Hive Defender Style

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-keelatay, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Anyone know where this style drops? I saw it listed as one of the new style feats. I would assume it is in HIVE related content but have not had a chance to confirm this yet.
  2. friend was asking me about this would like to know so i can tell him
    i thought it would be in oolong t2 alert but havent seen it
  3. Im pretty sure this is just a glitch in the update and this will be the style for the new T2 HIVE alert for update 4
  4. The only thing I've gotten in the Hive Defender style (and yes the style did drop for me) is in the LOA alert. They were dual pistols and the style of them is listed as Hive Defender and they look pretty nice.
    As far as any armor slots go, I've yet to see any of it drop anywhere.
  5. You'd think it would be a HIVE instance however, the Hive instances are too busy dropping Egyptian or Necromancer styles.
  6. Ruckuus wrote:
    Those pistols are old news.
    Scroll down and you will see them. I've had the style for months.

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