Marvel Heroes!!!

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  1. Wow they changed the name of their pc mmo to this.
    Anyone else still think this is a fail? I mean its FTP, but you cant create your own char. Who cares about this? I mean I played Ultimate Alliance, is this not the same thing.
    Every time they release a new char model, I am like who cares. Oh boy, they just showed what Spider man is going to look like, yet 5,000 other people will be running around with that same look.
  2. Since it's f2p I dont care if you can't create a character, I'm just looking forward to soaring through the skies of NYC as Human Torch!
  3. can't create my own character, thats a shame. It's an MMO where players can't create their own toons, not liking it but those Marvel fanboys will eat it up regardless
  4. the character models are lame just look at cable he looks like a 1991 action figure..hardly as good as jim lees ones for dcuo plus rubbish character creation & childish target audience =another fail
  5. Red_Adam wrote:
    I consider myself a "marvel fanboy" (to some extent) but I would see no point in playing an MMO where I cannot create or influence my character in some manner to make it my own.
  6. If it gives me the ability to play as the Punisher and shoot someone in the face, I'm all in. My DCUO character is basically a Punisher rip anyways. Might as well play as the real thing if I can. I highly doubt it takes any of my time away from DCUO, but I might give it a look.
  7. I'll give it a try at least. As long as it lets me customize into Colossus Juggernaut then I'm good.
  8. Is only for PC.... and Fan-dom based, meaning play the characters only? Meh... while there is fun in that, it pales in comparison to creating your own character... becoming the super hero... leveling them etc etc, just is more personal and immersive. That's why WoW is still running.... people are INTO their character creations.... is why I and others have jumped to this game. The playing just the character model is cool... but no different really than playing any game with super heros in it... other than it would be MMO-styled.... but not really MMO.
  9. MoonDevil wrote:
    Quoted For Truth.
  10. I have to say, this doesn't appeal to me.
    If there was no DCUO, maybe.
  11. ChrisStorms wrote:
    Everything I have read about it say's the same. You play a marvel character and go through what they think are the best stories of marvel.
    It is ultimate alliance online!!! Plain and simple. It is such a huge fail, I don't know where to begin.
    It is free so some tossers will play it.
    Just want to put it out there, They already have marvel super heroes for you people that want to play a pre made char, in an mmo.
  12. I didn't know this was in the works and kept saying "I Wish Marvel had a Game like DC". Then I heard about it and found out you can't make your own character and this took a LOT out of it for me. I will still play it cause...well it's free...and I am not picky I just like playing video games in general, but still DCUO will be the game currently sucking my life away
  13. It's still in the early stages is it not? this game said things years ago that it changed. some for the better ( secret i.d's) some for the worst ( metro doomsday fight).
    so until release is 6 months away, i'm not trusting a single word about the game.

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