Leader Of The Pride Feat

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  1. I'm pretty sure this feat is bugged. I have saved all 9 cubs several times. No, I didn't use any AOE's. No, I didnt let the lady baddies kill them. No, I didn't acctidently kill a cub by mistake. I used pryo and horrific vision (from mental set) to single target everything in the room and pulled one by one.
    Confimation by green name would be great if indeed this is the case.
  2. I thought there were 12 not 9. There is one by the corner that I usually miss until I kill the lion pride and get the feat. I think you cannot attack the cub at all. I made sure they were not attacked by me at all.
    My cubs were attack by female lion but I still got the feat.
  3. I am pretty sure it is just 9, but I may be mistaken on that. I'll look again tomorrow for more. I did get the one around the corner after the gate.
  4. Definately only 9. You've got 9 in the screenshot so you should have gotten the feat: if not, it's bugged.
  5. Confirmed! It's 9
  6. Bugged? Is anyone surprised?
    I just finished yet another challenge mission with no credit. It's been this way for seven weeks. Even the fixes that come down the pike create new bugs.
  7. I also can't get this feat, in spite of the fact that I killed the big Lions with only TK and cast Thought Bubble on the little guys.
  8. I got this feast last night. I just lunged at everything, no other moves, just lunge spam. I didn't do ANY damage to any cubs, though the Lion Lords and Lion Ladies did attack the cubs a bit. The feat popped up when I killed the Lion Lord guarding the 9th cub.
  9. So you should get this Feat before taking down the Lion boss at the end? Or after?
  10. Did you aoe while they tracked along with you? If so you will not get the feat. They die to anything. I think the cubs are loured into my Pulse Beam because it's so pretty. Silly kitty always be dieing on me :(
  11. It took me 3 goes (had 9 cubs each time) before the feat finally was awarded. I think I may have moved on too quick after getting the last cub (the one after the door).
  12. sghost wrote:
  13. I finally got this today. I think the problem was poor weapon choice on my part (2 handed), as one of the first powers has an AOE to it and I finally saw the damage to the cub. My apologies for not testing more times than I did and jumping to conclusions.
  14. Yes, I got this myself today. I just very slowly made my way through the area, careful to assasinate each enemy one at a time, being mindful of the pathing of the females. As soon as I obtained the 9th cub I got the feat.
  15. I'm still having probs with this feat a year after this post started. I finally got it today. There are 9 cubs. I think you fail if you even touch a cub. Also, seems your cub allies can hurt the red cubs without failing challenge.
  16. Annoying feat... :(
    Tried it about 10 times. Hope this will be changed somehow soon.
  17. Heh, I didn't even know there was a feat, and got it on my very first time in the catwoman instance. Though I am sure it's probably easier as a nature healer.
  18. Unless they changed something recently...
    The cubs "wake up" after dying.
    So it's possible one of them died while you weren't looking, and "got back up" and started following you after you killed the lion/lioness. So you might've still had the right number at the end, but the death cancelled out the feat.

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