Immolation vs Ignition Choosing one power tree over the other

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  1. I was looking at the power trees as a Fire tank....
    Is there any benefit from going straight one power tree over the other?
    I took some from each and looking at this perspective, I am wondering if I may have gimped myself a bit. I am sure there is plenty of power points to pick up some powers from both the trees, but is it wiser to go with just one skill tree instead of splitting my power points among the two trees?
  2. Firelord wrote:
    there is no negative with going with the two trees unless you spent to many points and wanted to get another ability in the other. buy whatever you like and feel will go with your play style the best.
  3. I was looking at push and pull abilities for tanking. I calculated that it would take approximate 12 power pts to be able to have both abilities...... I have one iconic: 1 power point...... and then some of the advanced tier powers 3+ pts per power average of 2 powers (up to 6 pts) and maybe if I have enough power points maybe 2 -3 passive iconic powers. 2-3 more points.
    If my caculations are correct with my present loadout, I have already aquired 6 points worth of powers.
    That is a total of 17 - 20 power points. Am I going to be able to acquire that many points.
    How many power points does a player have access to by level 30?
    I am not concerned with the skill points because I am level 13 and already not sure what to spend my points last 2 points on.
  4. Firelord wrote:
    Players have 15 Power Points by Level 30. They cannot gain any more until more content is released that otherwise allows it.
    Players always have at least 15 Skill Points by Level 30. As everyone knows, you gain more by getting Feat Points. 100 Feat Points = 1 Skill Point.
  5. So it would definitly be a challenge to get what I want exactly. I could get all the powers I want from both trees respectfully but I would miss out on getting much of a stat bonus power.
  6. It wouldn't be a challenge it would be impossible. 15 points is all you get.
    I would not try and go very far down in both trees. Just focus majority into one and take some flavor from the other.
    Also to make up for not having all the best attack powers from flame ( only get 6 powers active on your bar nd if your tanking 2 minimum should be heals ) do what I did. Blast through feats like nobodies business. I left the starting dungeon ( braniac invasion ship ) with 3 skill points and needing 15 feat points for my fourth.
    These will allow you to have a ton of weapon powers and then at 9 you can get a ton of movement powers.

    WARNING : many of the movement powers are pure junk. Dive bomb is the worst of these. however some are great for tanking and controling groups. The flight power that flies you around in a circle sucking up enemies and damaging them and knocking them down is not a must have but close to it.
  7. I did a respec last night after a couple days of messing around on the boards and after an instance at area 51.
    I found that Detonate didn't do what I had hoped and I found myself using more of my immolition powers more often aside from Fireball. Not having any real heal powers except for volcanic Calamity (cool power by the way) (100% charge up) I got toasted pretty good. several times by the bosses and almost by the mob I had aggroed. So I went in and picked up a better immolition set with just Fireball on the ignition side. I also used my 2 points of skills to add the whirlwind movement ability where I fly in circles just to check it out and added another hand blaster power. I found that charging into melee I would blast with the handblasters until I got close for melee. Then start out with Fireball. Before I logged out I respeced so I haven't had the chance to test my new load out but I have picked up 2 self heals, (Reignition being one and I can't remember the other) I want to be able to heal before the 100% mark just in case my healer is low on power or is busy. Or I instance in on an alert and get put in a group without one. (happened twice)
  8. on immolation something I like to do with detonate is drop a meteor or two and use detonate for some AOE action I am sad that detonate doesn't blow up canisters but it gets you a minor heal and extra damage if you managed to burn enemies with the meteor
  9. I was kinda wondering the same thing. So let me get this right, you get a total of FIFTEEN points to spend in (if you're fire) Immolation and Ignite? What about the points spent in Idolic Powers and Flight and Combat/Weapon skills? Also, which of the fire trees are for tanking and which would be for DPS? Because it would seem I may need to revamp my tree to one or the other based on my style of play
  10. Capt_Obvious210 wrote:
    You get 15 power points no matter who you are or what you want to do. :)
    Use em wisely.
  11. You get 15 power points to distribute between Immolation/Ignition/Iconic Powers
    You get between 15 and 30 skill points to spend between Weapon and Movement skills.
    You cannot use skill points to buy powers or vice versa.

    Both fire trees have tanking and DPS abilities. Immolation is more focused on melee/short range, Ignition is more about ranged abilities.

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