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  1. Ok so I only need the head in the Kabuki style to complete my feat. No joke, been running duos like mad every day to find this helmet with no luck. Did they stop dropping or something? Anyone know anywhere else they might drop?
  2. Here says they drop from Duo bosses. I have a few pieces but am missing the head as well. Thanks for this post!
  3. Ok I'll keep looking. Found a site that states it specifically drops in Gorilla Grods Lab Duo. After almost a month of running the lab I feel like I'm playing Planet of The Apes lol
  4. I saw one drop during the Grodd duo a few days ago; first time I'd ever seen it, though. The name was somewhat misleading to my sleep-addled brain and the loot scroll hadn't been fixed yet, so I passed on it! NOOO! )': Haha.
  5. I'm looking for it too. It's ridiculous if thats the only place it drops. I must've run that duo 30 times. Never saw it.
  6. It does indeed drop in the Grodd duo, dont know if it's hero only or not (I'm hero side). Was a blue boss drop, and in all the runs i've done since release, that was the only time i saw it and fortunately for me, i won it. It was of Shorty (?), the first guy you fight.
  7. I just picked up the head TODAY...but not from Grodd. I got it off of Lex Luthor in the STAR Labs challenge mission.
  8. I just got the LEGS, which completed the style for me from the Penguin Duo. I'm not sure if it was in the weekly loot box or if the Penguin dropped it though....sorry.
  9. I scored the head from one of the villain T3 single player challenges last night. I'm thinking it was the one with eclipso, bottom one on the list. (my rememberer is broken - sorry)
  10. itll come from solos. i finished the whole set in solos after update 18. the duo thing was from before update.
  11. Twist4psn wrote:
    Mustave been the box, never seen the boss drop anything other than split styles
  12. luthia wrote:
    some do come from weekly award. some just drop. got a piece... shoukders i think... from pengbot max.
  13. kikinguy2112 wrote:
    That's exactly where it drops. I used to have it in my Style topic but I'm out of room : /

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