List of Style Feats and Where to Find/Farm/Collect

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  1. I checked (at least in this forum) for any hints/advice regarding farming for the various styles to complete some of the feats. The vendors at the watchtower don't seem to have any of the pieces required for the Themed feats. Anyone know locales or methods to farm these various styles?

    Alien Tech
    Schoolyard (Metropolis PD?)
    Shielded Robot
    Contemporary Tech
    Military Tech
    Demonic (From the Trigon mission areas?)
    New Genesis
    Paramilitary (Metropolis PD)
    Tech Ninja
    Talon Lord
    Dresden 7
    Formal (Metropolis PD?)
    Divine (PvP in Reactor Core?)
    Remora (I believe from Atlantean mission areas)
    Zonewalker (Wayntech Vendor in Tech Wing of Watchtower. Marks of Allegiance and Renown necessary.)
    STAR Ex (Star Labs Vendor in Meta wing of Watchtower. Marks of Allegiance and Renown necessary.)
    Egyptian Sorcerer( Sentinels of Magic Vendor in Magic wing of Watchtower. Marks of Allegiance and Renown necessary.)
    Winged Fury
    Raptor Tech
    Fourth World (I have most of this and I think most of it was from Braniacs ship. Missing Head and Back)
    Voodo (Have. Don't remember where from)
    Retro tech (Have. Don't remember where from)
    Jah Kir (Have. Don't remember where from)
  2. I'd love to know where i can get paramillitary boots from outside of character creation.
  3. CJisInsane wrote:
    I think in the midtown pd
  4. After further review the wiki link is only marginally helpful (and in some cases just downright wrong). it'd be great if the community could start posting some of the locations of the easier to find and not so easy to find styles.
  5. If you rename the title to something like official, I'll start posting any of what I find here, maybe set it out like:
    Head: Obtained from ...

    I don't know, just popping suggestions here, It would be nice to have it all in one place.
  6. Klixx wrote:
    Good idea. I will work on it.

    Although this may be more suitable for the Oracle's Database Forum?
  7. I got a lot of the styles you listed in each PO station. Cost a lot of money but you get feat pts so its a trade off. Biker and paramilitary I know I did that way. I dont know which station has which gear though. Also make sure you look at your feats first as some collections dont give you feat pts.
  8. lexx3 wrote:
    All of the ones listed in the Original post give feats (for meta heros anyway) I haven't checked if they are different for other origins and/or villains.
  9. I've got the full Demonic set and I'll confirm it comes from Trigon missions (i.e fighting raven, brother blood) and the Vault.
  10. This will be easy when we get the auchtion house :)
  11. Is there any guides other than the one listed above, that 1 is crap.
  12. I just hit the 500 feat mark tonight. I hit each of the safe house vendors, all of the ones in the watch tower near ambush bug, and completed a ton of the briefings to add to the styles. Wish you the best with completing these. I still have a lot more to go on some of the styles to gain those feats. :)
  13. yea im talking mob drops, not vendor styles.
  14. A lot of styles drop in easy alerts, Im finding quite a lot of completions from running league alts through them again.
  15. Retro Tech is found in the Area 51 Alert as well as a few side mission rewards. I got the chest/head/gloves/belt from Area 51 and boots/shoulders/pants from side missions, I believe.

    As for Paramilitary boots, I know that Superman gives them to you after you complete the Area 51 Alert for the first time (If you have Superman as your mentor.)
  16. strongbad1 wrote:
    The back, boots & head can also be collected from the vault. So I guess that goes to say that "anything" could be collected from the vault if it is truly random.

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