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  1. Ok so i got to 30 some time ago decided id be dps im still working on getting my first t1 piece im lets say casual player but the thing is iw seen a lot of tips and everything how to be a dps and all but i only got confused as everyone says something different.

    Im using the blue gear wich you need to be cooperative to get and im having flight as my movement and light power set.
    Using DW and i love the speed but iw seen a guide and a lot of dps ingame using Bow as their wep so i respec yesterday and my damage was so low even controller did more dmg then me and i died several times ill admit it i have no idea how to use bow at all.With DW i do a lot more dmg then with Bow i got 27-28 skill points wich i put into might and dps chance %.But i think im lacking something with the DW and i am willing to swich to bow and use it more so i can accualy know how to use it better.

    Now bout the loadout first i used Claws(wich i whould combo into ram,and whip trash x2),again whip trash x2 then i whould use impact wich i whould combo into chainsaw,and etc. wich is probably wrong and all idk i pretty much know that i did good in duos and did fast dmg.

    Now recently i saw a post saying that claws and other skills are not good for dps.So it said that the best combo for dps is chomp-minigun-light w. and that it gets rid of mobs pretty fast.So my current loadout is: chomp-fan-chainsaw-light w.-neo v.-and the 35% heal wich i swich with 50% supercharge airplanes(dont know the name) :p

    Also iw read that being ranged dps is pretty much safer so i want some1 to tell me should i learn how to play with bow and wich loadout should i use with bow.

    Also im having trouble understanding what is the infinite combo ?

    Sorry for long post ppl i really hope some1 can help me, anyway thx to every1 that reply. :D
  2. First power you use in your combo is innate power, damage of it depends on your might, and you can combo it with other powers, when you are comboing it you are not losing your power and comboses work like weapon hits, so it's damage depends on weapon's dps and precision. Thanks to infinite combo you can use it infinitely without losing any power (Without counting innate power, that is.) so when you are low on power you may use it to recharge. Infinite combo is Ram>Snaptrap>Fan>Claw>Ram.
    As to range dpsing. I love using Ram>Snaptrap>Fan or Ram>Snaptrap and clip it with next Ram>Snaptrap, until you lose your power, also chompers work prety well as range AoE and DoT'a.
    You can see great clipping vid here : .
    I'm not experienced yet, so I'm not sure if my advice is good.
  3. pvp plays differently than pve. in pvp, you want short, deadly, clippable combos while in pve you may want to conserve energy with loops. in longer battles in pvp, you will rely on your weapon itself often.
    there are many infinite combos. not just the one he pointed out. infinite combo is any infinite combo where you can end up on the attack you started. find out what combo's into what and choose the powers you choose based on that. i usually split into about three combinations that are all interchangeable.
    the combo meter in the bottom right corner of the screen goes up and recharges your energy at certain levels. the slower the weapon, the lower the level at which it gives power. your hard light combos are based on your weapon speed, so a slow weapon like brawl will raise your energy faster than if you had pistols. your combos are faster than the slow weapons, so it's more effectient to use slow weapons.
    for range dps in pve, like the other guy said, ram>snaptrap>fan>claw>repeat is infinite. if you just stop at fan, it's fully range, but ends at three attacks. if you can count past the number of fingers you have, then you will realize you can look at the ground with your claw attack (thus not getting in melee range) and just use the infinite combo. using this method will save you energy, but is not always better. either way, your energy efficiency is however you want it to be. (if your weapon is fast and you use claw attack at the ground during combo, you will lose combo meter)
    supercharge. how exciting. eh, not really. your supercharge attacks are based off of might. but your hard light combos are based off of precision. so unless you stack might, your combos do more damage. in pvp, i see the helicopter as being deadly with potential to screw you over.(you can't move while it is in effect, but you can sneak up on a group fighting your friends.) the bomber thing with the crosshairs on the ground is quick, easy, strong, and can be dodged. in my experienced opinion, hard light supercharge are never optimal for a dps.
    you can melee fos raids as hard light dps as long as you know what you are doing. you can melee anything as long as you know what you are doing. unless you are awesome like me, i suggest you don't melee many things. try ram>snaptrap>fan>ground claw> "variations" as they have been discussed, as this is your best multi-tool. and when you melee, make sure you get the shield (the one under hand clap) which is also beast in pvp.
    if you like whip, you can use ram>whip/whip>impact>chainsaw>ram. another infinite combo where ram is your key to switching into the ram>snaptrap>fan. depending on your playstyle, you will find that you can do pretty much whatever you want within a couple seconds. you just have to spend your power points correctly. every situation has a different combo that works best.
    light weight - throw them into bunched crowds repeatedly. spin around to get out of mobs. tell mental users when you use them so they can throw them back.
    chompers - quick, easy, fast recharge, clippable. does not combo. use as an opener if you use it at all. not that strong.
    mini-gun - garbage. for trolls, it is beast. for dps, it is utter trash.
    stack precision. with skill points, apply crit % chance before crit % damage. with power points, buy the iconic crit chance and crit damage.
    if you like whip, as many people do, you can use ram>whip/whip>impact>chainsaw>ram. another infinite combo where ram is your key to switching into the ram>snaptrap>fan, and back again. depending on your playstyle, you will find that you can do pretty much whatever you want within a couple seconds. you just have to spend your power points correctly. every situation has a different combo that works best. it's up to you to find out what they are, because i don't think anybody is quite that familiar with the game.

