The Briefings Marks on the World to see if I could collect them again but that didnt work since all of them were white, already collected.

    Worst part is that i never got the reward for Completing all the Franchise Briefings wich is the Steampunk Shoulders, so I cant complete that style, and get the 25 point feat.

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