Merge PC players with PS3 players.

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  1. Why are PC players and PS3 players not able to play with one another? Would this not help with 'Server population ZOMG sky is falling!' complaints? Both systems use the same updates, content, control schemes (pc can go cotroller too.) and gaming world. PC people don't get updates until PS3 people get them too. So why are we not playing togeather? On FFXI they released it for playstation 2 and PC and you could play on the same servers with the same characters in the same leagues cross console with no problems. Then it came out on xbox 360 and I would take the 360 into my second living room with the 84" screen to play ffxi on a late weekend night and I could access all of my characters no problem even though I usually play on a PC. So playing across consoles obviously isn't a problem for other MMO's. Maybe there is something that I don't know but I think merging the two player bases would go a long way towards fixing server populations without removing any servers, server transfer character name issues and looking like fail.
  2. This has always kind of puzzled me too. They seem adamant on keeping the 2 versions the same, but won't let them share servers.
  3. Easiest guess, Traffic has to flow thru PSN, PSN is considered a "closed" network so the servers for DCUO have to sit on the PSN SCE really doesn't like to give up control of something once they have it.
  4. Im guessing different Internet protocals apply and they just cant do it cost effectively.
  5. Vampi wrote:
    Good guess. This is the stated reason.
    The networks that handle our subs (PSN and Station) aren't able to work together.
  6. Then they should of put it on 360 instead of ps3. BTW there are 0 complaints about server pops on PS3 dcu boards.
  7. I drop this game like a bad habbit if they did it.
    PS3 players will complain of PC players exploiting and such and so and so will get nerfed.

    its bad enough patches and such get tied up due to the PS3.
  8. Seneca wrote:
    xbox 360 is the worst you have to pay xbox 360 server and dcuo monthly plain to even play the game

    want to pay over 100 a month for servers
  9. Not to mention Microsoft is even more paranoid then Sony about letting people into their network.

    azrielle wrote:
    Why should they not complain about exploiters?
  10. It took a good long while for PS3 to get a somewhat functioning Adobe Flash player. PC version of DCUO has some serious ties to Adobe via the Launcher (try dumping the cache in "Website Storage Settings panel" of Flash Player's "Settings Manager" & see the relationship to Launcher. results after clearing Adobe website cache=a player has to enter login info to Launcher again and agree to terms).
    Does anyone else think DCUo is hosted on a PS3 cluster??
    If DCUO is hosted via a PS3 cluster, perhaps all the issues are because a PS3 firmware update is needed...???
    *head explodes*
    Begins to search the net for DCUO server infrastructure info...
  11. It should happen, honestly. All of the comments I see against it demonstrate clear ignorance on the issue. Anyone who has played FFXI as you and I have know that it is no problem. A multiplatform MMO can share servers easily. The reason it should be done is that we are getting ALL of the negatives of a multiplatform MMO and NONE of the positives. If our updates are going to be held back to coincide with the PS3's, then we should at least get the benefit of a larger and more diverse population. Right now we're just suffering slow patches for nothing.
  12. Jazneo wrote:
    I don't understand this thought process. Yes this would be true if you were only playing DCU on your PS3 but in this case I would be paying the PS3 account to play all thier online games on thier servers and I would be paying DCU to play thier monthly content. I already pay for xbox 360 and DCU as I play dcu on pc and I play other games online with xbox 360. I also pay for my own internet in my home but I don't tack that on top of the cost of DCU. Then again I never worry about money, I guess if you don't have a self-established lifestyle then I could see complaining about it being an extra cost issue. (I am not assuming this applies to you btw) But I pay for xbox because of all the things I do with my xbox and I pay dcu because I play thier game. I dont complain that a movie costs 20 bucks + $100 bucks for a dvd player, $1,000 dollars for a TV and $5 dollars in electricity. Just to me seems like a strange way to look at it, perhaps I'm the wierdo.
  13. I'll dig out the interview. Cao said it wasn't possible due to how our accounts are handled. It has nothing to do with hardware or where the servers are hosted. PSN and Station can't communicate.
  14. Seneca wrote:
    Because the Xbox is SONY's competition? Why would a SONY game be made for the MICROSOFT Xbox?
    Next youll be asking for God of War on the Xbox...
  15. Pacifica wrote:
    Uh.... Because I have an Xbox 360 instead of a big black failure "Everyone will want to get a second job just to afford a PS3"? Or maybe I was just being snarky? :)
  16. azrielle wrote:
    Same here, if they'd ever merge us with the PS3 players I'll drop the game and never look back.
  17. Batmanager wrote:
    You honestly believe that? All that means is that they don't want to put in the work to set it up. FFXIV, when it's finally fixed up and comes out on PS3, will be shared servers. I'm not buying that it's not possible when someone else is doing it with their account system.
  18. Seneca wrote:
    The reason you dont' understand is because you don't realize PSN is free. You don't have to pay anything to play PS3 online. That's the biggest flaw in your statement. 360 charges, ps3 doesn't. k?
  19. Seneca wrote:

    There is something that you don't know.
  20. acousticdank wrote:
    I don't keep up with consoles too much, but hasn't Microsoft introduced Xbox Live Silver as a free edition? Whatever the case between Gold/Silver is, FFXI is already on 360, so... yeah. Again FFXI proves that all of this is not only possible, but already has been done years ago.
    EDIT: But it's true that this will never happen because the game is by SONY, and it would be like Mario on 360 or something similar. But other than that it is technically possible.

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