Omaar's hard light damage guide. Restructuring guide.

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    • Updates will be written here to keep you from siftingthrough endless text. Looking for red letters.
    • Restructuring of the guide is in progress, please be patient.
    • New Graphs, charts and tables are on the way as you can see here.
    • Guide is devided into getting started, math and what's being tested.
    • Added Ram-St-Fan and Ram-Wt might/precision scaling.
    • Split combos dps into Theoretical and Real, Real will include critical mathematics to provide your actual output.
    • Added super AOE how to
    • Added new single and URL target numbers
    • Added special thanks section
    • Brawl vs Rifle results added
    • Real combo numbs are added
    • Phantom triangle explained 5-May-2012
    • Removed what's tested and included Raid Strategies 11-May-2012
    • Added PBG & gates speed feat videos 17-May-2012
    • Added graphical Loadout update 30-September-2012
    • Updated SSS 17-October-2012
    For HL controlling go HERE:
    It's written by a VERY experienced HL controller!
    Getting started
    Before anything read this to establish a basis as a damage dealer:;topic_id=58780
    Lately I have been noticing a lot of frustration regarding how underpowered Hard light is, well truth be told we can ( in most situations ) put out the numbers BUT this is only when we have high end gear and near 3k health.
    The reason? Our best AOE and single target attack combo (while having the 50% damage modifier) requires us to be in melee range.
    Secondly we are not a fire-and-forget heavy class like Lightning.

    Those of you who have raided with me know that my numbers do not disappoint and so to help my fellow high end (90+sp,2900+ health) HL players I am publishing what currently is WORKING GOOD FOR ME. Any advice is more than appreciated.

    Here is a break down of my load out, my combos and my gearing advice.


    Doesn't matter, use what suits you and what you are comfortable with. I for instance use Super Speed because it's extremely fast to get around places in the raid and because I think lightning shooting out of you is cool.



    DA CLIP!
    The clip has lots of other names for it: jump cancel, cancel, Immdiately use X power...etc
    What you do is you stop the animation/graphics of a hard light construct ( anything green you produce ), going into another power cast action or by jumping while still registering the cancelled construct's damage.
    Currently we are clipping to constructs : WhipThrash ( by activating Ram power or Claw power ) and Fan ( by jumping )

    Please post anything else that is effective to clip e.g. clipping chompers is not a useful find.



    The damage numbers are when your using a rifle weapon.


    Ram-SnapTrap-Fan and immediately press the jump button to to cancel Fan before the fan is even out! And you still get the damage!! Now the trick part is to activate Ram Immdiately after pressing jump ( whilst landing ) to restart the combo.
    This way you will have mastered and optimized the Damage Per Second routine.

    Damage per second of this combo in real world:
    single target: 1045 dps
    2 targets: 1754 dps
    3 targets: 2493 dps


    Ram-WhipThrash, as soon as you see green chains Activate claw and Immdiately hold claw.



    Activate ram and combo into WhipThrash, as soon as you see the forward thrust activate power Snaptrap and combo into Fan. as soon as you see Your fist pump before Fan is even out press jump. Note: pressing triangle twice before activating Fan will activate "Phantom triangle"

    single target: 1163
    2 targets: 2142
    3 targets: 3120


    Damage output from SSS
    Super single special single target: 1107 dps
    Super single special 2 targets: 1825 dps
    Super single special 3 targets: 2543 dps

    For alerts, duos, non dangerous bosses or if you have extremely bad controller (s) at raid:

    SnapTrap-Fan-Claw (once)-Ram-SnapTrap....loop.

    Strafing run supercharge usage:

    1. Activate trinket
    2. Use Snap Trap once to receive 50% damage modifier
    3. Use strafing run on boss
    Note: It doesn't matter of the boss is mobile or not SR will ALWAYS hit him, try to use SR twice for twice the dots and fun as they will not cancel each other out, for maximum result try to use SR when the boss is surrounded by mobs.


