Help!!! Level 30 and frustrated to the max.

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  1. I am lost with how to communicate, I never get answers to my post, does shout reach everyone. do people chat, I seem to not run into anyone. every post says you need groups to do 30 level missions...I can barely get an answer to a help response never mid design a group.
    Last question, I am new to level 30-it seems so hard to get the marks need to purchase one piece of equipment never-mind a whole outfit am i missing something?
    is there someway to know if your armor is T1, T2, or T3???

    I bought the archangel stuff at level 30-what is that???
    any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't mind learning but it seems like good info is soo hard to find.
  2. Archangel is strictly for PVP, so wear that when you que up for pvp and if just flying around the open world (always helps if someone tries to jump you). To get T1 gear (Dr. Fate, Flash, or Steel if youre a hero) you have to do challenge missions which are level 30 verisions of missions, wear your pve gear into that. Duos are also a good way to get marks but get some better gear from challenges. You can also do Hard Mode Alerts, start with Area 51, its the easiest. To get T2 (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman,) you have to do T2 Alerts and raids, you do not want to do any of those until you have a good amount of T1 gear. T3 is from the Fortress of Solitude raids, wait until your combat rating is the suggested to do it. Shout for a group in Watchtower for the alerts, or find a good league to join.
    For PVP, when you do arenas you get reputation which goes towards the Robin, Shazam!, and Hawkman gear, and Marks of Conquest which goes towards the Avatar Bombarder suit. You can get those also from completeing the Ring War and Diamond Heist events.
  3. ajprodie-cast wrote:
    The voice chat is a crap can chat in groups to one another yes......forget about anything else....voice chat will prob. never work right.
    you get marks of triumph by doing daily solo challenges once ur level find these challs in the Watchtower and hall of doom
    T1 armor is purchased with marks of triumph plus some cash
    archangel is pvp gear cost only cash
    T2 armor is bought with marks of conquest earned from pvp stuff
    T3 im not there yet so no clue
  4. ajprodie-cast wrote:
    Shout reaches everybody within the zone, people chat, Do you get asked to change into a more populated phase? You group up when you do duos/hard alerts/raids.
    Do the solo challenges to get geared up for duos, then do duos for hard alerts, then do hard alerts for raids. When doing solo challenges proceed with caution since all of the enemies are at the same level as you.
    Solo challenges/t1 duos/t1 hard alerts give you Mark of Triumph which lets you purchase t1 iconic armor. The way to figure out which armor is what tier is by going to each wing. For heroes the armor set in the right corridor is t1 Player vs Enviorment armor. The middle is t2 PvE armor and the left corridor is t1 Player vs Player armor. PvP armor won't do any good when you're playing in the open world unless you're doing the Pvp events.
  5. JonnyRotten wrote:
    Correction/Addition -
    T2 armor is bought with Marks of Distinction (PvE) and Influence (PvP)
    T3 armor is bought with Marks of Krypton (from FoS raids and T2 daily alerts) and Marks of Conquest (PvP)
  6. so when doing missions in the world, the archangel stuff should be switched for what I got during the latest missions. do the colors of the equpiment help at all??
  7. BTW, thanks everyone I read so far have helped alot!
  8. Kwanger wrote:
    TY Kwanger
  9. ajprodie-cast wrote:
    Mostly yes; the Archangel gear (PvP) might be useful when traveling in the open world the avoid getting ganked by more well-geared enemy players but you should have PvE gear on while doing ANY PvE content (challenges, duos, etc).
    Colors are in some ways helpful others, not so much. A green might have better stats for your powerset/build than a blue so go off of the stats on an item not just the color. A main 'trend' in any MMO is going to be replacing your blue and purple gear with greens when you enter new areas or new content.
  10. NP Jonny...just want to make sure that all the info anyone needs is out there!
  11. ajprodie-cast wrote:
    The colors are just the rarity of the item. Purple being the "rarest" (although there are some orange drops, but these are mainly vault trinkets).
    You should be wearing PvE gear when doing PvE content. You can tell the difference between PvE gear and PvP gear because PvP gear gives you Defense and Toughness (which prevents damage you receive from players) and PvE gear only gives you Defense.
    GearEarning gear is the other way to improve your character post level 30. Every piece of better gear will improve the stats for your role. Aim for gear associated with your class. Gear can be earned by either dropping it (killing enemies and they drop it), or earning marks and buying it. Currently there are quite a few levels of gear in DC Universe Online for level 30 players and more will be coming. These are:

    PvE Gear
    Renown Gear – Renown gear is purchased from each wing of The Watchtower/Hall of Doom. It costs 1 Mark of Triumph per piece and is solely DPS gear. It is not advisable to purchase this gear, but instead save your marks for T1 gear. Once you have your T1 sets, you should buy this gear for the feats.

    Challenge Gear – Earned from completing Daily Challenges, enemies will drop it. This gear is “Level 30 Gear” and is the first step to getting your character geared. By completing every daily challenge once, you should have a full set of assorted level 30 gear, which will help you progress to your next challenge. Each challenge also has an “epic” rarity item which will drop from the end boss.

    Duos Gear – Earned by completing Duos, Duo gear is slightly better than challenge gear. By completing every Classic Duo once, you should have a full set of level 30 Duo Gear. This will help you progress to your next level of end game content. Just like challenges, every Duo Boss has an epic rarity item which will drop randomly.

    T1 Alert Gear – Earned by completing Alerts. Alert gear is again, slightly better than Duo gear. The major difference between Alert gear and Challenge/Duo gear is, gaining this gear will not help you progress to the next level of end game content. Instead, Alert Gear will help you complete alerts faster, helping you to earn Marks.

