Gunslinger Chest plus ?

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  1. To anyone using the Gunslinger chest from influence for their chest style, what legs are u using to 'match'?
  2. Your best bet is biker pants or jeans.
    Unless you wanna spend a few irl dollars on bandito pants which I believe fit very well.
  3. Winged fury pants for controllers.
  4. Try high voltage legs and feet.
  5. metallo maw villian lex t1
  6. You can try Archer legs, but I pair either Bandito boots or Zonewalker (if hero)
  7. paramilitary legs
  8. Strapped Scales pants look positively awesome with the Gunslinger Coat because of the shirt it has underneath.
    But it depends on what your going or look wise.
    I find Female with School legs and thigh highs
    Male- Buisness, Kung-fu gi, Formal, actually anything really
  10. I wear the Archer legs with it.
  11. I use the biker leg style with it...actually the gunslinger is one of the reasons I did legends in the first's easily the most awesome trenchcoat style in the game.

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