Level 30 CR 52 & Stuck!!

Discussion in 'PS' started by BigDeez, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. BigDeez New Member

    PVP CR--81

    I own/am wearing Reconnaissance Blitz gear (every item on my person) rings and trinket. Please help me!!
  2. Oddpodd Well-Known Member

    I dont know that style of gear since I'm a villain but....MOD!

    Modding you gear would be sufficient in boosting your CR to 53 at least and gt you going for T3 Raids/Alerts. Do Beta's on every piece since theyre cheaper and easy to recover.

    Hope you get pass that 52!
  3. TristenLL Member

    I think its YOU not the game , maybe you suck and need to play something else ITS NOT THAT HARD.
  4. BigDeez New Member

    Ty @ tristenLL but that didn't answer my question. R u a DCUO critic?
    @ Meeps thx where do I find the stuff to mod my stuff?
  5. Oddpodd Well-Known Member

    First of all, I'm not Mepps.

    Second, you mod by first gathering Exobits. Then you turn the exobits to exobytes (8 per) using the R&D Station. Finally, you make the mods!

  6. bareheiny Well-Known Member

    Don't recognise the gear - any chance it's PvP?

    You can get to 53 using Mayan (drops from Catwoman instance) and other stuff with a few mods. Keep in mind that PvP gear won't increase your PvE CR.
  7. BigDeez New Member

    Yes, PvP gear. I believe cause it's an 82 PvP item level. I got that from Robin in tech wing. Where do or who do I get PvE gear from. Last night I spent most of time searching the world for exobites. Need more. I added blue socket to my legs. So now I know about those. My friend character jumped from 50 to 52 & 52 to 54. Maybe cause he has PvE gear. That helps a lot. Thx
  8. Owl Well-Known Member

    You need to purchase Tier 2 PVE gear to increase your PVE Combat Rating. Tier 2 PVE gear has a 56 Item Rating.
    • Batgirl, Powergirl & Donna Troy sell Tier 2 PVE gear in the WatchTower
    • Bizarro, Harley Quinn & Cheetah sell Tier 2 PVE gear in the Hall of Doom.
  9. BigDeez New Member

    I owned power girl gear. Wouldn't that be "already collected"? I prob deleted if so I gotta buy it again?
  10. BigDeez New Member

    Where can I find "simple material" exobites? They're so hard to find
  11. ShadowStyleB Well-Known Member

    If you didn't get higher PVE gear and you deleted your highest PVE gear then you have to repurchase it to bring your CR back up.
  12. Owl Well-Known Member

    Simple & Complex Materials and Focusing Elements can be obtained by Salvaging Level 30 gear.
    Rare high Item Level pieces have a better chance to produce crafting materials.
  13. Vyltran Well-Known Member

    This is quite simple.

    You are wearing PvP gear, cause you got high 'Toughness'.. If you want to achieve high PvP CR, this is your way: Do 'Arenas' & 'Legends' for Marks of Valor.

    If you want your PvE CR goes up: Do instances and get new gear and Marks of Triumphs for buy T2 or T3 sets from Watchtower/Hall of Doom.
  14. BigDeez New Member

    Ok so I put on level 56 item. Can't find 2 rings, neck and face. So I put what I have.
    Rings are 30 IL 81 PvP neck and face are the same. The rest of my equipment doesn't have a PvP rating. I took a pic, how do I show u? I'm doing good with exobites. Thx
  15. bareheiny Well-Known Member

    You can get reasonably good rings, neck and face gear from Central City - but you need to be cr53 to into CC :confused:

    You will need to find some PvE rings, a neck and face item though - having nothing will essentially contribute zero to your PvE cr :(
  16. BigDeez New Member

    Hey I'm a 53 now thx. When can I put that Reconnaissance Blitz gear back on? PvP 81-82

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