Looking for Ace Chemicals Safety Inspection Infractions collections

Discussion in 'Metropolis Exchange' started by ARCHIVED-venom2019, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Hi there trying to get the soda macine for my lair, i have a few spairs i'm willing to trade for the ones i'm missing.

    20-L: Pipe Leaking Lethal Chemicals
    55-A: Unauthorized Radioactive Material
    7-C: Exceeds Maximum Toxic Barrel Allocation

    Pm me if any one is intrested.
  2. I have both 55-A and 7-C
    I'm willing to trade them for
    83-D: Inadequate Wheelchair Access
    Should we really have so many toxic barrels?
    The Ventriloquist's Wood Polish
    The Mad Hatter's Bowtie

    If you have any of those, PM me on USPC at Lakhesis, I have both heroes and villains

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