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  1. Anyone have any luck with hybrid builds? Just curious if anyone has info or opinions on a non-traditional setup.
  2. I made a hybrid build but it was for a Controller. It works well though I'll probably get kicked out of raids often if I don't lie about my Vit.
    I'll try out a hybrid build for tanks though. Earth Golem Tanking seems to be the easiest to adjust for this purpose IMO.
  3. EvilJohnny wrote:
    What exactly do ou mean by hybrid build? Using all the same powers in both DPS and Tank Stance?
  4. soulburn32 wrote:
    Going half dps gear / half role gear, equipping a couple of dps gear and the rest role gear, or adding dps oriented mods to role gear.
  5. EDIT* Removed load out. Just noticed you're earth.

    Never fails. There's too many of those tanks out there that use a power and immediately blocks for ages for nothing. It's annoying even as a healer. They're also always the one's who are third or second to last damage out. I'm usually just right behind the third DPS's damage out or just make third if I'm in a bad group. Happy tanking
  6. Well I dont have a mix of gear on my Ice Tank but I do a good amount of damage as I am also usually in 4th place for damage out in raids. My secret is I'm not blocking the whole time but instead letting my shields, my knock up/away, or healers keep me alive as I sit there and use my weapon to deal damage, stun, and have some of my powers giving DOTs. I always make my tanking role job come first but I refuse to sit there and block weak adds or damage from higher adds or bosses that I know my own powers will make me survive.
    All in all I have my powers/abilities do both tanking and damage at the same time.
  7. Ice is probably the easiest class to go hybrid tank with for pve. Use tank gear but mod it with precision.
  8. sithlordquas wrote:
    Why is a blocking Tank annoying?
    What if the Tank is working on the same set of tier gear as the content they are running? What if the Healers/Controllers/DPS's are not good? What if there are multiple hard-hitting adds surrounding the Tank?
    While there is nothing wrong with a Tank doing damage, there is also nothing wrong with a Tank "turtling" either...a Tank's main job is to maintain enemy aggro, survive all battles, take as much damage as possible, and provide CC immunity to teammates...worring about what spot on the damage scorecard a Tank is, should be the least of their priorities
  9. recespieces31 wrote:
    My main toon is a tank and has been forever (2011) and I'm on board with Tanks not just pulling aggro and blocking constantly. A good tank knows when to pull, when to block, when to use his shields, when to crowd control, etc. Its not all about blocking which a lot of very bad tanks do. If the tanks are blocking because they are indeed being health drained then its fine but when the adds are knocked down, your full health, and everything seems to be going smoothly then the Tank shouldn't be holding block just because he pulled aggro 10 seconds ago. I compare blocking tanks to healers that spam heals when the entire group is at full health already.
  10. Seeing as how all the other hybrids are Tank/DPS, I decided to make mine a Tank/Troll hybrid. I did that by modding and speccing for Vit rather than Might and/or Precision, plus I run the Halloween Controller Trinket since it has no role restriction as well as a couple of high Vit lockbox Rings. When it comes to actually giving power out, I prefer using Speed Drain since its an instant cast that also gives DoTs to all surrounding enemies, thus helping me maintain aggro. To help with the number of times I can use Speed Drain, I also run the FoS3 Tank Neck piece that makes my Supercharge go up faster.
  11. EvilJohnny wrote:
    There are 2 thoughts about hybrids, some think is a half set for each role and share in 1 loadout both roles powers, i think that stink and is a waste of slot imo, for me be a build hybrid is just be able to switch roles and gear at any time without haver to re-spec.
    My fire is hybrid 100% of times i never re-spec, my dps loadout fireburst-meteor-FW-inferno-inmolation (cheap power for clipping when use melee weapon)-last slot SC or another aoe power of my choice.
    My tank loadout enflame-backdraft-BD-BO-tornado pull/fashpoint-reignition. With over 110 sp is very easy get every dps innate so you do your top damage when play as DPS, also can fill every dom and health innate to increase the health in tank role.
  12. recespieces31 wrote:
    Re read my post. Some block for nothing when they could be killing things. Bad group? stop pugging or leave your league. I could care less about damage on the scoreboard, I'd rather just get through the raid faster.
  13. The idea I am running with is to run in DPS role with Tank/DPS gear. I want to get my defense and health up to tank standards, while keeping my might and precision pretty high as well.
  14. EvilJohnny wrote:
    For your earth guy I guess?

    I have run gates with my dps clipping mele loaodut before and it went just fine. I tried to run gates in my dps gear and did fine untill the last boss, ended up having to switch back to tank gear but prolly could of finished it in dps gear.

    Honestly if your looking for something fun to tank with I would just run your DPS loadout while tanking and in tank gear with skillpoints spent for DPS.
  15. soulburn32 wrote:
    For my Wolverine. I'm mostly wondering if having the tank stats built up in DPS is do-able.
  16. EvilJohnny wrote:
    If you're in dps role, even with full T4 tank gear and every dps innate, you still wont notice an increase in survivability. You'll still be squishy as ever and it'll just take more hits to get an enemy down. Assuming you're talking about PvE...

    Edit: Same goes for tank innates.

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