    you give a long post, you get one back.
  4. ah thank both of you for help ima go respec right now and swich to bow asap and will give a try with combos since its my first time playing and the highest CR iw had was 40 i havent been to fos etc thats why ill swich to bow coz it will probably be safer for me also with skill points on what should i focus first is it might or crit % chance ?

    also for precision im getting the t1 dps gear atm only got back piece so everytime i get item that has more precision then might should i equip or does it have to have more prec then my current item ?
  5. ignore might. just focus precision. the only time you want might is when all your crit stuff is maxed out. then use skill points. for gear only pay attention to precision for damage and only socket with precision mods. red sockets should have pure precision and all the other sockets should have precision and another stat to get the color bonus.
  6. Okay first of all RAM>Snaptrap>Fan and Ram>Whip Whip are probably the best combos you can do, but that is really only in high end content like raids, or t3/t2 alerts. Right now you are still getting you firsst T1 PvE gear, you are most likely doing challenges and duos. In these scenarios you cant spam moves over and over because your DPS out might not be high enough.
    What I suggest is starting you combo with Claw(X3)>Ram>Whip(X2)>Handclap/Impact>Chainsaw>Claw
    Yeah, it isn't the best combo or highest damage possible, but it's an infinite loop, and you dont waste power. It's also fun to use your power and see different constructs. If you don't like the combos I posted, make your own; have fun until you get into T3 and Raids. Once you go into raids, you have to try to do your role effectively so you shouldn't be doing infinite loop combos. You may get bored because after all, you will only be using one combo throughout the raids. Why start that "boring" scene from Lvl 16. Try to prolong it!
    Also, like someone else said, IGNORE MIGHT. Get precision and only focus on precision.
    Your weapon as far as it goes shouldn't matter. Use whatever you like, I like have a bow and brawling in my inventory. Bow for ranged attack, and brawling for close combat. I don't invest anything into combos for brawling or bow except flurry shot.
    Also, try to use your constructs only, avoid using your weapon. I see too many HL players using weapon combos even though they have enough power to start an infinite loop or a strong combo.
    As far as what your power input is, it should be
    Claw,Ram,HardLight Shield/Light Barrier. The others should be your own choice. Also don't ask people what is the best, as someone said here (Forgot the name), what works best for me, wont work best for you. I personally hate using Ram>ST>Fan, i only use it when my tank in the group sucks. If I have a good tank who can do good pulls, I use Ram>Whip Whip.
    I've played with Hl users who only use Ram>ST>Fan, I have beaten them in DPS output, but there are a few who did beat me. It all depends on positioning, and timing. Sometimes my whip only hits 2 targets that the tank pulled in, or sometimes it hits over 10+ mobs and my dps out soars high. The same for Fan/Ram. Your positioning will be the key to your damage. But powers like Impact, Light Blast, Chompers, earthquake are also about positioning.

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