OMAC Duo broken

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Reproducible Bugs)' started by ARCHIVED-BoosterGold, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. My friend and I have tried to queue up for the OMAC duo 3 times now and we keep getting stuck in the same one. There were some others that started it, but quit in the room before the second boss (where you have to survive waves). There is nobody to fight and the control panel won't let us use it to open the door to the next room. There have been 19 people to try this so far in the 110+ minutes it's been running. This is on the Redemption server. Can somebody please reset this instance so we can finish our duos?
  2. yeah when this happens, I usually do another duo, or just go back to it 30 minutes later and it's fine.
  3. I just tried to play this again and found another instance where it is glitched the same way. This one has only been running for 45 minutes and only 7 people have tried it so far.
  4. i'm having the same issue on the Crisis server. not just with OMAC base but with every duo instance. i cant interact with any objects. the enemies didnt even appear in one instance. this blows. i just got home from work and drank a 5 hour energy shot for a long night of playing.... booooo!

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