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  1. it would be nice if u can see how long your members been away ( time and days ) and
    i know there is a stars for ranks but u can only see your rank and not your members ( i think leader is the only 1 can see all the ranks) instead of the stars put the list of the names on it
    i already posted about the league banks so im not gonna say more about it
  2. I agree, the symbols are not very clear, even with a big screen.
    Maybe on ly the leader should be able to read the rank, but please, do something more clean
  3. Infomations wrote:
    +<insert comically large integer>

    When I first started our league I think it was about 3 weeks before I even realized the symbols were different, and I've got a pretty decent size HDTV.
  4. I think league management should be a ... aehm ... part of an update ... AFTER mega servers arrived, and have been updated once more (to fix bugs after intial mega server introduction) ... due to logical reasons from the perspektive of a QA guy ... it will be easier to seperate change-bugs from each other if you only change a few parts of the system at a time, even better if the 2 systems have "nothing" in common but the core-libs, all features use.
    Another reason for doing a league update after mega servers is the fact that the whole (player<->league)<->Server association will break with megaservers. From that day on you will "start in some phase of the world" (brought there by a fancy computation) and then quickly go the "phase" of the world where your..... hmmm... league is? friends are? the community event is happening? ... my point is that with mega servers the whole social "get-to-gether" part will be new for everyone, and there will be more of us (villains&heroes) in one place than before with the server beeing separated.
    From the product engineers point of few, it does not make sense to create requirements for features (or scrum descriptions) and game-concepts as big as the "phases" feature honed to match the communities demands, BEFORE the community could play around with it in a 99% bug free manner. The demands from the community regarding league management will strongly conflict with the way the community is handling "phases", cause as of know, the league chat is the main way of "staying connected"... with more population, and bigger leagues, other things need to get the focus.
    Things like raid management, league event management, league progression support (e.g. required sk, required gear, required renown to gain rank)
    IMHO ...
    The first thing, the current league management needs, is the enforment of the ability to speak in league voice chat.
    Once population grows (due to merging servers), leagues will grow in size, and if only the officers are allowed to speak in league-voice-chat a far bigger number of raid teams can be managed.
    and now... let's see if the update arrived on EU servers... see you in the watch tower!
  5. I think it would be awesome if you can see the level and role of your league mates. also when your in league tab or in a group; you can see the location of where exactly each member is for example: "level 30(role) Othniel [burnley,Goth]" something like that
  6. IMO i think everyone should be able to see the ranks because if you look you will be able to know if an officer is on to invite someone to the league, or if you have a problem with something in the league you can talk to an officer or the leader about it. if you cant see the ranks then you will never know who to talk to about problems you may have.
  7. I agree the League Management tab and the rank symbols do need work. I'd like to see ar a glance, individuals ranks and how many of each rank I have, without squinting at the symbols and swaping to the League Management tab to cross referance them.
  8. I think better use of the Leagues would be more beneficial/significant

    I mean you can have a league where everyone is on the same rank, and it means nothing as long as you have the right to invite others to the league...
  9. Depends how/why you use ranks. The only reason all member of my league are not officers is I like to be sure they wont just invite people willy nilly and I'm confronted with 10-15 new members each time I long on.
  10. Ive said this in another league related thread in PvP section
    IMHO I feel that DCUO doesn't give a crap about leagues. They serve no purpose other than a tag on your name. League notifications = friends list, league chat is garbage cause anyone can make a channel.
    Leagues need something to feel important, instead of trash talking. 1 good idea Also, think about this from a league leaders PoV. When I had 40 active people in my league, I don't know who my most active are.
    I don't know who's logged in more time, who's earned more marks, who's ran more raids. I want to know more about my league and my members. I have guys more active ingame then on my league website, and vice-versa.
    Not to mention there is absolutely nothing you can do in this game with a league that you can't do without one...
    On topic tho, Im not asking for any type of league stat bonus or anything that would disturb the functionality of PvP, but your league is nothing more than a list of names on the d-pad... kinda sad to me.
    Theres also this worthless league page that just tells you the ranks, but doesnt tell you whos in them. Unless your a league leader, you dont fully grasp how pointless the league system is.
  11. I'm a league leader and the rank symbols are, well, rank! If they're going to stay that small, how about the list of league members appears in order of rank, that might help a little?
    Also, while I'm on a league management soapbox, is there any chance, please pretty please with a cherry on top, that we could see on the list of league members whether the member is tank, dps, healer or troller?
  12. Rockfall wrote:
    Thank you..!!

    Wow, my whole rant and I missed the most obvious thing..!!
  13. yeah, something like separate colors for each role, and a simple "bars" system for league rank. 1 bar for new members, 2 for regular members, 3 for officers and specialty roles (recruiters, trainers, etc), and 4 for league leader would be pretty clear and simple I would think.

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