Pantyhose, tights, and stockings

Discussion in 'Gotham City' started by ARCHIVED-Overpar, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Wtf! Why do we not even have a way to simulate pantyhose or tights witht the slider. Zatana (or whatever her name is) has fishnet tights, why do we not have these? Cmon ladies, back me up here. Tights or pantyhose would give us like 100 new costume possiblities.
  2. A body suit with tights would seem to be a no-brainer for a superhero game. The shorts with tights piece that's in the game is a common look of course, but very limited. A skirt with tights would be great too.
  3. Yes I would like some stocking styles. Just make them combined with Legs or Feet and be done with it.
    While we are at it please just a few more styles with either cutout panals are at lest for the love of pete short sleves/legs. I would like to show some skin for a couple of my characters and right now there are only a few that give me that option.
  4. RMikami wrote:
    Exactly! How hard would it be to give us a pair of flat matte tights that we could just adjust the color on? The shorts with tights do not cut it for me, because the tights have a quilted texture to them which is just blech
  5. Probably the problem is that DCUO's limited character creator doesn't allow for much in the way of layering, so any fishnets would have to be built into some entire leg outfit (like a skirt or high-cut leotard like Zatanna). Also the clothes all work by giving their own mesh that goes over your character's mesh, not changing the textures on your character's mesh (like all of the other comic MMOs do), so fishnets might not look right (Zatanna's are baked into her character's skin).
    I am hoping that they expand the "casual clothes" selection at some point though.
  6. Redcastle wrote:
    I understand, but CoH and CO both had way to either simulate or emulate the pantyhose look or tights. DCUO has nothing even close. I doubt it would take re vamping the game to add a texture option. I will just be upset, if I have to pay 5 bucks to the SOE online store to get a pantyhose option (though I will still do it, and thats the pproblem)
  7. Overpar wrote:
    Vindictus has 'Inner Armor' that is basicly that. It is about 6 bucks and you get it for 30 days.
  8. Fishnet stockings.../want
  9. Ransom wrote:
    Cute toon Ransom, fishnets would complete your look fer sure >_o
  10. why would you wanna make your hero look like a ho? like that ho zatanna?
  11. Overpar wrote:
    Thank you!!! I always make my toons look a little skanky... I think it makes them more 'villain-esque'. Although, it's prolly secretly cuz I'm not brave enough to dress like that IRL.
  12. mrbrightside wrote:
    mmm was not aware that pantyhose tights, and stockings were troll bait, but I guess it does not take much :)
    We just want a simple option that will give us 1000 more costume options. That is what is so cool about hosiery. It creates sooo many mor elooks and options.
  13. could have sworn there being a ton of tights, granted they arent the lingery versions..
    But why stop at fishnet stockings? Why not go straight for crotchless panties.
  14. Overpar wrote:
    And also, it makes my toon look uber-hot. Kthx.
  15. Ransom wrote:
    Im sure new looks will be added over time.
  16. Panthian wrote:
    Wtf! I have to wear pantyhose to work if I wear a skirt. I was not aware that this made me a ho!?!? Crotchless panties ? what are you twelve? Women care how they look even in video games. If you dont like it there are other topics for you to post in.
  17. Overpar wrote:
    This thread is full of win. Do you know why? Because I thought I was the only girl mourning the lack of accessories. Also, wtb more shoes, plx.
  18. Panthian wrote:
    That is the point of this thread. I want the devs to know that there is a portion of the player population that is not satisfied with the options available to us female gamers in this game.
  19. Ransom wrote:
    OMG do not even get me started on shoes! WTF why is there not even a high heel pump option?!?!?! I do think the marry janes with the socks are uber cute though >_< lol
  20. My husband and I have spoken often of how the female gamer is sometimes overlooked. So many women are afraid to come forward, because there is a portion of the population who act sorta gross towards us. Luckily, the majority of guys are cool and don't give a rat's eyeball if their friends in game are boys or girls.
    I may run a guild, and I may PvP-- but I spend a goodly amount of time ensuring my toon looks just all times.

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