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  1. Disclaimer: I'm using this thread to more easily display information on my current pet project so I can work out the details with Impact. This is for collaborational purposes only - it's not meant to be a guide or a completed work.

    Base stats for a fully-specced player with full DPS t4 modded for all socket bonuses (excluding whatever Prec and Might you get from those mods - but including the Prec and Might you get from the socket affinities), a Runic 1h, and the mask from Gates: 1609 Might and 423 Prec
    PS. This is based off stats from full t4 - not Norseman. My Norseman pieces aren't DPS, so I didn't have stats for them.

    Stats from modding pure-Prec: 0 Might and 248 Prec
    Stats from modding pure-Might: 238 Might and 0 Prec
    Stats from modding Prec-Balanced: 114 Might and 200 Prec
    Stats from modding Might-Balanced: 190 Might and 120 Prec

    Stats from Might Promy Neck: 75 Might and 7 Prec
    Stats from Prec Promy Neck: 13 Might and 35 Prec

    Stats from Might Rings (x2): 122 Might and 10 Prec
    Stats from Prec Rings (x2): 22 Might and 54 Prec

    Stats from Ring Might Affinities (x2): 28 Might and 0 Prec
    Stats from Right Prec Affinites (x2) 0 Might and 28 Prec

    Stats from a Might Utility Belt: 69 Might and 6 Prec
    Stats from a Prec Utility Belt: 12 Might and 27 Prec

    Combinations of Gear:
    Pure Prec: Base Stats + pure-Prec mods + Prec neck + Prec Rings + Prec Affinities + Prec Belt = 815 Prec and 1656 Might
    Prec-Balanced: Base Stats + Prec-Balanced mods + Prec neck + Prec Rings + Prec Affinities + Prec Belt = 767 Prec and 1770 Might
    Hybrid: Base Stats + Prec-Balanced mods + Might neck + Might Rings + Prec Affinities + Might Belt = 674 Prec and 1989 Might
    Might-Balanced: Base Stats + Might-Balanced mods + Might neck + Might Rings + Might Affinities + Might Belt = 566 Prec + 2093 Might
    Pure-Might: Base Stats + pure-Might mods + Might neck + Might Rings + Might Affinities + Might Belt = 446 Prec + 2141 Might

    Equations for the Following Graph (in terms of 1 Prec = x Might):
    Pure-Prec: y = 815 + 1656x
    Prec-Balanced: y = 767 + 1770x
    Hybrid: y = 674 + 1989x
    Might-Balanced: y = 566 + 2093x
    Pure-Might: y = 446 + 2141x

    [Insert Graph at a later point, as it is currently not loading correctly.]

    Set each equation equal to the ones before and after it, and you'll get:
    Pure-Prec: x < 0.421
    Prec-Balanced: 0.421 < x < 0.425
    Hybrid: 0.425 < x < 1.038
    Might-Balanced: 1.038 < x < 2.5
    Pure-Might: 2.5 < x

    The x variable in the equations depends upon how much Prec and how much Might damage you do in your rotations, which in turn depends upon your powerset. Looking at the size of the various intervals, though, you can see that Prec-Balanced has a very narrow window where it is the optimal Prec - Might split to use.
    I'm currently calculating the Prec-Might split for the standard Gadgets rotation post-weapon nerf (Spin Chop > Fear Gas > Jump > Gauss Grenade, with Cryo-Field constantly active, the procs from Intimidation, and PIs from everything). On the PS3 Forum, I found base damage numbers for the various Gadgets powers in the "Go Go Gadget Guide," which are in turn based off a formula from the DCUO Book. However, I've found that this information is incomplete and in some cases inaccurate, which has forced me to do my own tests and re-calculate everything.
    I'm still working on getting a final number for this, but I suspect it will be within range of the Hybrid spec. That's how I'm currently geared, but I want to make sure it's the best way for me to be geared, given that I'm Gadgets atm.
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  4. what face piece did you use to calculate the base stats? Im fully modded with perfect affinity gear on eupc which puts me at 821 prec base but I have 2 peices norseman which is only +3 so subtracting that I would be at 818 prec
    edit: I use the Oan Tech Mask which is +3 prec over the Gates green face so thats where the extra came from.
    Noreseman Stats:
    Chest: 56 Prec and 120 Might, 2 Prec and 4 Might more then T4
    Legs: 56 Prec and 120 Might, 2 Prec and 4 Might more then T4
    Head: 52 Prec and 109 Might, 2 Prec and 3 Might more then T4
    Shoulders: 42 Prec and 90 Might, 2 Prec and 3 Might more then T4
    Hands: 33 Prec and 70 Might, 1 Prec and 2 Might more then T4
    Waist: 33 Prec and 70 Might, 1 Prec and 2 Might more then T4
    Feet: 33 Prec and 70 Might, 1 Prec and 2 Might more then T4
    Back: 37 Prec and 80 Might, 1 Prec and 3 Might more then T4
  5. I've completed similar work on the PS3-side...
    Calculations and spreadsheets...;topic_id=65394
    Damage Builds
    Damage Modding Results
    Power Modding Results
    Healing Modding Results
    I'd love to see how your technique and results may very, Good stuff!
  6. do you and impact cyber on skype?
  7. ObsidianChill wrote:
    What do you mean by "affinity" and "norseman" gear? im aware of certain gear having power affinities and interactional gear...but ive always seen them given a tier as well. it was my understanding that with the exception of the Helm of Omnipotence T4 gear was the best gear that is obtainable in the game.

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