Joker Level 30 Mentor Mission

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  1. Now, I've done all 3 level 30 mentor mission and this is the only one that gives me fits. I've only beaten it once. But the Batman one, no problem, Lex/Superman, piece of cake, Circe/Wonder Woman, easy as pie but this one...after getting KO's 4 times I decided to call it a day. So, what are the strategy's to beating this one?
  2. This is not easy as a fresh 30 or t1 due to the running around you have to do with the computer and ads. It is a piece of cake if you group with people who need this mission to get the feat. You most likely need the feat for not getting KO'd and not using sodas and supercharge so it is a win win.
  3. But this is the only level 30 mentor mission that's this difficult. The Superman/Lex one's are the easiest mostly because the environment is so wide and there are about 10 healing barrels all over the place that respawn but I never needed more than maybe 2 healing barrels. The Circe/WW mission is easy as well because in the final area you have both Circe and WW helping you fight the adds and afterward, fighting Circe is about as easy as fighting Dr. Psycho in challenge mode. The Batman mission is tough but it too has a larger environment and more healing barrels that respawn. The problem I had with this one was after initially using the healing barrels, even after getting KO'd they didn't respawn. Worse yet, I thought I had it when I was able to get to Joker's kiosks and the defense system took out the ads but with no healing barrels and the extreme soders only giving me about 600HP, I was a gonner not to mention my powers were utterly useless.
  4. Sounds like a job for soder cola mark 30s
  5. Rockhound6165 wrote:
    Just do a shout for someone looking needing the joker mission. There has got to be at least one or a couple peple needing the feat. You should be able to beat it easily. It is challenging to be it solo without T1 seriously. The other mentor missions are cake.
  6. My main is Joker mentored and I've only done the mission once as well, and that was when I was at near full t1. It is the only one that seems to not have any healing barrels respawn ever. That there are only 2 healing barrels in there to begin with is another issue. what I did was run around real quick when setting off the computers, then hid in a a side chamber with one of the blue tokens until the security system had taken out most of everything. Use sodas when you can, and stay ranged and moving for the whole battle.
  7. Sheer luck to be honest. I did it as a gadget character so had my drone and turret take aggro as I spammed the computer. The hard part is that the resto barrels are too sparce and every now and then, Robot Joker spazzes out and resets by the door. Just keep plugging away at it, saving the resto barrel for when you have to access the terminal.

    What class you playing? There might be a spell that can keep them occupied long enough for you to use the computer.
  8. Manukai wrote:
    I'm doing it as a mental DPS. The real annoying thing is that when you enter Arkham, the robot Joker is damaging you before the cut scene is over so you're down about 10-15% health before firing off your first shot. A lot of the mental powers are useless on RJ and the only respite you get is when the Joker goons come around but they don't last long. I want to do this on my own but I'm probably going to have to do a shout but does anyone know a reason why this is the hardest one?
  9. Try doing it when we were getting an almost nightly glitchfest. Get knocked out at the end and respawned on the other side of the door & it won't open but you can see the Jokerbot going nuts inside. Or you try to warp back to the satellite & you're falling through space.
    Don't know but I did it w/o any armor and solo. Just got to keep track of when it will do different events in that area and get close to objectives (like computers). It is a challenge but worth it in the end.
  10. endorwdw wrote:
    Yeah I got stuck outside of the last room before too. I tried going to the satellite and come back in but it wouldn't reset. Had to do the level all over. That last room is hard because of all the adds piling on, but I got through it after a few tries.
    One question, you can bring people into these solo missions? I think I read that some would group and then invite in others to their solo mission, can you do that?
  11. LDTheNextLegend wrote:
    I've done it for others who needed my help with the Wonder Woman missions(my main) and Superman missions(my hero alt).
  12. Its the hardest one because of the possible drop you can get close to the end.
    Brainiac Joker's Malevolent Mask

    read for yourself on a tickit I put in.

    Hi, Senior SOE GM Deodan here, thanks for waiting as we handle our petition queue.

    Just to let you know here: GMs are not supposed to give out game hints and clues. Now having said that, I'm pretty sure this item has been out for awhile, so after spending some time infiltrating many of Gotham's sites, I'll just tip you that; "they do experiments there" and "your teacher in school might have given you these for actually doing your homework".

    I hope this helps!

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    Customer ###### soe via CSS Web 09/11/2011 08:11 AM
    Can you please tell me where this drops i have read forms high and low. I know it under batman mentor or joker and must be lvl 30, but confused to if its to.morrow lab or star labs in gothom..who dose it drop off of? causer in dcuo database its the onlhy iconic that dose not show. plz plz plz help

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