How do I submit a support ticket? and dont just post a link...

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-Ramez05, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. ok so i went to the appropriate website and made an account and now i cant seem to find a working link to fill out a support ticket. i keep gettin this message when i click on the dcuo link...

    We’re Sorry

    There appeared to be an error with the URL you were trying to get to. This location was outside of the Sony Online Entertainment network. You will be directed to the Account Management page in 10 seconds."

    and then it brings me to account management page and then im just confused even more. i tried it in different browsers and i still couldnt get it to work. what am i doing wrong? i finally have an issue worth puttin a support ticket and i cant figure it out.
  2. I go to: Then I click DCUO, then Tech Support, then open a support ticket. You do have to sign in with your account. I have rarely had it take me to the wrong page, sighting an error, but re-entering that url then takes me to the right page.
  3. ive actually pm'd every mod and admin thats been on today :/
  4. When I've gone through the link I stated, and did what I said, I've always got a response within 2 hours and had good follow on tech support. I've used it at least 5 or 6 times so far.
  5. Thoughtfulmoron wrote:
    HE SAID NO LINKS!!!!!! LRN2OBEY!!!!!

    Ramez05 wrote:
    Thats not how you open a ticket for in game support.
  6. Ramez05 wrote:
    Its cute that you think this support actually exists.
  7. about a month or so back there were two GMs on the server letting people know they exsisted. basically they if we had a problem we had to fill out a support ticket and they would get to it. i dont know if im just dumb or something but has anyone got it to work. i dont know if their system is down or something but im sad now because of this :/
  8. Thoughtfulmoron wrote:
    i dont know why the link isnt working for me. i still keep gettin the same message over and over again.
  9. Ramez05 wrote:
    I don't believe this. If "GM" was in their names, doesn't prove anything!! Granted I wasn't there, but I do not believe GM's exist on the PS3 version. The devs and certain people may have "GM powers" over the PS3 version, but I personally don't believe there are real GM's on the PS3, or that they will answer any support questions.

    We get screwed on not having GM's. My vote is for the brave soul that created a thread about it awhile back.

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