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  1. Last week Im trolling gates with a pug. Im high cr, high sp, and been a troller since launch. We wipe at 2nd boss and it happens. DPS: "no offense, but im low on power" Me: "try combos" Other Troll: "LOL" DPS: "but i'm a might based dps".
    Now Im not hear to complain about the guy, we sent some tells back and forth and gained a lot of respect for each other and honestly we carried the worst pug i've ever been a part of through gates (I was 2nd in damage out behind the might dps). I gave him all the spare power i had, and he burned everything in sight.
    Ive never come across anything like this since i started playing and Id like to hear from all roles all powers (prec or might based). Should a controller be fully responsible for a might based dps's blue bar?
  2. Falco wrote:
    Nope. They should still be using combo's to help themselves while you're keeping them topped off IMO.
  3. FESTER665 wrote:
    Thats definitely the answer I was thinking, but i was kinda stupified by the whole situation.
  4. No matter if the DPS is might or precision based ( i play both myself), if they are spamming their powers and keeping their power bar drained, it is a big impact on the controller's ability to power the healers, tank, and other troller. A good DPS, no matter their spec needs to balance weapon abilities and powers, not only to build up their own power through weapon attacks, but to gain the 35% to 60% damage bonuses associated with the weapons.
    So in short, no you dont need to worry about the DPS's power bar, they need to manage their own powers. Now if the non-dps's dont need power, or if a quick burst of damage is needed, then go ahead power them up.
  5. Falco wrote:
    A controller should not be 100% responsible for ANYONE'S blue bar. Players have a responsibility for managing their own power by paying attention to not spamming powers and the controller is responsible for augmenting that management by providing power to the group as well as debuffs. Controllers are not endless batteries. If you are maintaining your power out either by POT or burst charge depending on the other Troller, AND keeping your power up through combos as well as properly throwing those debuffs , you are doing your job.
  6. Falco wrote:
    Really you should just sit back and play your role, no hitting stay off to the sides and throw power and regen it also.
    As a DPS I rely on my troll for power and my healer for heals and my tank to hold argo
    So whats my role but to damage and without power no DPS can Really Damage.
    Do I regen power, no lie I have to because of crap trolls that cant supply power and the demand of power to do my job/role. .!!..
  7. Combos help but in a raid where things can get crazy fast others classes just take to long to build up proper mana regen. When running Gates as a DPS I usually burn a lot of power but never demanded power when low.

    Were you right below that DPS in damage or did you do the second most damage out on the team. Nearly beating a DPS would mean that DPS wasn't that great or someone in gates had the same power as the DPS which cut their damage output. Guessing your group took the 1 tank, 2 trolls, 2 healers, and 3 DPSs. Now if that is true and you beat two other DPSs in damage and nearly beat the other one then it may be you who speced wrong.
  8. "might based dps" is a silly term >.> every dps i feel should try to help themselves with power generation, iv ran stuff with guys who literally never use their weapons just spam powers, that is crazy! it seems like there was a failure at the Dps training camp if u never ever use your weapon , hell i'm fire (Might)dps and i still whip my weapon out everytime. Pushing for 550 precision right now actually
  9. X-zero wrote:
    I was so mad. The person creating the pug was calling for 80+cr experienced roles for gates. I was surprised the creator didnt have to walk-in. Him and his buddy were both low geared garbage dps and I destroyed them in damage out. Might based dps got about 1,000,000 out quick, I was around 450k, and the other two dps (who r now on my ignore list) was hovering around 400k damage out.
  10. Mechanicus wrote:
    perfect example of a bad fire dps, i think this is
    chose Precsion over might, for some mods u did
    lower ur damage will always be, true potential ull never get.
    Leave precision to HL and Earth, my opinion it is
  11. I'm a bad fire dps? LOL run something with me. u will always be second place, FURTHERMORE! my might is still higher than yours is with my precision that high.
  12. It really depends.

    I have league trolls who keep me full when I DPS. I'm might based.
    I will do this combo over and over as long as I have the power to do so (this combo requires more power than I have...meaning I need a power boost somewhere in between):

    Firey Weapon - Inferno - Fireburst - Mass Det

    If I can't do it...I'll do rifle combos to fill my bar. But if my bar is full, I'm gonna spam powers.
    It depends on team makeup. I don't ask for power...ever. If I have it, I use it. If I don't have it, I'll use my weapon.

    I never want my trolls to be dumping power on my behalf. Keep it for the healers.
    When tanking, I hardly use power unless I've lost aggro and need to spam a few powers to get it back. But usually, it's get aggro....8 seconds or so later....refresh aggro.

    Like everything else, some players are better than others. But you can't expect every player to be great. I know I don't. And I know I'm not! You have to be flexible and adapt to the situation.
  13. Falco wrote:
    Maybe because the new trend of gameplay for controllers now is use debiff-recharge every 1.5 to 2 seconds both of them to keep full bar power not using encase neither stuns (or clip every combo with instant power), just one using debuff and full instant power both (which is by far faster to kill adds if you try to play like this) sound odd but if a tank is good not gonna need help of encasements or stuns, and with DPS with full bars gonna burn adds in seconds, you should try this set up, when i start playing this set up feel odd have full bar but using powers you kill faster multiples adds.
  14. Any ctrl worth their weight will watch your power bar & try to give power accordingly.
  15. "Might based Dps" fail to realize, that even if you have 2100 might and 350 precision you damage out will pale in comparison to someone with 1900 - 2000 might and 500+ precision.
  16. Falco wrote:
    well why not say that first off, you slighted all dps with your opening statment, I run 510 prec and buffed its nuts.
    But I need power ALOT when not using my weapons.
  17. FESTER665 wrote:
    ^^^ This. I'm a might based DPS and I use a lot of power (I'm electric) but taht doesn't mean that I don't know how to use combos to generate my own power. If you want to be a good DPS (I'm not ) you have to know how to genearte power with combos. By doing this the raid will go a lot better.
  18. Mechanicus wrote:

    Mechanicus wrote:
    Even with 4 red Might/precision mods, addition precision mods u would need
    Pics or happen it did not
    Would need all T4 all t4 mods, 2 might rings with both having either precision or might affinities, and might neck

    Not impossible, but extremly hard and lucky u must be
    Pics or happen it did not
    included sodas should not be in the stat
  19. i have 2k might and 543 precision. thanks and i only have 1 might ring from the promethium boxes so far, so it will be going up and NO my ring has a vitalization affinity and YES, you are a bad DPS.
  20. SlicTrix wrote:
    Sorry for any misunderstanding, I thought i made it clear that the might based dps was doing his job and doing it very well. As i said we gained a great respect for each other and are now on each others friends list. It wasnt a problem giving him all the extra power i had, I was just very thrown off by his first statement in the raid.

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