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  1. What do you guys think are the Pro & Cons of Nature, Sorcery and Electricity?

    Nature - Pro: Fastest healng power in the game.
    Con: Non that I know of.

    Sorcery - Pros: Works well with the DPS....as they kill they get heals via Soul Wells. Great Tank healer.
    Cons: Immobile HoTs. Least likely to succeed at solo healing.

    Electricity - Pros: Mobile HoTs. 35% Rescue Heal. AoE HoT. Likely to succeed at solo healing. Great around the group.
    Cons: Can be power hungry. The power is supose to be a mix between Sorcery and Nature but it more similar to Sorcery to me.

    Edit: Never played Nature & was hoping that Electricity was more like Nature healing.
  2. I like Electricity, but honestly I prefer Sorcery right off the bat, just because it's what I'm used to. I made my first Sorcery Healer back in November of last year, and haven't looked back since. Granted I should probably ignore all those guys who say Nature is (for lack of a better term) "terribad", and give it a shot one of these days. But for me, Sorcery is my Doctor in The House. I've learned how to overcome most of the cons, so it works very well for me more often than not.
  3. Nature may be fast, but it is not without cons. If Nature wants big a big heal then they need to sacrifice all of their previous healig causing them to reset their HoT's for the fast healing. They also can't heal without using more and more Power and if the situation is dire they cannot ensure a heal because of a prior setup. Bottom line for everything Nature has they need constant Power if the situation is grim or dire. Sorcery and Electricity have tools to help in these situations.
    Sorcery is all about setup. You setup a Watcher and constant Soul Wells you are ensured consistent healing as your team progresses. Your group kills an enemy and you get a heal. Watcher constantly heals and saves you plenty of Power. In turn Soul Well heals Watcher and so does any area healing. In a dire situation Sorcery can use their instant heals without sacriicing their setup. They can heal for 1000+ any time they want with only 250 use of Power and no disruption of their setup. While Sorcery is not fast it is safe and secure if setup right.
    Electricity is much like Sorcery. It can heal without losing its setup and ensures healing in very dire siuations through safety nets. It can create fast ticking HoT's for little Power assuming prior setup was made through another Electricity player. Like Sorcery they can heal for 1000+ without losing their setup but unlike Sorcery they must help themselves. This makes Electricty more like Nature. In a dire situation after the safety nets are sprung Electricty needs more Power. They can't rely on the group to heal the group, they must heal the group themselves, which is exactly what Nature has to do.
    In the end neither powerset can hold their own in every situation and 2 of the same powerset cannot heal well together in all situations. It is through a combination of powersets that Healers excel. That is why it is recommended to always run 2 Healers, each of different powersets.
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  5. Snix wrote:
    The sorcery con can be overcome at a slight cost of health (so minimal you might not even notice it at higher amounts of health). Using sacrificial offering you get a short HoT (three ticks), and it's mobile. The way I've been doing it is Have out a watcher, when somone gets hit hard, do a rejuvenate for crit increase, and follow up with offering. That's 4 ticks of health for them, and three for the entire group, no circle asked.
  6. I love Sorcery been doing it since the beginning of the game. Its more laid back then the other healers. I have a nature and electric healer and i find it to be more demanding of your attention then sorcery. Nature pros are the burst heals which can heal you in a pinch but if your not on top of it you team is dead you have to stack your phenomenons strategically to get good heals. The cons with nature would be areas like hallways with corners and against mobs, if your not in view nature heals are useless. Electricity pros are the 35% heals they heal good in groups but if your team is not sticking together electricity can be useless
  7. Nature works well with my play style, i like being able to heal on the run.
  8. Mr_Punch wrote:
    i heal good on the run too not like a nature does but its good
  9. My main is a sorcery healer, I switched to electric for a while and I just couldn't get used to it. All three powers require different play styles, I prefer the more methodical relaxed style of sorcery, electric was a bit to manic me.
  10. Sorcery Pros: 10% healing bonus with Golden Aura powers (Nature has a 3% healing bonus), pets
    Sorcery Cons: (Personally) No direct group/team PI
  11. IMO best raid healer combo is nature-electric just because natures burst healing keeps everyones heal alltime full and if someone is losing healt fast thats where electric comes handy with it big savings, sorcery is good when group is well organized and is keeping close all the time if people spread (hope thats the word) then IMO sorcery is in trouble if the player doesnt know what hes doing
  12. pajaninja wrote:
    I beg to differ. I respect your opinion, but I think Sorcery is the best base healer which can work well with either class. Sorcery has a strong constant and steady stream of heals while the other healer classes can be more mobil and spot heal to cover the difference. IMO it really doesn't matter what combo of healers you have as long as it isn't the same type as we all know two of any kind will cancel each other out.
    In regards to not knowing what to do as a Sorcery healer, I think you can argue that with any power. Unless it's a compliment to Sorcery saying it take more intelligence to know how be a good Sorc healer than the other classes? If that's the case, I can see that. ;)
  13. dviantone wrote:
    well im happy that not everybody agree with me cuz i would hate to see in every single raid nature-electric combo
  14. dviantone wrote:
    agree with you 100%
  15. If you know how to use sorcery to it's fullest potential you can solo. I have soloed FOS2. So many people underestimate IoR. If you understand it and realize it isn't an emergency heal it is one of the more effective spells sorcery has. You have to be a little predictive with it. Start casting it right before a big hit comes. I hardly get interrupted from it. In fact I use it too keep from getting stunned or pulled. For example, the first mob in FOS2 will not pull me while I am casting IoR. But as soon as I stop, boom, I am pulled. But that's fine, everyone will be at full health at that point and I will have the gold soul aura - so I can work from that.
    All three work together well. Here's how I would sum them up.
    Nature - active healing - constantly on the move and keeping the pheremones up.
    Good for large open areas with few targets like bosses.
    Sorcery - passive healing - fire and forget spells like CoP and Soul Well. Plus most sorcs use group shields.
    Good for mobs and bosses with lots of adds.
    Electricity - safety net healing - the 35% health heals are nice.
    Electricity can direct who gets healed more so than other classes. Some of the heals go on the closest people.
    Nature and electricity can heal on the move. Sorcery is more of a stationary heal.
    It's two classes working together in raids is where you get the best healing. You play to the strengths of the classes you are running with. There was a point where people would only shout for nature healers because they wanted hive mind (before they nerfed hive mind). That ticks me off. I am sure fire tanks have that feeling now since people shout for ice tanks. If you learn to play to the strengths of other classes it doesn't matter. It is everyone's responsibility to have situational awareness.
    For example, in my league it is normally me and a nature healer doing FOS2. At the prime assassin he will heal the DPS that takes out the crystals since he can heal on the move. I will heal the rest of the group because they won't move much while taking out the assassins. When we did the FOS2 speed feat I was only 10k behind the nature healer at the end. If you add in my damage prevention... There are situations where each class shines. Prior to electricity I would say sorc shines on your way to the boss, nature shines at the boss.
    Very few nature players use group shields and electricty only has a super group shield or self shield. Everytime we do Cyborg with one of my DPSes, immediately after taking Cyborg's power move at point blank, he shouts out "Wetherby, I love your shields!" Damage prevention is just as good as healing. If they don't take damage you don't need to heal. Healers have the strongest shields in the game since they are 125% restoration.
    What ticks me off the most is if we are doing CC bounties and I am the only healer (usually me and a troll in my league go together) some jerk will come in seeing one troll, one healer, 4 DPS. He will say, if that healer isn't nature I am not runing with one healer. Ignorant people. Bounties are super easy to heal as sorcery - you don't move much. 5 DPS, one fully geared troll, one fully geared sorc healer - bounties will melt before you even need to be healed anyways.
    I think people prefer nature and ice because they are easy mode healing and tanking. As a player you don't have to work that hard to be good at those classes. But in the end if you learn to play to other people's strengths it doesn't matter. This is an MMO, not CoD. You have to play as a team.
  16. ARCHIVED-cer Guest

