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    In order to troubleshoot what might be going on with the LaunchPad, here is a rundown of some information that might be useful.

    If you are getting stuck at the startup screen (with the SOE logo), the application is not able to initialize the user interface. Once it is up an running, it will continue past this point and give you the UI.
    Reasons why you can't load the UI:
    • You have a network proxy or firewall that is preventing you from loading the UI from
    • You have security settings set within your Internet Settings that prevent you from using ActiveX controls or scripts (see below).
    • It can't run Flash – This should have run in the install process, but incase it was skipped or did not complete you can run it directly from
    • Old cached data - It would be stored in Internet Explorer temporary files (regardless of what browser you use). Delete your temporary internet files and cookies from IE (and IE only).

    All in all, you need the following files to run the LaunchPad:
    • LaunchPad.exe - the main executable
    • LaunchPad.dll - a library that actually has all of the application logic - it is updated when new functionality is available
    • LaunchPad.ini - a configuration file that tells the LaunchPad what game/version to load
    • LaunchPad.png - a graphics file that is used for framing the application
    The game installation will update these files, especially the LaunchPad.ini and LaunchPad.png files as they are very game-dependent.
    Then, there is...
    • LaunchPad-user.ini - user settings that are NOT changed by a game update
    There will also be other files that are be used, but will be downloaded as needed:
    • !CheckMinSpec.dll - an additional library that ensures that the customer's machine can run the game
    • LaunchPadRes.dll - an additional library that contains a copy of the Flash control for displaying the UI
    The following files will be created (depending on various conditions):
    • LaunchPad.log - a log file generated by the application if a loggingLevel is set within LaunchPad-user.ini (see above)
    • .downloadError.txt - a local log file that will display any errors that occurred during an update by the LaunchPad.
    • .downloadStats.txt - a local log file that summarizes the download-to-launch including some statistics like download size and rate
    • .DownloadInfo.txt - a local log for activity performed by the LaunchPad. By default, it doesn't show much information. You can get more verbosity by setting the system environment variable "SI_LOGLEVEL" to "normal".

    The LaunchPad has an embedded web control - it is NOT Internet Explorer, but it is the standard Windows control provided by Microsoft. It looks, acts, smells, tastes like IE. It respects the standard Windows Internet Settings control panel. If you are having difficulty, make sure that you take a look at this. Even though you may not use IE as your default browser (which is perfectly okay), these settings are what LaunchPad uses. You can access them via the Control Panel <-> Internet Options.


    Make sure that you don't have any network proxies that you aren't sure about.

    Also, check your Security Settings:


    The LaunchPad *does* use JavaScript and ActiveX controls for its UI. These need to be enabled (or at least "Prompt" and allowed).


    The LaunchPad connects to the following URLs for its information:

    LaunchPad UI:
    LaunchPad Configuration:
    LaunchPad Login:

    You should be able to see a response from each of these URLs if the LaunchPad is to be able to operate (A generic error for the first one in a generic image launcher and raw xml for the latter two).
  2. Evan Routon New Member

    For those who are seeing DirectX errors after launch, such as:
    This application has failed to start because d3dx10_41.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
    You can download the full DirectX redist (about 100 meg) from Microsoft and run it. That should fix that error.
    You can download it at

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