How To: Change Your DCUO PC Server List!

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  1. All you need to do is follow these 5 steps... (just look for the little red boxes)

    Step 1: Click on the "US Servers" link next to the Version (in the lower left corner of your luncher)

    Step 2: Select "EU Servers" from the drop down menu box next to Version (this is in the screen that pops up in your luncher)

    Step 3: Allow the game to automatically scan your system, once it is complete click on the gray up arrow in the screen that popped up to close this screen.

    Step 4: Click "Update" and download the 2.1 MB file (this is basically downloading the new server list so your computer knows where its is looking for the names)


    Step 5: Click "Play" like normal and welcome to the EU Servers

    Notes: From what I can tell from switching the servers on my computer this will still allow you to see your characters on the other server groups (meaning I could still see my US toons when I had the EU list selected). I am not sure if you are able to log on them still because the US servers where down when I wrote this (someone try later and let me know [IMG]). Like I said before I was switching from US to EU, becuase I use US servers, it will work perfectly fine the other way! Also, I know this will work for the PC gamers, frankly I assume there is something similar for the PS3 gamers but someone who has it on PS3 would know better.

  2. I tested this morning patching to EU servers.
    The intial patch from US to EU servers was 5.5GB. The next time I switched, back from EU to US, the patch was 2.1 MB (as stated above).

    (Also I had problems reading your text, bad color and small font.=) )

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