    35% power Ram:
    hit: Crit: avgerage:

    50% power Ram:
    hit: Crit: average:

    35% WhipThrash

    Using a brawling weapon.

    NEO VENOM BOOST (44 second cool down ): coming soon
    Chompers ( 2 seconds, retesting tomorrow ):

    RAM-SNAPTRAP-FAN ( 2 seconds ):
    Close range single target: [ (106x3) + (295) + (416) + (268 ) ]/2 + (32x4) = 776 DPS
    Close range 2 targets: [ (106x6) + (295) + (416x2) + (268 ) ]/2 + (32x4) = 1143 DPS
    Long range single target: [ (106x2) + (295) + (416) + (268 ) ]/2 + (32x4) = 723 DPS
    Long range 2 targets: [ (106x4) + (295) + (416x2) + (268 ) ]/2 + (32x4) = 1037 DPS

    Close range single target: [ (242) + (134x3) + (341) + (443) +(287) ]/3 + 37x2 = 645 DPS.
    Close range 2 targets: Coming soon

    RAM-WHIPTHRASH ( 1.5 seconds ):
    Close range single target: [ (106x3 ) + (110x4 ) ] / 1.5 = 505 DPS
    Close range 2 targets: [ (106x6 ) + (110x8 ) ] / 1.5 = 1010 DPS

    Arvandor’s 360 degree Super-AOE RAM-WHIPTHRASH-CLAW-HOLD CLAW ( 2.3 seconds ) :


    SNAPTRAP-FAN ( 1.5 second ):
    Single target: ( 233 + 443 )/ 1.5 + 2x15 = 559 DPS
    2 targets: [ 233 + (443x2) ] )/ 1.5 + 2x15 = 746 DPS

    Close range single target: [ (106x3) + (295) + (217x0.85) + (442) + (287) ] / 2.1 + (15x4) = 786 DPS
    Close range 2 target: [ (106x6) + (295) + (217x0.85) + (442x2) + (287) ] / 2.1 + (15x4) = 1148 DPS
    Long range single target: [ (106x2) + (295) + (217x0.85) + (442) + (287) ] / 2.1 + (15x4) = 736 DPS
    Long range 2 targets: [ (106x4) + (295) + (217x0.85) + (442x2) + (287) ] / 2.1 + (15x4) = 1047 DPS

    Single target: [ (106x3) + (110x4) + (217x0.85) + (442) + (287) ] / 2.2 + (15x4) = 819 DPS
    2 Targets: : [ (106x6) + (110x8) + (217x0.85) + (442x2) + (287) ] / 2.2 + (15x4) = 1365 DPS

    Damage numbers ( not dps )

    Ram: ( 0.83x 106 ) + ( 0.27x223 ) = 147

    Power Snaptrap:( 0.83x 233 ) + ( 0.27x431 ) = 309

    White Snaptrap 35%:( 0.83x295 ) + ( 0.27x 674) = 425

    White Snaptrap 35% rifle:( 0.83x295 ) + ( 0.27x 674x0.85) = 397

    Fan 35%:( 0.83x416 ) + ( 0.27x898 ) = 587
    Fan 35% rifle:( 0.83x416 ) + ( 0.27x898x0.85 ) = 550
    Fan 50%:( 0.83x443 ) + ( 0.27x1017 ) = 641

    Fan 50% rifle:( 0.83x443 ) + ( 0.27x101x0.857 ) = 599

    Brawl 35%:( 0.83x268 ) + ( 0.27x616 ) = 388

    Brawl 50%:( 0.83x287 ) + ( 0.27x 679) = 421

    Rifle 35%:( 0.83x 262 ) + ( 0.27x602 ) = 379

    Rifle 50%: = 396

    The following numbers are Damage per second, rifle numbers are hypothetical but pretty clse to actual numbers,From my last testing I have not seen Fan split anymore at 3 targets and yes I have not yet modified the dots.


