HELP with socket error 11004

Discussion in 'PC Technical Support' started by biblicos, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. biblicos New Member

    i logged into dc universe 1/24/14 and i was able to play easily but at mid night and still today i see socket error 11004 need help please
  2. OnceUponATime Well-Known Member

    Something is interfering with the connection. This is most commonly caused by your firewall or security software. Make sure that you have explicitly allowed the launchpad and game processes in all software that you have that could affect the game.
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  3. biblicos New Member

    Any ideas how i can fix that please
  4. biblicos New Member

  5. TSR-AlexS Customer Service

    The issue you are currently experiencing is commonly related to a caching issue with the game's launchpad. In order to possibly resolve this issue, go to your game's folder and find the launchpad.libs folder. From there, delete the launchpad.cache folder and try accessing the game once again.

    If this does not resolve your issue please reset your Internet options by following these instructions: Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Click the Advanced Tab. On the Advanced Tab Afterward click Reset > Delete Personal Settings > and click Ok. Then go back on the Internet Options and on the advanced tab, scroll down to Security and un-check "Check Server Certificate Revocation" and "Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk" then click on Ok.

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