Larfleeze spawn camping = griefing

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  1. I see alot of players standing in certain known locations waiting for Larfleeze to spawn. It is ironic some of them are players that are against griefing but this form of griefing is acceptable by their standards.
  2. Bulbasaur_ICHOOSEYOU wrote:
    Is this why I can't find Larfreeze in Gotham?
  3. Wut? Why is it griefing, if they are trying to spot Larfleeze for a feat? You can only do it once per day, anyway.
  4. Ummm isn't there like 50 spots he spawns in:\.
    Pro Tip for new guys - What did last year is I'd run and spot Larfleeze right before I logged for the night. I'd spot him then leave my toon there and exit the game. Next morning I logged in 9 times out of 10 I'd find him standing there with me:).
    Also a sweet spot to find him that normally gets over looked is on top of Star Labs in Metropolis on the East Side of the building. I don't mind sharing this since like I said he spawns in a ton of places.
  5. This is the threshold for "griefing" now? What sort of Candy Land do you live in?
    He spawns in all of the Fanboy/More than You Can Chew iconic locations. Grab a guide and find another one of his many, many possibly locations.
  6. You are looking in Gotham, Gotham is the lazy way to go for content, lazy players love Gotham. Go to Metropolis, I can show you an area that if it takes you longer than 5 minutes to find him, you would have to have your monitor unplugged. No standing around, easy as can be, send me a PM with your character name and I will personally usher you around. No way am I giving out my patern out on the forums, I showed people my exobit map and then South Gotham got a whole bunch more tourists. Last night I got him on 5 characters in about 15 minutes, he spawns in the Fanboy feat locations (most of you know this).
  7. So you're the one that made South Gotham harder to farm? I was wondering what happened.
  8. Really ?

    This what the community does every few months ? follow cycles of turdiness and finger pointing and incorrectly labelling stuff ?

    First it was finger pointing that everything was hacking – put everyone in a frenzy... now the same thing is happening with “griefing” seriously enough is enough. Stop with the witch hunt finger pointing and trying to label something that its not.

    Calm down people.
  9. heyidpsbetter wrote:

    *Sidenote: The kid in the video reminds me of a young David Cole..*
  10. Sorry, I don't see how this could be considered griefing. It may be inconvenient to you, but that's not the reason those players are doing it. In fact, it's hardly likely at all that they're taking other players into account at all while they do it- they're just trying to improve thier own chances of spotting the orange geek. ...From my understanding, it's widely considered to be an acceptable form of accomplishing that feat.
  11. Bulbasaur_ICHOOSEYOU wrote:
    Oh wait ... you're being serious?

    Dude. It *might* be considered some insane-o form of griefing if only one person at a time got credit - but that's not the case. I was standing near Stagg Tower a little while ago with five other players (four heroes and a villain) - when Larfleeze popped we all got credit for it.
  12. Longhorn-Tex wrote:
    The downside to that is, all have to be standing there when he pops. As it only registers the first person there.
    @OP, you can't be serious as to think that THIS is griefing and downing a person of a different faction in an operations in pve phase is NOT. There are literally a ton of places to go. You don't have to just stay in an area you know. Personally, just hanging out in the one spot is kind of silly to me. I want to do it fast, just sitting idle and waiting doesn't feel right. I'll start in gotham and go to metro. I found him right away in metro. Bigger area to stay in. So you are bound to find an iconic spot.
  13. Bulbasaur_ICHOOSEYOU wrote:
    well you just lost any self respect you had here this is completely ludacris if your serious with this topic
  14. Longhorn-Tex wrote:
    WHAT ??? You didn't attack the villain and make him run away? I hope you were in pve phase... >.<
  15. [IMG]

    there is a trick to get make it easier to spot him, same as the heroes or villians during the rest of the year:
    just park your toon there, where he/they can appear, when you log out. the moment you log in, you will get creditc for it, when hes there.
    i also park my toons close to that spots, when i enter an instance. so i might get a +1 on my counter as soon as i leave again.
  16. I've gone to a spot, seen some people standing there, wandered off a bit and missed credit for Larfleese, came back, gotten credit, finished the event, switched characters, did the presents and instance, went back to the spot, and the same two characters were standing there, albeit in different positions.
  17. Swamarian wrote:
    maybe they think it's the same as it was with the st.-pat-event, when we could spot mxhpsdfnsdfwhatever 5 times on the same day to get the feat.
  18. I guess people are lazy and don't want to actually look for him. While flying around yesterday doing the collections i probably saw him 10+ times and most of those weren't even near any trees just him on a roof top or on the ground next to a present.
  19. Pretty sure this post is taking the mickey out of the other griefing posts relating to operations, considering the source.
  20. It would only be griefing if someone camped such a spot despite not needing Larfleeze, forcing him to despawn immediately without giving anyone a chance to get credit for finding him. It would also be completely inefficient, lame and sad and I'd laugh at every wannabe griefer who was wasting their time doing it.

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