    Rifle is the best weapon for Hard light users as of this date.

    Construct, combo and power scaling according to gear:

    I have compiled a graph showing how less might and more precision is ALWAYS better, this is math speaking NOT speculation, voodoo or an ancient cult religion trying to bring Cthulhu to earth.


    For 2 hit ram when boss is far:Coming soon.
    The chart is a typo the second x value should read 1540/596/125
    Recent weapon updates with rifle mathematics only re-enforce how much precision is valuable compared to might.
    So the result is ALWAYS GO FOR PRECISION.


    The phantom triangle is not a power but more of a gift devs gave us and discovered by chance and combat log reviewing. After using snaptrap wether by comboing into it or using a power Snaptrap tap TRAINGLE multiple times to activate FAN and as soon as you see the the fist pump from FAN jump to cancel it.

    What you will see is that when jumping you will have automatically activated a single tap triangle ranged attack. It may seem like a lowly number but remember this is a free hit and with the certain weapon ( brawl or rifle ) you can add a devastating single or AOE attack.

    1.Weapon: As of 4/26/2012 the weapon you need is Rifle .


    2.Trinket: Currently both CC and Fos trinket give the same value of buffs both precision and might wise. You can chain the CC trinket twice to receive that buff for a constant 47 seconds with a 4 minute cool down. Fos trinket gives you a 20 second buff with a 2 min cool down. I currently advise the Fos trinket , why you ask?

    After activating the CC trinket you have a 3-4 second gap where for some reason I can't construct combos using it twice and you actually receive a 40 second or less buff but that is not the problem.

    Our main goal in this guide is to have constant sustained damage per second and your main responsibility for your higher end league is to burn down the mobs ASAP to orchestrate a controllable and comfortable raid environment. The last thing you need is fumbling around trying to wait for that hidden trinket lag/cool down/bug what ever you call it, to go away so that you can construct combos.

    Secondly NOT having a visible timer to see how much time you have before activating the trinket hurts the CC trinket.

    Third and lastly when your league is burning stuff down real fast, I prefer the faster cool down for easier planning on when to activate it.

    3.Gear: go for precision 4, precision/power 4, precision/health 4 mods.
    Regarding promethium rings and necklaces follow this rule GO PRECISION
    Calculations are down here:
    ram 35% yellow testing with 1744 might 101-131 avg: 116 my original 1499 might avg is 102. So from 245 might we have gained 14 damage x3( being 3 hit from close. ) is 42.
    St white from 716 Precision is 271-329 avg is 300 Old 512 Precision is 251 so we have gained 49 damage from 214 precision ( not including an in dots .
    Power 50% St with 1744 might is 214-282 avg: 288 Old 1499 might is 217 a nice gain of 71 damage ( again not including dots )
    Fan 35% with 716 precision is 333-485 avg: 409 vs old 512 344, a juicy gain of 65 damage
    Whipthrash 35% 716 precision 104-135 avg:119 vs 93 a gain of 26x4= 104
    Add to that 214 Precision is 21.4 weapon damage.

    On Ram-St-fan
    So from 245 might vs 214 precision we have gained: 42 damage vs 21x1.35+49+65=142
    2 mobs: 42x2 vs 28x2+49+65x2= 84 Vs 235
    3 mobs: 42x3 vs 28x3+49+65x3= 126 vs 328
    142/42= 3.3, 235/84= 2.8, 307/126. =2.6

    On Ram-St-Power St-Fan
    So from 245 might vs 214 precision we have gained: 42+ 71 vs 21x1.5+49+(65x1.5/1.35) = 113 vs 152
    2 mobs 42x2 +71 vs 31x2+49+72x2= 155 vs 255
    3 mobs 42x3 +71 vs 31x3 +49+72x3= 197 vs 358
    1.3, 1.6, 1.8

    42+71 vs 31+104+72= 113 vs 207
    2 mobs 155 vs 31x2 + 110x2 + 72x2= 155 vs 426
    3 mobs 197 vs 31x3 + 110x3 + 72x3= 197 vs 639
    1.8, 2.7, 3.24

    So if the trolls cannot sustain FFF it,s 3 to 1, 1 precision = 3 might ( funnily shingeki was spot on)

    If the trolls can sustain SSS 1 Precision to 2 might, FFF 1 precision to 3 might .
    Ill take worst case scenario and go for 1 precision to 3 might.
    MEANING: YOUR PRECISION SHOULD BE 2x or 3x your might which is impossible, so go all out precision.


