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  1. Hey guys,
    So I really dig the Hand Blaster animations so I am trying to stick with it.
    Anyone have any Tree Advice? Not so much what I should do but what feats may be broke and I should avoid.
    What is the Most important Stat for a Hand Blaster? Might? Power? I also have Sorcery if that helps answer the question.
  2. Theres not much as far as tree goes for Hand Blaster. I picked up both ranged and melee, and picked up the stat bonuses Might and Increased Health.
    The Melee combos have an AoE (Melee Tap + Melee Hold), and a really nice single target + knock up (Melee Tap x2 + Melee Hold).
    The Ranged combos are okay, only one of them are exceptional damage, which is the Solar Flame combo (Ranged Hold + Ranged Tap).

    From what I've gathered from reading various threads is that the only stat that would increase Hand Blaster damage, in fact any weaponskill damage would benefit from the Precision stat.
  3. Menculagno wrote:
    Hmmm.. What I noticed people using Hand Blasters are on the Sorcery tree, but I have a lvl14 Hand Blaster which is Mental. So basically, if you want to be a healer then your choices would be Sorcery or Nature. If you want to be a CC/Controller, then go for Gadget or Mental. Fire and Ice are for Tank/DPS classes.
    As for the important stats, you shouldn't be asking which about what Weapon skill for a Power because it's the other way around. Like for example, Mental powers have CC and stuns so you should get a weapon that has alot of Dominance stats in it because Dominance is for longer and stronger stun, the lower the Dominance of the enemy the longer and stronger the stun is. Here is a guide for some weapon skill stats as well as power set stats: http://wolvesofwar.org/modules/newb...61&forum=11
    And as you said you are a Sorcery, there's a guy named Kassadin that puts a lot of Dominance on his stats for the polymorph skills that the Sorcery tree(Destiny) has..

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