    Tier 1 Gear – Tier 1 Gear, or Iconic Armour is purchased with not only a small amount of cash, but also Marks of Triumph. Completing Challenges, Duos and Alerts will grant you MoT as a reward (1-2 for each challenge, 2 for each duo, 4-6 for each T1 Alert). Saving up these marks will enable you to purchase T1 gear which will get you ready for raids and other Tier 2 content. You can purchase 3 different sets of T1 Gear. One from each wing of the Watchtower/Hall of Doom. The stats are the same no matter which type your purchase, however you will get a feat for completing each style set. Once you have a full suit of T1 gear, you are ready to move onto the Tier 2 content. You will need 400 Marks of Triumph to purchase a full set of T1 Gear.

    Tier 2 Alert Gear – A step up from T1 Alert Gear, but not quite Tier 1 gear. Tier 2 Alerts are harder and therefore more rewarding than T1 Alerts. The gear in here is dropped from enemies. And again, there are epic weapons and gear that drop from the bosses.

    Tier 2 Raid Gear – Once you are ready, you can start to raid. Raid gear is slightly better than Tier 1 gear, but worse than T2 gear. Players refer to raid gear as Tier 1.5 because it is in between T1 and T2.

    Tier 2 Gear – After getting your T1 Gear, you can move onto the T2 content. Tier 2 Alerts and Raids. These will give you Marks of Distinction which you can use to purchase Tier 2 Gear. Tier 2 gear is better than Raid Gear (T1.5) and far better than T1 gear.

    Tier 3 Raid Gear – Earned from the Fortress of Solitude raids, there is now one full set of Tier 2.5 gear for each class. This gear is, just like T1.5 gear, the next stepping stone in your search for gear.

    Tier 3 Gear – Doing the FoS raids and the daily T2 Alert will earn you Marks of Krypton. This can be used to purchase T3 gear. T3 gear is slightly better than T2.5 and far better than T2 gear. Currently you can earn 30 MoK per week, so it can take you 3 months to earn a full set of T3 gear.

    PvP Gear
    There are three types of PvP gear to purchase.

    PvP Weapons – There are “tiered” weapons to purchase from PvP. These are some of the most powerful weapons in the game for PvP and do extra damage against players. They can be purchased for cash and marks.

    Blue PvP Gear – Purchased for straight cash from a vendor in your HQ, this gear should be bought straight away for PvP matches. Although it is not the best gear, it does grant toughness, which is a very useful stat for PvP

    Tier 1 PvP – Purchased using Influence. Influence is earned by killing other players. This can be purchased in each wing of your HQ.

    Tier 2 PvP – Purchased using Marks of Conquest. Marks of Conquest are earned by playing PvP matches (2 marks for winning, 1 for losing) and completing the player bounty quests. This gear is far superior to T1 PvP gear and can be purchased in the HQ.

    Two things to note about gear. Each type of gear (except renown) has a set for each role (Tank, Controller, Healer and Damager). It is advisable that you purchase the gear for your role first, and then move to another wing and purchase the Damager version. This way you can more easily alternate between your role and Damager. If you are a Damager, obviously buy the Damager gear first, then the one for your other role.

    The other, very important thing of note is, as you upgrade your gear, the information will show you how affect your stats. There will sometimes be red numbers in this upgrade. You should not avoid gear simply because it will grant you some negatives to your stats. The only things you should worry about are the stats that are relevant to your role.
  12. Wannabep wrote:
    This. And if you're interested in listening to other podcasts about dcuo theres Dcuo Unlimited, Dcuo Sourcecast and the Dcuo Show.
  13. Marcopolo177 wrote:
    Yepo, exactly. Those podcasts are all great as well ;)
    I promote the DCUO Book one because I run it.
    Also, the DCUO Book one is about how to play, rather than info on the game. A subtle difference..
  14. Wannabep wrote:
  15. I am finding these posts very helpful as well. Thanks to all.
  16. Wannabep wrote:
    Sorry for the double post but can you clarify something about this...
    I posted in another thread asking about Tier 2 PVP gear. I'm a little confused because yesterday I went to the Two-Face Vendor (Tech Wing of HoD / sells Deathstroke armor) and I could buy the gear with Influence (no other currency needed). I was confused because I thought Tier 2 PVP was purchased how you described, with Marks.
    But being able to purchase it with Influence and confirmed by Kwanger in the other thread made me think the means of purchase for T2 PVP gear had changed.

    T2 PVP gear is for sale elswhere and I'm just confused as ****.
  17. HIGH-DEF-JEFF wrote:
    Tier Gear is only purchasable using marks.
    Tier 1 PvP gear is purchased by using Influence (these are just another form of "mark")
    T2 PvP gear is purchased by spending Marks of Conquest.
    The gear you buy with money is not a Tier. This is where the majority of confusion comes in and it started from the old PvP Gear system where the gear you can buy for money now, used to need Influence. And the Influence Gear was bought using Conquest marks.
  18. Wannabep wrote:
    I was a day one player (but quit for many months) and yup....that's exactly how I remember it. Those display cases that housed the suits in each wing needed Marks, and it never seemed attainable to me. Now, to find the vendor that sells T2 PVP gear...if you know where they are and care to share, please do!

    Besides all that, a lot of questions I had were answered in the last hour here. Thanks a ton.
  19. Sorry man, no idea where anything is in the Hall of Doom.
    Conquest gear is in the Hall of Heroes in the Watchtower though =D

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