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Discussion in 'PS' started by Kawwah, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Kawwah New Member

    So it seems that my PS4 has an invisible download going on that for some reason keeps me from entering Gotham. Whenever I try to enter Gotham or any other place from the nightclub I get a message that says.

    "Full download required", some text and then a 8h timer, which is pretty odd, since there are no more downloads for DCUO going on in my download screen.

    Has anyone encountered this problem before?
  2. Statman Well-Known Member

    Yeah there is definitely a download happening in the background, though 8h is an incredible timer. I never saw more than 40 minutes for that one...

    It's part of the play while downloading feature, but sadly you can't do anything once you've finished the tutorial mission (as you're stuck in the safehouse).

    As for where you could view the progress of the download... I could never find it, the only way I knew I still needed the download was when I was denied access to the open world, or when I couldn't even log into existing characters that weren't in a safehouse.
  3. Kawwah New Member

    I finally got the update completed and can now go to Gotham City. I saw another guy on the PS4 livestream yesterday having the same problem. But now I have another question. How do I hand in side quests? Whenever I talk to the NPC after doing what he asked, all I can do is buy replay badges
  4. ReAni Mator Active Member

    That means the quest is comlete. They are dailies. You will have automatically gotten the loot in your inventory. The quest will be available again for free after the reset which is at midnight london time.
  5. Kawwah New Member

    Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up. :) I got a bit confused because there still was a yellow ! mark above him and a very insisting purple light on him from above

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