Marks of Strategy?

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  1. I'm wondering how you earn Marks of Strategy. I assumed from previous discussions that you get 1 Mark of Strategy and 1 Mark of Lore when you win a PvP event per location once a week. I just won my 1st Ace Chemicals battle. I got 1 Lore and 1 Champion box which gave me a legend box. Opening that gave me 5 Marks of Legends.
    Now I'm wondering when Strategy is supposed to drop. Is it limited to Arena only? Is it only for the safehouses? None of the PvP events explain the new loot rules. Still says the old Marks of Tactic and Marks of Legend loot. No mention of Lore or Strategy. So I'm confused.
    Can someone tell me why I didn't get Marks of Strategy?
  2. you only get Marks of Lore from winning Legends match, and Marks of Strategy by winning Arena matches. Any arena btw
  3. TechEcho wrote:
    Oh thanks. Guess I won't be able to get Arena anytime soon. Too many high pvpers there. I'm still in T1 gear.
  4. Prindacerk wrote:
    You have to do arenas to get the T2 and up and T1 not that bad you can can still hold a chance if your good/carefull
    or have a good group
  5. Dropkicksuicide wrote:
    Not really. I'm a troller. When I queue up without having a pre-made group and I end up with a dps group, the villians seem to target me first (especially their tanks). I tried hitting the healer but I wasn't doing enough damage and 2 tanks were on me every time I respawned. :) The villians knew what they were doing.
    My league doesn't do PvP much. They do a lot of PvE raids. So I guess this is going to be a tough cookie for me. I'm not a PvPer either. Just wanted to try the new DLC stuff and get the feats. That's all.
  6. TechEcho wrote:
    I haven't received one yet, but along with the default Mark for opening the loot box, would it be possible to receive the other type of Mark as a reward from a given quest mission?
    So say you receive a quest from the loot box in a Legends win, is it possible the quest awards Marks of Strategy?
  7. Dropkicksuicide wrote:
    You can get MOT from legends for T3 & T2 gear MOS only come from arenas...
  8. Wiki: Marks of Strategy are earned by winning Arena matches but are only available in promethium lockboxes.
    but wiki might be wrong
  9. Aiden_Warren wrote:
    Not sure if the award boxes are restricted to people who have The Last Laugh DLC unlocked though... but I would imagine so.

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