Friends can access your lair

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  1. They stated that friends can locate your hideout on the map is it just me or doesn't that defeat the purpose of calling it a lair or hideout. Also, Jens stated that the entry to your hideout will be shared by someone who also bought a deed for that same address. So not only will you freeze a lot if you don't warp to one of hideouts but your friends can just walk right in to your house. I can't wait til this update because the forums are gonna be filled with the same topic "I keep freezing at my hideout".
  2. thats kinda dumb. you can't choose whos on you friend list so strangers know where you live.

  3. Im going to add you to my friends list and hang out in your hideout all the time.
  4. Wasn't a thread like this already posted?
  5. You have the option wether you want people to come into your hideout. In teh UI
  6. I seriously doubt it's going to be how you are describing it. I know a lot of You People think the Devs are idiots and never do anything right. But, there ain't no way you are not going to have any say on who can come into to your "hideout". That would just be dumb and would open a whole new level of Trolling (the bad kind, not the role) in DCUO. And I am 100% the Devs have already thought of that.
    I've played other MMOs that gave me my own personal room and both have gave me options to block players I don't want in my room and/or set a passcode.
  7. Like I said in another thread, I would think that they would be like mentor specific instances and you can only enter when in a group and they are inside. There are going to be thousands of people sharing one location, do you really think that they will make it so you can just walk in anyone's. Let think before we post people.
  8. IFaust74 wrote:
    Key words here being: "other MMOs".
  9. man you better get the steppin from my lair.
  10. rainbows wrote:
    How much steppin do you have in your lair?
  11. I want to go into someones lair and spray tag and vandalize the place. Can we have something as simple as mspaint to access to graffitti the wall and even the flooring, and decor? That would be awesome.
  12. Buster wrote:
  13. Gassius_Spray wrote:
    Well, we do know that we will get to have Lair Duels where you'll have an opportunity to completely trash the other guy's place.
  14. Faust74 wrote:
    I thought there was no way they would put raids in open world given the amount of freezing it would result in. And then there was also the looting system in which you can get your loot stolen.

    I think a lot of us have just stopped assuming that the devs will get things right, and rightfully so.
  15. all i know is im gonna come to your hideout with muddy boots and say F yo couch ahahahaha they shouldve never gave ya exobits
  16. stayphokus wrote:
    lol now i need a rick james toon
  17. I saw Jens post on twitter that not only can you get into friend's lairs (if you have permission), but you can do it when they're not in game. Pretty cool.
  18. ViolentLucidity wrote:
    There nothing better then logging in to a stranger in you home lol.
  19. They can't do anything to it, so what's the big deal?
    Even a PvP battle won't ruin your stuff.

    My concern is the Warp-to feature. If I have 3 Dive Lairs, how do I know which one I am warping to?
    Okay, maybe I can remember 3, but what about 10 or more? If SOE wants all that IRL$ for Deeds, they might need a better way to distinguish them.
  20. SoylentBob wrote:
    In the video last week, when you select Warp, you get another menu with your hideout locations. Then you pick one.

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