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  1. Hi all,
    I just wanted to let the DCUO community know about our little project. Wife and I both loved playing DCUO in the beta and continued doing so with release. We kind of made a game out of finding all the player Briefing and Investigation markers throughout Gotham and Metropolis and noticed that some of these are very hard to find. We therefore decided to create a web site with all the Investigations and Briefings we encountered in the game and screenshots attached to all collection items. The site is located at . We are manually inserting all of these so not all collections are there, but we insert new ones daily as we play and discover more. Our hope is that the DCUO community will find this to be a valuable resource.

    Here's a list of investigations we have collected so far and any help for steps that are missing is welcome:

    Area 516/6
    Arkham Unleashed: Episode 16/6
    Arkham Unleashed: Episode 26/6
    Beginning of The End Episode 16/6
    Big Belly3/4
    Brainiac Incursion4/4
    Brainiac Incursion (Gotham/Burnley)4/4
    Gorilla Island4/4
    Gotham Now!3/4
    Gotham's Gang War: Episode 16/6
    Gotham's Gang War: Episode 26/6
    Legacy of Krypton Episode 16/6
    Legacy of Krypton Episode 26/6
    Metro Transit1/4
    Punchline: Episode 16/6
    Punchline: Episode 26/6
    Sins of the Father: Episode 15/6
    Sins of the Father: Episode 47/7
    Survival of the Fittest Episode 16/6
    Til Death Do Us Part: Episode 12/6
    University of Gotham4/4
    University of Metropolis4/4

    Against the HIVE6/6
    Cadmus Research Findings5/5
    Confiscated Arcanum3/6
    Crystalline Soul Fragments1/6
    Enigmatic Puzzles6/6
    Falcone's Finest6/6
    Gorilla Bomb Components6/6
    Gorillatech Schematics6/6
    Hall of Doom Holographic Tokens4/4
    LexCorp Genome Database7/7
    Oaths of Light1/8
    Pernicious Pictures6/6
    Power Armor Integration Circuits6/6
    Rose By Any Other Name6/6
    Simalien Technology5/5
    The Doctor Is In5/5
    The Precipice of Fear6/6
    Twisting the Titans6/6
    Viva la Lucha Libre6/6
    Watchtower Holographic Tokens4/4
  2. I found this site with a google search night because I was having a problem find one ivestigation site. Very useful for those who are fustrated in running around unsuccessfully.
  3. I just know my gf will use this to death! LOL She loves 'exploration badges', and all those shiny things from the 'other' games. DCUO will be no different. Cheers for this!
  4. Can you track where you currently sit with these in the feat menu somewhere? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  5. Very Nice!!! I have found a few that you don't have, how could I contribute to the site?
  6. This looks great, its nice to see the community making these kind of stuff, keep it up! =)
  7. Thank you for this resource! it is just what i was looking for!
  8. Thank you!! I love looking for these ! & ? during the game.
  9. I have been waiting for someone do this. I am sure that many others will appreciate it as well. Great work!!!
  10. AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH.
  11. I swear I just got goosebumbs! THANK YOU!!!!
  12. twolow-24 wrote:
  13. Thanks for this great website
  14. twolow-24 wrote:
    yes if u hit I to bring up your equipment menu then click the trophy it'll be under player briefings under that tab. You can also see if your missing any investigations and such as well.
  15. found this topic and your site while searching the forums, just finished off all my investigations for gotham and metro, thanks man
  16. I love just wandering around with my flyer looking for the icons.
    GQs are to me like candy is to James Woods. lol I'll drop whatever I'm doing and streak for a GQ just to make sure I get it. BEs I'll stop for also if I see them around. GEs I'll actually wait until I'm questing in the area to get because of how they tie into the actual quests in that area.
    I'm still amazed at the scope of the cities so I tend to do alot of random exploring. I thought a flyer would be best for it, but now that my acrobat has Assisted Glide I've been having fun riding the drafts around the city and swooping on icons that I see. =)
  17. Great stuff. Thank you OP!
  18. I had also found this via Google whilst looking for the final 'LexCorp Genome Database' & was getting rather frustrated.

    I would just like to say how much your site has now helped me complete a few Investigations & thank you for taking the time & making the effort.

    Hope you get it all catalogued soon, I am still missing a few in Gotham.

    Thank You
  19. Thank you very much for this site. I believe poster 1989 also had many threads regarding the investigations and briefings. Thanks to everyone who help. Cheers
  20. Mikro -
    You just got added to my sig...thanks for this!

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