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  1. Now, lately I have been seeing a lot of posts about how mental is broken and needs to be fixed because they are gimped. I am here to hopefully show a different side to that coin.

    First off: I am writing completely anecdotally. I have done no theory craft or research into exactly how spells work.
    Second: I know I am a terrible writer.
    Thirdly: This is my first topic post in a forum and I do not know forum etiquette so, my bad.

    To get some info on Mental skills please see:

    Now, I am a LvL 30 flying Mental on Cry for Blood using Duel Pistols. I find I like the pistols a LOT because it helps me stay out of the mix of things and everything I use ends up being ranged attacks. I just finished my PvP blue set (gear) so I have decent XP with PvP. However, I understand someone could be TERRIBLE and just grind the arenas to get it all.

    Everyone I've seen on the forums has been crying about how control is gimped (specificaly mental). I on the other hand REALLY love it. The major problem with me is that there are an abundant amount of tanks and very few healers. Here is a link to the dynamics of Controler vs Tank vs Healer:

    It is really important to realise that because of the abundunt tanks there are more people that kill us easily while we dont have many we can kill easy. However, once u start to get into orginized play a little more it will even out. (or at least I am hoping it will)
    This is my current skill build. I would appreciate help with it. If people would use something else please let me know.
    1.)TK - which will trigger the power regen / dps
    2.)Tk push - which has a chance to knock back / dps
    3.)Psychic Resonance - THis is the one I tend to hit 2+ people with the stun. Also, just from my XP i seem to have triggered the power regen with this one. I am not sure if is a delay on other spells or what. But I would say it has. / dps
    4.)Psychic Blades - Can stun 2+ people again. Also, provides power Regen. / DPS
    5.)Phantom FLame - this is just purely for a little DPS. ESPECIALY when fighting a healer I want to drop them ASAP to free up my tanks.
    6.)Horrific Visage - this is to cast on healers to really **** them. They turn into this monster who literaly can't cast anything. I have been turned into one of these but in my trials I have not got it to work on anyone but Healers.

    These are my current stats while in my PvP gear:
    Health: 2267
    Power: 1267
    Might: 808
    Resto: 743
    Vital: 547
    Preci: 67
    Tough: 1595
    Dom: 199

    Now my DPS is right around where it used to be. But not because everything hits the same DMG. More so because I NEVER have mana issues. I will run out of mana throw out two combos and BAM all the sudden i'm at full mana again. Rinse and Repeat. Also, because of my extra dominence I tend to hit 2+ people with my stuns. Also, they hit more often.

    The games my DPS is lower is usualy because they have a lot of tanks. I played one match where They had 3 tanks and no healer so... I switched to DMG role. WHy give the tanks the advantage of fighting me when there is no one in the game that would allow me that advantage? Other than that. I am purely in the controler role.

    Some hopefully helpful tips:
    1.) When a tank is on you...BLOCK!! learn their combo animations and roll when needed. I had a lot of trouble the other day with this brawler tank becase his animations were all new to me. Usualy I fight 2handers. Get used to all weapon styles!
    2.) Spell cycles: I usualy cast my spells with power regen first. I feel like the power regen is addative. There are times I go from no power to full power in 2 seconds. Then, cast your dps. Then, cast regen spells again. 2 of the 3 regen spells are AOE and DPS.
    3.) AIM FOR GROUPS! 3 of the 4 spells I have in my set are Cone AOE. don't focus on one guy unless you are trying to burst one down before he gets away, he's a healer, or its 1v1.

    I am going to read threw this after I post and make edits. Also, if people clerify points or put it better I will be sure to edit the post. I hope you guys will give advice to how I can improve my build and also post how this has helped or hindered your play. Please let me know. Feedback is welcome.
  2. Unfortunately, power buff doesn't stack . A controller's primary job, above and beyond ANYTHING else is to keep the power buff on the team with 100% uptime and to defibrilate as necessary to keep the whole team at solid power. yes they can hamper enemy power gain in pvp (by forcing break frees) or provide some CC in hard modes but that's really something anyone with a rifle can do (maybe not quite as well, but they can definitely do it).
    Until mental's defib gets fixed SOE has made it impossible for mental to do its only REAL job. It's really pretty sad.

  3. tehm wrote:
    yes, without the DEFIB equivilent, its impossible and to be honest you are not really wanted in organized play because of it.

    1) like he said Power buffs dont stack, defib is a MUST under pressure
    2) you can HAMPER their energy with CC, but 5 points spent movement tree will grant anyplayer 30% percent resistances of verying types, and more importantly the ability to gain 75+75 power over 10 seconds when ever you use break free. So yeah they actually GAIN energy back, and the fact that its over time.. sure that could be used against them... if you could chain CC.. but you cant.

    There is a global immunity to CC after recieving it (which should GO AWAY WHEN YOU USE BREAKFREE, but it doesnt) and they have trinkets, and tanks are just straight up immune.

    point being you need defib.. its BS they havent fixed it, glad i chose gadgets.
  4. Could you educate me on what DEFIB is?
  5. fidelis wrote:
    Defibrilate is a clicky on a short cooldown that takes roughly 1/6 of your power bar and gives that amount of power to the 3 members of the team (not including yourself) with the lowest power bars (which in a 4 man is everyone but you).
    Combined with your "in role" large vitalization buff and the Power over Time from your primary skill this makes a controller just as much a necessity on a team as a healer (the healer heals the green bar, the controller heals the blue bar).
    Mental has its own skill, Psychic Empowerment (I think it's called) which is an exact mirror of defibrilate (from gadgetry) as it is so integral to the role of the controller. Unfortunately, it is broken and does absolutely nothing (except animate and take away your own power). This is essentially as class breaking as if suddenly nature's group heal healed for 0. Unfortunately, SOE has not even aknowledged that it is broken.

    If you can't tell, we've started to become bitter.
  6. With a good tank a lot of Vitalization, throwing Levitate or Blades repeatedly can keep power up, but unfortunately if you don't have a tank sucking up threat every time you drop a Levitate or Blades, you're just going to draw aggro really fast. It's a conundrum.
    The upside is that good disables can make group fights ridiculously easy, but boss fights become potion-fests for the healer.
  7. Ah yes. I am familiar with the borken spell in Mental. I had no idea the Gadget one was called defib. I am talking more on the lines of PvP then PvE however.

    Do you feel we are so gimped in PvP?
  8. fidelis wrote:
    Personally, I define PVP as being a group activity so I'd say absolutely, you can't perform your job without it.
    Solo? Solo is a weird animal. I'd have to think that initiator, weapon choice, travel power choice are going to be MUCH bigger factors than class selection for that. I mean if I'm opening the fight by dropping a bus + barrage on you from the air then it hardly matters to you which power set I grabbed the dps ability out of to finish the fight right? I'm not convinced there's ever such thing as a fair 1v1 short of fight clubbing.
  9. Im noob -.- TK? does that mean "Telekinesis" ? im trying to learn how to play my mental i really dont know what spells to take at all, trying to be a DPS Telekinesis ^^
    And i cant really find any guides on HOW to place your skill points :\
  10. Umm Psychic Empowerment is fixed kids. They fixed it yesterday, and it's glorious. No reason to have Psychic Blades and TK, the skills overlap and waste space on your 6 skill hotbar. I'd also never take Resonance and Push. Phantom Flames is really much much more powerful with Terrorize.
  11. Jovai81 wrote:
    Check post dates. With the exception of the post before you, they were posting pre-fix. It is nice now that it works.

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