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  1. The description that was provided by SOE in no way explains how to do or use R&D, so for all of you out there who were like me and completely confused on where "Plans" go, what to do with "ExoBits", how to make/use an "ExoByte", confused what an "Interface" is, how to make a "Mod", and finally how to use a "Mod" … then this post is for you.


    When welcomed to the world of R&D (Level 10) you will be given plans to create ExoBytes… but contrary to the language used in that process, you do not actually have any ExoBytes yet.
    You need to "use" the items you got from the intro in order to get everything ready, but you can't do anything until you collect some "ExoBits"

    Hunt around the cities for "ExoBits" (glowing stations like the collections question marks) until you have enough of them to make an ExoByte (8 of the same color for this example).

    Once you have enough ExoBits to create an ExoByte, goto an R&D area and buy two things from the Vendor in that area:
    - An equipment interface
    - The plans for what you would like to enhance
    Make sure the interface you purchase is of the same type of plans you buy.
    For example, an Alpha interface is needed with Alpha plans, Beta with Beta, etc.
    Once purchased, "Use" those plans to add them to your collection.

    Goto the R&D booth and select the ExoByte you would like to create. It will show you how many ExoBits are needed. When you "create" (the square button) then an ExoByte will be created and dropped into your inventory.

    Now you can goto you plans and use your freshly created ExoByte with your brand new interface to create a MOD.
    When you do this, the ExoByte and the Interface will be used up (and a new one will need to be purchased to create another MOD), but the plans you purchased can be used many times.
    So you created a MOD and now it is dropped into your inventory.

    Look through your weapons and armor to find one that has a socket the same color of MOD you just created. e.g. red MODS go into red sockets.
    You can put MODS in different color sockets, but that is a waste since you get added benefits of keeping it color coded.

    To add a MOD to a socket, you need to un-equip the item, "move" the MOD from it's position in the inventory to the item you want to add it to(in the inventory). This will drop it into the socket on the item. Then you can re-equip the item.


    Yeah…. Lots of steps (for what I can tell or goggle) completely undocumented from our overlords at SOE.
    That will get you started.
    There are tons of variations and plans options, and other interesting things to do and create, but this gets the process started.

    Hopefully, we can learn more about "types" and what to do with salvaged parts, etc on this thread.

  2. Most of this is common sense IF you have played WoW or DDO, I think. However, thanks for the concise explanation!

    Now, if I could only figure out what to do with the soder cola enhancers... :(
  3. cool can't wait to try this once I get back to staying at my house bought the lightning strike DLC but can't play DCUO right now since I'm helping my aunt out and have to stay at her place for now
  4. MrFester69420 wrote:
    yeah but I never played wow and this is my first mmo so this guide helps people like me
  5. MrFester69420 wrote:
    Prior MMO experience isn't a prerequisite to play this game. Soder Cola enhancers are used with soder cola plans to create new colas with various stat boosting effects.
  6. Does this in anyway change your CR? I'm stuck at 38. It seems to raise the CR of the "item" or "armor" ; but not my actuall CR. Is something wrong?
    & a big thanks for this.

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