    I've played as a healer from the begining of the game. Started off as Sorcery and liked it but it lacked the healing out if I wanted to survive in a mob of heros in pvp or if the other healer died in pve. I can say for sure the pros of sorc healing are that they have a huge AoE with COP and trans, however the cons are staggering they can't use their ss in movement and their big aoe's are all constricted to one spot. I've always hated pets and still do, it's the cowards way out imo.
    I switched to nature when respec tokens came out and so far I am loving it, I can stack and do Hot and I don't have to be stationary for any ss or aoe heals. I can solo heal anything pve or pvp, power isn't that bad since it takes less power to heal massively.
    Electricity has a great safety net and nice healing abilities if it is played right but if not the power from yourself and the team will be quickly used.
    Before you comment I am 103 sp, 78cr, full t3 fully modded (I've had my t3 prior to f2p), have been playing since beta and I am a league leader. So I know a bit about the game and the healing role.
  17. I would say:
    Nature: Amazing flash heals. Good power interactions. Excellent group buff.
    Electricity: Great trauma healing. Mix of static and dynamic hots. Good group buff.
    Sorcery: Strong static heals. Once set up, healer can just dps.

    Nature: Flash heals require set-up, which makes repeating big heals difficult. Active healing means less time doing damage.
    Electricity: Healing on higher HP targets is not as useful.
    Sorcery: Knowing when and where to position heals is vital to be effective.
  18. I play Nature and Sorc healers (my electric toon went DPS after I started seening shouts for "LF Healz no Elect" )
    I find Nature easier to play, but less strategy-based, just keep putting out and spreading pheremones. Sorc is more challenging and can be more fun in a good group (with a weak group, Sorc healing can be downright tedious and frustrating). The biggest challenge for Sorc healers is landing the CoP where you want it, plus if you want to place a Soul Well near the Tank, you've got to get yourself up near the tank (and boss) to place it. Nature heals are all AoE and can be done anywhere within line-of-sight.
    The best healer set up (IMO) is 1 Nature and 1 Sorcery. The Nature keeps everyone topped off with pheremones and the Sorc keeps a CoP up for the tank and melee dps, and a Soul Well for the support and ranged dps. The Sorc watches for sudden drops in health bars and catches them with the quick single target heal (Rejuvinate). The Nature uses slow group heals to keep everyone topped off. This method allows maximum healing with minimal power consumption (your trollers will appreciate it). Both have good health+power supercharges, so keep an eye on your groups power too, timing a supercharge properly can be a wipe-saver.
    edit - for pvp, nature is far and away the way to go.
  19. Adamantiumm wrote:
    For other people reading this, healers still take a drop in damage output, so your damage isn't going to make that much of a difference. The reason you really do damage is to self regen power. That's why I think sorcery is a very efficient healing class. Put up soul well, put up CoP, DPS to regen power. That's 80% of what you will be doing.
  20. IoR just takes way too long. It's a great heal, but in certain situations it's almost absolutely useless. On the other hand, nature can pop off a group heal in approximately half the time it takes me to cast IoR.

    Not exactly fair.

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