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  1. Currently, I'm working on putting together a bit of a location guide for the instance investigations and briefings on the DCUO Wiki(check the zone pages for details). I've already got the orbs for Area 51 and Gorilla Island, leveling a new character so that I at least know what type of orb is where. If anyone wants to help out with the city zone locations, just message me or post here or whatever with the general location of the brief, what zone it's in, and if possible a picture of the orbs.
    No guarantees that it'll be entirely accurate to the letter, but the locations are solid enough.
    Area 51 Briefings:
    Briefing 1, Lois Lane. This one's pretty easy to get. Starting from the Fuel Depot, just run directly south until you hit the runway. You should see it right there next to a bit of foliage.
    Briefing 2 and 3, Amanda Waller. I forget which direction exactly this was from the ammo dump, but right outside one of the gates should be a ruined bridge. Look at the road up top there and you should see it without much difficulty. Fly across the little ravine from that briefing to get Amanda Waller #2, which is in a little crater in the road.
    Briefing 4, Jack Ryder. This one gave me SO MUCH trouble, even though it's practically sitting right out in the open. Go to the Command and Control center, and travel to the southern corner of the outer wall. Right on the outside, next to a pile of missile cases is your orb.
    Briefing 5 and 6, Superman and Lex Luthor. These two are at the Brainiac Invasion Site, in spitting distance from the little bubble. To the south of the bubble is a fallen lightpole. Right underneath the little arch it makes is your briefing orb. And Northeast of the bubble is a destroyed satellite dish. Climb inside the bowl and claim your orb and the cowboy hat reward.

    Gorilla Island Briefings:
    Only four briefings here, easily obtained too. Won't even need to split them up.
    Open your map, see how the area's shaped kinda like an octogon? Go to the southwestern edge and look for a lava flow with a bit of debris bridging it. There's your first orb. Run directly north of that past the fuel depot to reach another lava flow bridged by debris and there's your next one, as well as an investigation clue nestled against a trio of giant crates along the way. Go back to this one and travel directly east, over the wreckage of the Research and Development lab. On a scrap of hull right above the eastern exit of R&D should be your next orb. Now, for the last one, just travel between R&D and the Command Bridge, then look southeast while between the two. There's your fourth orb and your Gorilla Soldier belt.

    Hive Moonbase Briefings:
    Once I get up to it.

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