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  1. I hit 30 the other day and didn't get the JLA emblem after saving Superman from Lex and being inducted into the JLA. I thought I did something wrong so I shrugged it off. Well last night I was sitting next to my roommate when he completed the quest line. He wasn't even able to select the JLA emblem for a quest reward.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  2. The same thing happened to me as well.
  3. Same here. showed up as an option but was unselectable via both interfaces (controller and keyboard mouse).
    Did a quick logout/login, same thing.
  4. I had the same problem. I was trying to select it (since the other item wasn't something I wanted/needed/or could use), but couldn't get it. I got the other item instead; I suppose I clicked wrong. But it seems like there's more to then my own click-fail.
  5. I had this issue with the Society Emblem on the villain side, had the option of 3 emblems or a necklace, couldn't pick the emblems though so was stuck with a necklace...
  6. Yeah, seems to be glitched. My theory is that the mission wasn't actually a "choose one or the other" reward, but actually a "give you multiple items" reward, and since every single mission I've seen thus far except that one gives you only one reward, whatever system they set up to give multiple must be glitched or half-finished.
    Hopefully they'll retroactively give the emblem to everyone who finished that mission when they get it fixed.
  7. Same problem here. I went to click it and it wouldn't select. In fact it looked like both of them were selected.
  8. DetroitDefender wrote:
    You ruined the ending for me
  9. I'd recommend filing an in-game ticket from the help site. They can at the very least tell us what's going wrong there, and possibly they can restore those items to you.
  10. Phew, I was worried that I was the only one.
  11. Anybody fill out a help ticket yet? I'm about to login and do that. Will keep you posted. The worst that can happen is... absolutely nothing. So why not try?
  12. I'll put a ticket in too, let you all know how it goes.
  13. ARCHIVED-DC Guest

    any word yet from SOE?
  14. I'm curious to see what happens with that ticket, I want my JLA emblem :(
  15. I heard back from support. The JLA emblem is a known issue. They're not handing them out now, but they asked for patience; I will be receiving it.
    Here's the reply... I took out the GM's name in case... I'm supposed to.
    Greetings Defiance!

    This is GM XXXXXXXXX at your service. I am sorry to inform you that the Justice League Emblem is currently a known bugged issue. We will not be giving them out at this time. Please be patient and you will get your emblem. If you have any questions I will be leaving this petition open for the next 72 hours for your convenience.

    Thank you for your patience and your understanding.

    Game Master XXXXXXX
    DC Universe/EverQuest In-Game CSR
    Sony Online Entertainment, L.L.C.
  16. I was told of a work around to actually getting the emblem from Superman. Before you go to talk to him to finally get the item and emblem, relog and then speak to him and you should be able to get the items you should be given.
    I was told this by a player ingame, but I can't confirm if this actually works. I'll try it with my healer when I finally get him to level 30.
  17. You get it automatically. I don't know why they have you select because you get both. In your emblems it's like the shooting star but the 'rays' go upward.
  18. I was unable to get it as well. Was going to put in a ticket, but it doesn't seem to do any good either way. Here's hoping they mass mail them to us later. :)
  19. Seive wrote:
    That's probably a good solution. Are villains facing the same problem?
  20. I experienced the same issue last night, but I held off from choosing anything, logged to the character screen, logged back in, and the emblem became available to me as the mission reward.

    My beef, though, is that the emblem doesn't even show on either the Archangel-, Angelic-, or Trench Coat-styled chestpieces. Essentially, it feels pointless for me to even have bothered getting it in the first place.

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