    Getting a solid tanks a must for Ram-WhipThrash. If you keep dying from aggro switch to Ram-Snaptrap-Fan-jump cancel for AOE.

    Here is how I maximize my damage at certain raids, again I am emphasizing on HOW I meaning: try it and if you like it continue doing so. If you have a better strategy please share and let's discuss it as we keep finding new things with the HL powerset.
    That said and done here are the first two raids and more wil be on the way.
    NOTE: if your controllers cannot keep you powered ALWAYS revert back to the default RSF.


    1st. part ( open area cyclops rescue ) : RSF/SSS or FFF if mobs are close for maximum damage. Try to act like a turret here.

    2nd. part ( corridor ): FFF, DO NOT TARGET LOCK! Just face a bunch of enemies and let FFF rip them to shreads. The power Snaptrap stops the momentum of WhipThrash dead in your place so enemies will always be in front of you.
    When you get to the last bunch of mobs target lock the big guy and use SSS/FFF to stop mob spawning.

    3rd.part ( boss after corridor ): If your tank is solid . Use FFF on a bunch of mobs again WITHOUT target locking, just simply face them. If your taking too much aggro find a safe spot and use SSS or RSF. Boss is simple SSS burn.

    4th. part ( second corridor ): the mobs here are a little spread out so I advise using SSS or RSF. Circe is simple SSS burn.

    5th. Avatar of magic: SSS burn in the following priority: Boss-->Astral projection bird--> Astral projection guardian--> Astral projection Lion--> statue.

    Prime Battle ground:

    1st. part (All three Avatar's + Adds): a simple SSS burn, for tech use Super-AoE or the R-WT-C-HC.
    UPDATE!: For Tech use Ram-WhipThrash/Claw-Hold claw/Ram...

    2nd. part ( Braniac ) : burn down with SSS, when healer drones pop up use your 1st supercharge, If the drones are close to Braniac target lock Braniac and spam FFF this will ensure healers drones are getting killed while still applying damage to Braniac making it the optimal damage position.
    If the targets are far from Brainiac, target lock a healer drone and spam FFF.
    SPECIAL THANKS TO ( in no particular order ):
    My Wife NUR for the timing
    SOE for DCUO
    ALL MY TURKISH BROTHERS IN-GAME ( Nedir bu çektiğiniz power sıkıntısı benden? )
    MISTER JOULES ( for not crashing me)
    THETEZ ( Godfather of HL )
    Tsavorrelentless ( PLEASE fix your posting ;) )
  4. Bump this thread its 2 good to not be noticed.
  5. I have switched to a similar spec. I have some frustrations and there are some things I really like. I use the same combos above, but I spec for recharge. I also take Powerful Resistance, Nano Weave armor, Wisom of soloman, tactical genius & weapons expert.
    I have not done extensive testing, but stats are 3114 health, 2266 defense, 1617might, 450precision. I have 108sp. I have all the dps stuffs, all health a good deal of defense and enough vit to hit get to 100vit. I am still short 2 peices of T3 and the reverse gear I have is currently socketed might/precision2. They will be replaced with prec when switched to T3 gears. I have not got around to testing as I use the FoS neck & do not want to change stats to avoid the proc skewing data.
    I seem to have enough defense/health to avoid death for the most part. I really do not want to start speccing into resto/dom for a shield, before completing the defense innates. Skill points are getting pretty hard to come by. (2 unspect atm with this setup)
    I seem to be able to put out more damage vs neo venom specced with sparc bow in some situations, but less in others.
    I currently have fan in place of claws on my load out.(this will likely change soon) I also use recharge in place of the shield. This raise stats to 1694might & 512precision with the buff. My goal was to get to whip trash with a 50% modifier and recharge active, but that really doesnt seem possible atm.
    I use the sparc trinket exclusively to avoid managing the swap & the extra utility of the sparc trinket. I am currently using dw, but going to try staff as well.
    My numbers out seem pretty close to yours. I see high with proc and about the same without. The one thing I am currently trying to work out is if switching the ram with Minigun in combos. It is difficult to get a managable situation where I can truely test out the aoe of minigun with enough targets. Basically they die too fast or I only get one shot.
    I wonder if you have tried out the minigun, or have an idea where this could be done repeatably and relatively safely.
  6. Well the golden rule is to remember that dps means damage per second, you shouldn't look for maximum numbers, you should look for greatest total damage in the least amount of time.

