most fun role and power to play as?

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  1. i was just curious to know what you guys think the most fun role and power to play with is
  2. I've played fire tank, elec dps, gadget dps, sorc dps, Ice tank. I found all of those to be fun. I stay away from the other powers because I'm not fond of how they look.

    That being said you should try all the powers that interest you.
  3. yeah im thinking about making an ice tank
  4. Mental controller is the most fun thing for me as far as raids go.
  5. I find all roles and powers to be fun in their own way. That being said, I have many alts, one of each power and of each role, and play whatever I am in the mood for. Lately Ive been spending the most time on my Fire Tank, that is the most fun for me at this current time.
  6. Mental. It's broke as **** right now but when they fix it (see,I have faith) it's gonna be all around awesomeness!
  7. Mental controller is the funnest power and role to play. Throwing people and objects is always hilarious. Putting people in bubbles is hilsrious as well. Turning people into ghost is funny too. summoning minions and turning yourself into a purple version of the judge is sweet too. Before the update turning into a scientist or civilian had its kicks too but now we can go invisible as well.
  8. Im having alot of fun with HL troll right now as thats my current main, enjoy nature healer as well, got burned out with gadget troll but that fun too. Tried earth up till about 50sp and did not like that power, ice till about 60sp didnt care much for that either, generally tank roll doesn't interest me nor dps which i played as for the 1st 8mo of the game. IMO if you want more options and like to pug go with a troll or healer, since dps are a dime a dozen and 99.9% succkkk, the .01% left the game or started to play a role.
  9. yeah currently i only play as a mental controller but i'm kind of getting bored of that right now. My two choices right now are either ice tank or nature healer
  10. I only have experience with Sorcery Healing, Sorcery DPS, Electric Healing, and Electric DPS. While I like the damage out if Electric DPS, I find Electric Healing being interesting and dynamic for me since I changed from Sorcery back in February this year. To say I have fun isn't really what I would say. I simply prefer being reliable but also focused and comfortable doing my role. I am a fulltime Electric Healer, so when I get asked to go DPS, I get a little stink-faced since I know I have to eventually listen to folks saying who's on top of the DPS chart.
  11. Fire DPS at launch was the most fun i've had. Talk about OP lol.
  12. The role that people like to play kind of has to with their personality. Dps like to compete and kill. Healers like to be reliable. Controllers like to be jack of all trades. Tanks like to pull in adds and protect their team, though your life is in someone else's hands.
  13. my favorite role to play is a mental controller but i hate being secondary troll for the fact that i cant use telekinesis as much to throw objects so im forced to dps as of late and that still doesnt allow me to use it unless i have a fire or hard light player using meteor or the weight but when there is its fun having a friend in there as a hard light or fire and have them warn me when its gonna be thrown as for fire they kinda hate me but if my fire friends let me know when they're done throwing the meteor (dont want to steal there damage lol) ill cast it and it will come back by our heads again
    its like playing dodgeball with with the adds back and forth, back and forth lol
  14. @13igTyme: I never thought about that until reading your comment. In "Final Fantasy XI", I was "White Mage" for a long time. In "Castlevania: Harmony of Despair", I maxed out Charlotte's "Heal" power. In "Call of Duty 3", I was Medic. In "Final Fantasy XIV", can you guess what job I willbe? lol...
  15. Janay1 wrote:
    I was the same way. CoD3 medic, Black hawk down medic. Though there are a few exceptions, games like socom where there were no roles, BF2:MC Spec ops or assault.
    I'm going to Med school, I like to be a healer.
  16. The whole healing thing for me came from the fact that I wanted another means of staying alive rather than using MP or items depending on the game. Yeah, I kill slow, but I can finish my missions/challenges/etc without missing my Survival feats lol...
  17. doxxx wrote:
    Fire dps with acro before they nerfed trip knife, back flip & front flip was monster MONSTER!
  18. Between fire, electricity and Hard light, Hard light is the most fun for me. It's fast paced action and comboing keeps it fresh for me.
  19. Electric dps right now.I enjoy that over the other powers I have tried out.Not sure what all the complaining is about electricity being nerfed it still seems to hit pretty hard in my opinion.Almost done completing my healer gear I'm pretty sure from what I've been told that's an enjoyable role to play when played right.
  20. I like to dps on an alt for the omg I own mode, but trolling is probably more fun for me. I like to sit in the back, debuff, and build weapon combos while the dps act all awesome despite me knowing they wouldn't do as awesome if I didnt give them power to burn or a 10% dmg boost.

    I also get amused when in raids healers saying they can't heal if the troller don't give power - failing to realize by the time they hit no power the dps had used all theirs as well.

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