Military Tech Feet (healer)

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  1. Was curious if anyone knows which T2 alert these drop in? Its the last piece of the style that I need, and I have no idea where to find them. They are also not listed on the DCUO data base web site.
    I have a feeling they drop from the second boss in the Hive T2, just would like some confirmation before running it over and over. That however is a calculated guess at best.
    Appreciate any, and all help. Thanks
  2. Figure ill give this one more chance to be answered.
  3. Not in game yet.
    My guess is when they make gorilla island a T2 alert.
  4. Uhm. Are you sure they aren't in the game? Thought I saw these last night in the t2 duo.

    Not certain but I'm pretty sure I went WOW MILITARY FEE.. crap its healer.
  5. Figures.
    Dang game teasing me with all these styles that aren't yet doable.
    Thanks for the quick response though.
  6. Ghostpaz wrote:
    99.999% sure
  7. Trust him. This guy seems legit.
  8. Ghostpaz wrote:
    Hmm I'm pretty sure Military tech drops for controllers in the normal duos.
    And I know I've seen Alien Tech start droping in duos for healers, despite not being a feat for that style yet for healers.
    Of course all that refers to the normal duos and not the T2 ones.
    I guess I can keep running the T2 duo and hope against hope. I still need the dps legs from there. So I'll keep running it atleast tell then.
    Anyone else have any info?
  9. pcktj0kers wrote:
    You'll find those items in the OUTER and Hive T2 Alerts.
  10. Ghostpaz wrote:
    Yeah, I probably will.
    Like I said I'm gonna be running the T2 duo until I get those legs. After that I'll probably be done, unless I hear for sure that you can find them in there.
    Once again appreciate the quick and helpful responses.
  11. P0LISHED wrote:
    Yeah I know that, just have never seen the feet.
    You actually get 1 from LOA, 1 from Oolong, 3 from Outter, and so far, 2 confirmed from the Hive.
    Because of that was kinda assuming that it feel in the Hive T2 alert. Would not like to waste my time running that thing if I don't have to though.

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