    Minigun takes a lot of time and the damage is not high enough to cover it, so I advice against it. Ram on the other hand is instant for 3 very hard hitting and fast ticks.
    And so is chainsaw.
    I will test light blast, new venom and recharge ( once again ) and let you know.
    Lastly you should always equip a melee weapon as you will never be using it, and even by spamming your powers all day you'll be second or third in power usage compared to other damage players.
    Only when we run 4 or 5 dps do I see a power shortage, which then I try to loop my combos infinitely.
  7. Awesome dude. The only things I dont do here are the HL shield and the resto. Im partial to the Barrier but I never thought of using resto on my DPS gear. I will have to try that out, thank you.
  8. Tested light blast and recharge again.
    Light blast: what a horrible waste of load out and time. Since its a channelling move it locks you in place instead of the awesome one use moves we have ( Ram, Fan....etc ) it's the equivalent of crappy minguns.
    Recharge: I couldn't fit this into any rotation, except before activating strafing run.
    The iconic shield is effected by Dom and restoration. I assumed that adding Dom will only increase your aggro substantially so that's why I went with restro.
  9. OMAAR wrote:
    Not to get off topic but how do you manage over 500 prec?
  10. OMAAR wrote:
    pretty sure don doesn't affect how much aggro you get
  11. Precise synthium pendant for neck and precise synthium loop for ring raise a lot of precision. I need one more ring to reach 552.
  12. darkmagic wrote:
    Dominance does affect aggro. The more you have the bigger the chance that you will pull aggro from your tank. This is why once the Tank dies the mod often times goes after the Controllers next.

