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  1. I have pulled this info from a couple of different places and testing myself, since it seems to come up often enough. Hopefully someone will sticky this and I will update it, as/if I find more.
    I have done some testing with the PS3 Keypad, a BT keyboard/mouse, Wireless keyboard/mouse and USB keyboard/mouse - here is the results of my findings. The game cannot be playing with a keyboard/mouse combo (the mouse in particular, does nothing). Whether it is a BT, wireless, USB or Keypad, they all work the same for the chat shortcuts and the game shortcuts (they must have improved keyboard support in the Jan 16th patch, because I know prior to then the shortcuts did not work on my BT keyboard, but all the work the same now). Keyboards do not work for WASD controls.
    It is recommended that you use a keyboard with DCUO, it is a MMO and chatting is required and even once headset chat is working smoothly, not everyone uses a headset. I personally recommend the PS3 Keypad, it is a litttle slower to type on than a keyboard, but it is right at your fingertips and realistically is better than the average cell phone for texting.

    • By typing a slash [ / ] before certain typed commands in the chat window, you will be able to specify how, or to whom, you chat. The following are useful chat commands:
      • /say or /s - Say something to anyone in your local area
      • /group or /party or /g or /p - Say something to members of your group
      • /tell [name] or /t [name] - Send a private message to another person (use quotes around names with a space.)
      • /reply or /r - Send a private message to the last person that sent you a private message
      • /shout - Shout a message to everyone in the same region
      • /invite [name] - Invite another person to join a group with you (no quotes needed)
      • /leave - Leave your current group
      • /kick [name] - Kick the specified person from your group (no quotes needed. You must be the group leader)
      • /promote [name] - Promote the specified person to be the group leader (no quotes needed. You must be the group leader)
      • /friend [name] - Add a player to your friends list
      • /league or /l - Say something to members of your league
      • /versus - Talk to the opposing forces (needs to be enabled in the social menu first)
      • /bug - Submit a bug report (have not tested myself)
      • /pvp - Flag yourself for PvP on a PvE server (not tested myself)
      • / - Opens last menu you were at
      • /"emote" - You can use any emote via the keyboard (ie: /dance)
      • /logout or /exit - Logs you out
      • NumLock - auto run
      • Tab - Cycles thru menu options
      • Enter - Changes focus to the chat window (same as select)
    • Shortcuts
      • ESC - Options
      • P - Loadout
      • O - Social
      • I - Inventory
      • Y - Duties
      • K - Traits
      • J - Journal
      • H - Headlines
      • M - Map
      • N - Renown
      • T - Switches between combat stances (roles)
      • Spacebar - Jumps (for some silly reason)
      • Tab (in game) - Rotates screen to your facing (same as L1)
      • 1 thru 8 - use the powers in the corresponding spot on your powerbar
      • F1 - Actions (not availiable on the Keypad)
      • F2 - Canned Chat (not availiable on the Keypad)
      • F3 - Current Effects (not availiable on the Keypad)
      • F4 - Emotes (not availiable on the Keypad)
  2. Please feel free to let me know if you have found or know of any other commands so I can add them to the list.
  3. I'm bumping this as my way of saying thanks!
    This should stay at the top since there is no explanation on the use of a keyboard in this game for the PS3.
    I'm also wondering if it's possible to play with mouse and keyboard and bypass the DS3 altogether. Of course the DS3 is the best option but it's a pain (IMO) to switch back and forth between it and the KB. Might simplify things if a mouse worked in the game.
    Anyone who has something to offer, please post it here. A few people asking that a keyboard be mandatory in the game but no one explaining how to use it, and if you're new to this type of game it is very confusing because it's all new to you....or at least me
  4. Since it has been asked here are in the forums, I did some testing with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse - I added the results to my first post. I don't know if my results apply to USB and/or wireless setups, if someone else could let me know, it would be helpful (I will try to test USB and wireless myself on Sunday - if I remember).
  5. And just incase some of your are wonding what a PS3 Keypad is.
  6. Ya...I had one. For a day or so!
    I thought it really sucked @ss. It unbalances the DS3, it's heavy, it's ugly and it's not easy thumb typing on those little keys. I think it's full of fail. Nice idea but the reality is it doesn't really work out as well as you would think. At least that was my thoughts on it after trying it.
  7. I never bought one till DCUO, lol. Just used the BT keyboard for chatting. But this game it works really well, makes accessing the menus nice and quick. And oddly enough the spacebar will make you jump, lol.
  8. Kithkarnon wrote:
    Yeah, the 'jump' issue is familiar to another SOE game that I have played, Star Wars Galaxies. To overcome this I just changed the keymap to unbind it from space bar. Not sure if this is possible to do on PS3 as I havent looked into the PS3 interface side of things much yet, too busy getting into the gameplay. Im sure theres a way of doing it tho.
  9. Using the keyboard really help with the UI. It's perfect.
  10. Macevelli wrote:
    No remapping allowing on the PS3 (so far anyways).
  11. I remembered one shortcut you didn't post, "Enter". It changes the focus to the chat window and allows you to chat just like pressing Select on the controller does.
  12. Killthee wrote:
    Nice list.
    Double Enter to go straight to typing in any slash command you want to put in or any boradcasts you want to make. The first, as stated, takes you to the chat window, the secnod press brings up the digital keyboard which you can ignore by typing regularly, or hunt and peck with your game controller if you want to.
    / seems to open whatever menu you last were in.
    I need to duoble check, but I think TAB cycles you through all menu options as well. I know it does work with the in game mail system to cycle from field to field.
    And if they ever put in screen shot capabilities in the PS3, F9 still seems to take the screen shot, it just doesn't save it anywhere.
    As far as the keypad goes, I have one. However I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse (G.E. Brand) from Big Lots for $20 that I use. it is just MUCH nicer to work with, IMO.
    Any USB keyboard works beter than the keypad, IMO, and can be found cheaper too for the most part.
    However if your ONLY option is a keypad or nothing...definitely get the keypad
  13. Great information. Thanks!
  14. Kithkarnon wrote:
    I wish it was glow in the dark or lit up or something. Really. I just tried all the things above and they work, which is awesome, and shortens the time a bit, but I usually play with the lights off, and it's not always easy to see the tiny keyboard buttons. But still, this is great info.
  15. Monitor2112 wrote:
    Great info as well. But I think the second Enter may be unnecessary. If you hit Enter once, then just start typing, it automatically goes there, unless I misunderstood you.
  16. Monitor2112 wrote:
    Tab worked like the L1 button, which rotates the screen in the direction your facing.
    Seriously, this list is great. I'm not sure how much of it I will use regularly, but it's definitely a plus. Thanks guys.
  17. T toggles your role, and since I'm a Tank, that's easy to remember. :)
  18. T switches combat stance.

    EDIT: Wow beaten while I was typing. lol

    Also, I'd strongly suggest against getting those official keypads. They're not very good, in my opinion, and not very comfortable to type with. Just plug in a USB keyboard or get a real one that has bluetooth.

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