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  1. PVP
    So i know nature is a strong dps class, and i also understand that some powers and or some transformations has gotten nerfed but can nature hold its own being the main dps in a premade 5v5? I have a little bit of questions.
    1. I am aware that nature has 3 dots, will i put all dots in my load-out or just 1 or 2?
    2. How long does these dots last? and to spread dots i could either use thorn shield and harvest?
    3. Would i use wolf form?

    My current dps load-out is Savage Growth/ Vine Lash) Briar) Harvest) Carnage) Regen) Impaling Thorns
    I believe nature is a great dps power class but it doesn't seem to have any aoe damage, can it keep up with electricity?
  2. Harvest IS your AoE
  3. recespieces31 wrote:
    but in order for it to do AoE damage i must have at least 1 dot on the target?
  4. Darnell wrote:
    Yes, cast Briars on an Leiutenant type enemy and the immediately cast Harvest...this will spread your poison spores to any nearby will see yellow numbers everywhere
  5. Darnell wrote:
    I use the same loadout: Briar, Regeneration, Harvest, Vine Lash, Carnage, Impaling Thorns. You can use Wolf Form but it severly limits your ranged attacks and obviously, you can't change form with the CC Trinket if you use it. You get one DOT going with Briar, and then go straight into Harvest to spread. You can also place a DOT with Vine Lash but in PVP you'll also probably pull the target to you. If you're more melee based, you can swap Harvest for Thorn Shield. Does the same thing and you can use it while controlled. The Carnage buffs benefit everyone and Impaling Thorns is an imposing finisher. I would say that Electricity will still outpace Nature if they have a very, very good Controller. Nature is a more efficient and power friendly DPS set but if you have someone who can keep you going with Electricity, that would be the best IMO.
  6. Yes you must have at least one stack of Poison Spores on a target in order to spread them. I would think about Nature in PvP as Gadgets with the option to spread your damage. From what I've seen from Gadgets players is that they focus a target and move on. Nature can do this to but if they need they can spread their damage out and take out multiple target via either Harvest or Thorn Shield.
    As for how many stacks of Poison Spores you should use I would use 2. You can try for 3 but it takes time to get them out, time that you may not always have especially if you need to counter the opposing teams weapon attacks.
    You could use Primal Wolf but be prepared to switch back to normal form to catch those players that like to fly above you. Vine Lash will pull but it does not ground your target and after one breakout it will no longer pull either because of Control Resistance. Be prepared to ground them using your Movement pulls (Grapple Line Attack, Tornado Pull or Low Preasure). If you have the Super Speed Movemet I think you could use Tornade Pull in Primal Wolf form though which is a nice bonus.
  7. Momofuku wrote:
    i really want it to work lol EVERYONE was a nature dps and now i really dont see that many, did they get nerfed to bad? i no its still descent in a 1v1 or 2v2
  8. Superskull85Beta wrote:
    best weapon would be to use DW right?
  9. Darnell wrote:
    If you are in Primal Wolf it doesn't matter which weapon you have equipped (though you might want ranged for those times you need to switch to normal form to catch fliers). As for a general weapon it doesn't matter which you use. Yes Dual Weild can hit but is also easily counterable and predictable. Their Block Breaker has an extremely long interrupt time and split second block knocks them down from their high hitting attacks. I would use the weapon you like most. There is no "best" weapon in either PvE or PvP no matter what some players say.
  10. Drop carnage for hive mind . Put your poisens on one target and let it sit for 5 seconds. Then cast harvest to spread the poisen it starts put all new again and then when the first infected target becomes cured re cast harvest on the target you spread it to to have never ending poisen
  11. NightNurse wrote:
    Couldn't get Primal Wolf and the iconics if you did not go Carnage. Carnage also increases all critical damage, Hive Mind does not.
  12. Well it all depends on the op. from the looks of things he wants to max stack poisens. Wolf form is not a neccesity and i think i get more crits with hive mind activated or is it just good timing. But if the op prefers a more weapon based dps then carnage and wolf for sure, but poisen stackers should use hive mind
  13. NightNurse wrote:
    Well actually using Carnage produces more criticals and because Poison Spores tick often you get the chance of even more criticals. Hive Mind does not increase criticals at all. All it does it is increase Might and Restoration both by 270. Which is great, but not entirely the best when you are using weapon attacks along side Poison Spores.
    Carnage will also boost Precision and the criticals from weapons. So overall you get only an increase to base Might based damage with Hive Mind, but an increase to weapon damage (base and criticals) and an increase to critical trait damage.
    As a side effect it increases the damage of 3 other group members which are also mostly using weapons. So if you want to look at it from an efficiency stand point then Carnage is better then Hive Mind, because it increases the damage of everyone that it touches opposed to Hive Mind that only increases the damage from traits which everyone may not be using.
  14. Some good points here, thanks for everyone's comments so far....
    I levelled a nature DPS to level 30 a few months back but then got sidettracked.... recently went back to them.... and found they are still beast in PVP despite low level armour, weapon and SP....Any feedback on my loadouts?
    PVP- melee-brawling
    Impaling thorns....Regeneration/Neovenom Boost...Briar...Harvest...Carnage.. Thorn Shield
    PVE is the same, melee for alerts, range for raids...replace thorn shield with vine lash, and Regen with Rampage.
    What are your thoughts on Neo Venom.... never used it on any of my toons before, and I know it is a power it worth it....especially with carnage and rampage?
  15. NightNurse wrote:
    has the wolfs damage been nerfed?
  16. ima give you a tip but keep it on the hush hush shhhhhh
    Dont spec into any weapons just go straight down the skill trees go get every perm stat boost 4 dps then if you have over 80 sp you should have sp left over go get all the def/tough bonuses then go get all the heath.
    with your powers get wolf form, wolf form has it's own combo's so you dont need to waste sp getting combo's and make ya character stronger in close quarters with the extra def and heath.
    also in pvp thorn shield is waaaaaaaay better than harvest it juggles everyone around you and wolf gives the team a crit dmg and chance buff.
    loadout- briar,savage growth,thorn shield, regenSC, carnage,impailing thorns
    OP keep this on the low though shhhh... And if you have joker jetpack from the vault your wolf can fly shhhhhhhhhhh
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    lol are you a hero or villain?
  18. Hey Ekat,

    Are you really gonna listen to someone who doesn't PvP with and/or against premades much?
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    who is that? lol
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