    Sup Omaar? It's good to finally see you make a guide for HL DPSing but it's already too late fool! I already made the jumped to Electricity (might switch again back to Gadgets or Nature or even Sorc, im just not 100% sure yet lol). This could've been useful back when I was HL and fan was nerfed to death, but you took a long break so I was left to fend for myself lol. It's cool tho learned quite a few things in those times lol. I would switch back just to try your build but I really dont want to re-socket all of my gear considering now that I have full T3 with T3 mods on them with nothing but Might, Might & Health, and Might & Power. I really dont feel like farming all those FE3's and Exobits again lol.
    I can personally vouch for this guy, he is probably the only one I know who is passionately a PURE DPS and he puts a lot of work into being a great one by doing his research and testings with different loadouts. Believe him when he said that his numbers do not disappoint. He's the first REAL BEAST DPS I have ever encountered in this game and he's also one of the first Glass Cannon I had the chance to play with and also the first guys I ever saw pull off a 1million damage out on a raid back when he was a Fire DPS. When he switched to Hard Light, well he does what he does best and continued to put a lot of work into it. Now that he's a Hard Light DPS and with R&D being introduced to the game, I know he does a lot better. I know this because he doesnt have to rely on those blue glass cannon gear which in turn means he survives a lot longer now to deal more hurting to the enemies.
    When I said that he is a PURE DPS I meant that if you ask him to play another role like a Controller in a FOS raid.... Well you might as well find a fresh lvl 30 and bring tons of sodas because you'll need it LOL. I have not seen him play any other role other than a DPS (why would you want him to play other role anyways?). I can't trust him to try to troll T2 Alerts and really be a pure controller who feeds me (another power hungry DPS) and others powers and does the constant debuff for the whole alert, I would rather just pug it and bring sodas. BUT, if he's gonna be the DPS then I would not even think twice of not trusting him because that's what he does and I can honestly say (no offense omaar) but I would rank him a close second or third among all the DPS I have ever played with and I know quite a few heavy hitters. Heck I would kill to be in the same raid as him simply because I know that I, a DPS myself, would probably not work as hard or even work at all and still know for a fact that he'll take care most of the damage dealing. Unless I'm feeling lucky that day and work my @55 off to try to see where I stand in DPS'ing LOL.
    I'm also not saying all these because we're league-mates, I'm saying this simply because from my experience with him all I said was the truth. Many might be my own opinion of him but if there is facts with all the things that I said about him.... It's probably that he is a TRUE BEASTLY DPS. Good to see you back in the game bud. Keep up the good work.
  13. theblackheart wrote:
    From what I've heard and understand, DOM does NOT affect aggro. However, debuffs DO seem to create more aggro than simply pounding away at the boss, and that's why troll's tend to be next on the boss's must squish list.
  14. Dom does NOT affect agro! Adds will hit whoever hit them with first yellow number upon tanks death.. FAAAAACT
  15. The loadout i used was
    Light Claws
    Light Weight
    Strafing Run
    Ballistic Assault
    and weapon i used bow
    HL is a a very good DPS just some people spam powers without realizing that HL doesn't work like that you got to pay close attention to the % of extra damage your power can cause. :)
  16. Omaar you my guy but you was a horrible dps as HL! Your a way better Fire guy!!! one of the best Fire dps put A guide out on that... Lol
  17. Thanks Black heart, after being MIA for 4 months I got severely under geared compared the rest of our dps but now I am up there with them. I will make a fire dps guide bu I need someone to put the damage breakdown numbers.
    It is far more convincing when people actually have an idea regarding how much damage their powers churn out.
    Regarding the Dom vs Restro issue, since the value for iconic hard light shield is (Dom+health)/2, if you do the math it doesn't matter if you have 2 restro,2 Dom or 1dom 1 restro as it will benefit the shield equally.
    I chose restro thinking Dom will increase my aggro. If it doesn't still not a big deal since with the low amount of Dom I don't think you can stun anything in Fos2, if it can great again.
    This thread is not about wether Dom affects aggro or not it's about The HL powerset.
  18. Just a note on the above rotations. Fan has been not hitting on occasion for me. I ran FoS2 tonight with 2 other HL DPS all using pretty much the same combos, their fan was also intermitent.
    LoS was the first suspect, but it was not the culprit. When done we went out to the target dummies and it was still intermitent. I am not sure if we were cancelling each other. Once we went our own ways, everyones seems to be working again. Just thought I throw it out there in case anyone sees similar results.
    On miniguns, using this combo, I can't find a way to get it to work since light claws->ram->whip is just better. The damage is pretty good, but not comparable. It can't really even be used as a ranged option, since it opens for pretty much no damage, oh well.
    I'm back trying NeoVenom again. But not be able to reach it with recharge makes using a trinket to cancel pretty much the only option. And there isn't really anything I want to give up to gain both.
    I may just go back to light weight for the utility in certain alerts/raids.
  19. My fan always works, but sometimes the crit from snap trap's dot eclipses the number of fan but it still works.
    Besides that if the enemy is much higher or lower than you ( height wise ) then fan will not hit. If your movement mode is flight, you can float to remedy this problem.
    Soe should fix this ASAP.

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