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  1. whats your loadout.
  2. ice bash, hibernation, reflection, winter ward, wintery tempest, bitter winds
  3. not really what i would use as a dps build personally

    FrostBlte on KJ
    IceBash- Frost Blast- Resonating Gale- Reflection- Blizzard- impaling ice

    frost blast is the name i think, the one before impaling ice

    reflection is good to cast before every assault imo, frost blast is good for most mob situations, resonating gale for the others, impaling ice for heavy mobs or bosses.. Ice bash is good if you just need an extra tick and the slight damage boost
  4. dragonstorm wrote:
    I don't think I'll have much success with that loadout.

    However with this one, I dish out some decent damage: Ice Bash, Inescapable Storm, Bitter Winds, Reflection, Cold Snap.

    Dished out around 326k damage on AA. That might be normal for DPS on that level though.

    Also, you could replace Inescapable Storm with something else if you'd like. I mainly use it for fliers or runners in PvP.

    how about this with the load out of

    Ice bash, reflection, cold snap, bitter winds, inescapable storm and winter ward

    i generally like winter ward for when im in groups to help everyone out the points taken out of everything else was put more into iconic powers to boost up stats
  6. dragonstorm wrote:
    That looks much more like a Tank loadout then a DPS one. The only difference between that one and my tank loadout is Ice Elemental instead of Ice Bash.
    The above works as a DPS loadout for DUO's or solo content, but for DPS in Alerts or Raids you are going to want something else. Dont really need Coldsnap or Inescapable Storm.
  7. dragonstorm wrote:
    Ice bash is good but last for too short a period... I have the same as above but instead of Ice Bash i have Ice Elemental. Elemental has saved me many times
  8. If your going DPS - bitter winds seems to be broken. Other wise I'd say use it all the way.
    Personally, for dps I like:
    Storm Pull, Freezwave, Reflect, Icebash, (BW), Ice Elemental
    Right now using winter ward instead of BW.
  9. KyGamer wrote:
    Im serrious, use this! Ice bash isnt really necessary, but honestly, i havent found another move that i would spend the power points to get to... get the iconic crit damage, and chance, plus the vit-power.. you can talk the super strength or anything else you want
  10. I don't use anything but Reflection mixed with/Heat Vision/Sonic Shout/Whirling Dervish/a health regen skill I forget/Neo Venom Boost and I have hit 130,000 damage in the hive Instance
  11. Lot of crap builds here, I'm ice dps with MA and 5 t2 and I use bitterwinds,neovenom,icebash, that 50% superchargedps spell,reflection and resonating gale.
    There arent alot of possibilitys with ice, if u look at the fire dps there are more spells that have 60% damage increase and all of the ice 60% have casting time. So we are left with resonating gale and winterward and you can really only choose either one.
    Winterward was better before they nurfed it but now I find resonating gale better for putting me higher on the dps list but I cant compete with those fire dps, specially since I'm melee.

    So here is what I do, I have have 150% crit chance trinket from Arkham,
    I activate neovenom, rightaway after that icebash this cancels the animation on neovenom, trinket, 50% supercharge and straight to attack this cancels the animation on the supercharge but the damage still comes. Then I just spam the throwing attack with MA (hold triangle3x)
    This nuke does alot of damage but since it uses 50% supercharge it can only be used 2x at bosses and couple of times through a raid.
    Fire has a simuilar skill as 50% which u can also cancel animation but costs no supercharge.

    Inacablestorm and coldsnap are useless for dps
  12. what does bitter winds do half the time i use it it doesnt even work
  13. i would also like to know what would be good for pure pvp because at this point i dont do bad ....but its not fantastic
  14. what is the ice power that causes ice to come up out of the ground for a short persiod of time? it looks like blizzard but not as strong and isnt a supercharge
  15. ONSColdShadow wrote:
    thanks, i needed that.
  16. By no means will I come on here and tell everyone what the ultimate loadout is, it's verymuch done to style of play.
    I personally prefer to damage multiple targets to clear mobs so i run with:
    Ice Bash - Snowball - Frost Blast - Wintry Tempest - Reflection - Blizzard (50% supercharge)
    Recently Blizzard replaced hibernation as the league raids i run the healers can handle it and Wintry Tempest replaced impaling ice as it can effect multiples unlike impaling ice, also the cast animation can curently be cancelled.
    Snowball is there just to aid in triggering ice armour.
  17. Glacier wrote:
    blizzard is 100% isnt it?

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