Is this helmet in game; Gotham SCU

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by SuperBell, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. SuperBell Well-Known Member

    I could have sworn I've seen it before, but I checked my main and don't have it and can't find any info on the web. The belt, too.

  2. TrueMarvel Well-Known Member

    Dead space is the 1st thing that comes to mine. It must be in that game
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  3. neptunesBeard Well-Known Member

  4. PrimedKrypton Active Member

    yea i believe the steelworks scraps collection gives you that helmet. I'm close to getting mines.
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  5. ObsidianChill Well-Known Member

    don't know about thee belt off hand but that Helmet is the reward from the Steelworks Scraps Collection called the SCU Helmet
  6. DEATHbyLIGHT Active Member

    for all your collection, briefings, and investigations...

    They list the reward and how/where to get it.
  7. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    Yep Steelworks Scraps collection

    Farmed the area every single day for over a year to get that helmet and I didnt wear it for more than 3 days.
  8. SuperBell Well-Known Member

    ohh, is it that rare? I didn't see the Acoustium Casing on the broker. Three others were about $23,000 and the last two were $2000.
  9. PrimedKrypton Active Member

    dang 1 year...i bought the whole collection off someone for i think 1 mill & 2 stacks of red. He was shouting for hours for red stacks lol/
  10. EzioNight Active Member

    I have that head and the belt I'm 99% sure you can't get but its cool looking.
  11. DarkSyde79 Well-Known Member

    The whole outfit is in-game minus the belt.
  12. TheLoneLantern Well-Known Member

    That site currently has a nasty virus on it, so I highly advice you not to surf it right now.
  13. SuperBell Well-Known Member

    Actually, they updated it on the 21st. It's clean now.
  14. OMAAR Well-Known Member

    I had such high hopes when I farmed that helmet.

    Problem is that it looks too large/disproportionate to your body, I ended up not using it.
  15. DEATHbyLIGHT Active Member

    ^ doesn't really look good on sparks. Brute looks good since hes basically a fat guy with a tiny head
  16. Greenman_x Well-Known Member

    Not that rare anymore...the second I found the acoustium casing I found about 12 more in the following 2 was my go to when the money glitch was still around

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