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  1. How do I get the Jester style?
    I know from this wiki that I can get the style items from briefings, but which ones?
  2. I don't remember all of them, but the chest comes from the Depths of Arkham briefings. Possibly the hardest, rarest, least spawninest collection in game. So if you want it, get farming or be get around a billion dollars ready.
    Here's a good site for finding clickies:

    Sorry, just checked and I was wrong, Jester chest is Gotham underbelly meta collection so you need the Depths of Asylum collection, No Man's Land (all the gang patches) and also Joker's trick card collection
  3. A fan site called DCUO Source used to have an amazing blue/green/gold thread including reward but it has disappeared. Hopefully someone in the new population will be inspired to create something similiar.
  4. I love that site helped me out when i first started ... sad to say I know where 95% of the spawn locations are off by hart @@
    Stupit Brain always learning
  5. Karmapolice wrote:
    Thanks. The site looks really helpfull!
    Anyone know which collections I need to complete to get the other jester pieces, apart from the chest?
  6. I have the whole colection, but I prefer Harleys Hat over the Jester head item.
    Took me awhile but I finally famed all the pieces...the Chest is the last one to get which requires farming the Arkham collection on Arkham has horrible spawn points, and lots of competition. Expect to be farming it for a few weeks for this one, hanging out on the Island for long hours...unless you want to buy on the AH for millions (you will end up with dups that you can sell if you need the cash to buy others...I got lucky and didn't have to buy any).
  7. That style is very neat
  8. Also, there is the Comprehensive Style Locator List thread
    Jester Head - Full House Bounty
    Jester Shoulders - University of Gotham Briefing
    Jester Chest - Gotham's Underbelly [Master Collection]
    Jester Back - Arkham Unleashed: Episode 3 Briefing
    Jester Hands - Gotham Fans Collection
    Jester Waist - Stagg Stop Maps Collection
    Jester Legs - Penguin Umbrellas Collection
    Jester Feet - Arkham Unleashed: Episode 1 Briefing
  9. rom101 wrote:
    What face make up is that? it's not the freaky clown, is it?

    Aliti wrote:
    Thanks to both of you! Now I know what I'll be doing tonight.
  10. LiquidFire wrote:
    It's the clown face item that you can get while creating a toon or from the vendor in the HQ.

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