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  1. well i was wondering if there was a way to buy (something so i can become premium) via paysafecard..
    it really su_x when you are 30 and dont have enough inventory slots for your weapons while free player(this is why i quit the game and i still not playing :( )..
    and since i dont trust banks or paypal or whatever, i use paysafecard..
  2. Paysafe cards wont work, but you can get SOE prepaid cards in a lot of retailers ( or use paypal/SMS to pay.
  3. TSR-MattG wrote:
    im intersted with this phone method.. btw im from greece.. do you guys think that will this work? if i buy anything i will become aumatically premium right?but still im not sure if the game is worth of spending money. Im sad to say but im v dissapointed with the community system ( not the community but the system itself)

    sorry for bad english
  4. You do realize all of the retailers require a credit card to actualy make a pourchase on their site?
    Do you also realize that you need a credit card to open paypal account?
    Now since i do not own a credit acrd , please explain to me how am i suppose to buy the SOE card?
    Why does soe not want to understand, there are people outside US who are either underaged, w/o a credit card, who are willing to spend their money for their services but are just unable to do so.
    Paysafe card is a perfect example of this, in most EU countries you can buy paysafecards in nearest pub/store/phone service....that is connected to internet, and that payment type is allready being used in many games...
    seriusly,i can not believe soe does not want to accept deposits from people that dont have a credit card
  5. brutalcrusher wrote:
    thats what i want to say. i feel y bro.
  6. TSR-MattG wrote:
    Also ive checked out this paypal/sms you talk about, and now i realy dont understand are you just being ignorant or you think you know things.
    The paypal/sms is nothing more than an aplication for you mobile phone, so basicly you still need to have a paypal first and founds on it, which ive allready explained to you requires credit card by itself.
    So your anwser doesnt realy anwser anything, my dear moderator, beside us knowing soe dont accept paysafe cards.
  7. brutalcrusher wrote:
    SMS transactions would be distinct from Paypal transaction. With SMS, a credit card or paypal account should not be required unless your specific carrier would require this. As for paysafecards, unfortunately, we do not accept that as a payment source so you would have to pick from one of the options that we currently provide. I will go ahead and lock this thread down.

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